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─Rodokiaus side─


Kou, who was tired of crying, fell asleep and I, who was with him, fell asleep before I knew it.

There are a lot of things to worry about, and my anxiety has grown, but I now have Kou in front of me.

Even if he might disappear someday, I don’t want to leave him for even a moment.

I don’t think it’s necessary for him to aim to be a magician.

Kou’s power is powerful but that doesn’t matter to me.

I want to be by his side for as long as possible.

The thoughts of those around me have nothing to do with Kou.

No matter how much potential he had to be a magician.

Seeing such power, it’s expected that he’d become a magician.

But Kou is my mate.

He had no obligation to fulfill such expectations.

I woke up at the signs of movement from my arms.

“Woke you. Shorry.”

When I opened my eyes, he looked apologetic and lowered his head.

“You don’t have to apologize.”

You really don’t have to apologize.

If it’s Kou, he could even jump while sleeping.

When I raised him, I heard Kou’s belly grumble.

Is he hungry?

Since he fell asleep before dinner, it’s natural to feel hungry.

When we went to the cafeteria, people were sparse because it’s already late.

“Captain, thank you for your hard work.”

“Please go ahead.”

Even without meaning to, people would look up and call out to me.

I just raised my hand for each one.

I’m implying that they don’t have to say hello or salute.

Because I was with Kou all the time at the training center, they wouldn’t call out until we arrived at the cafeteria.

I had a meal with Kou.

I came here every day so Kou has his chair.

We haven’t been to other places to eat since it’s hard to reach the plate in a normal chair, even when I put him on my lap.

Kou also wanted to eat by himself.

Whether it’s changing clothes or grooming, Kou tried to do everything alone.

Whenever I tried to help, I’d get rejected.

He’d often say that he’s an “adult”, but he should have been doing everything by himself for some time before that.

Some members stood in front of Kou during the meal.

Maybe because I’m always by his side, they didn’t move closer…

From their excitement, they probably heard from Renneiga what happened in the Tower of Trik.

…too nosy.


Kou looked up at the members with a tilted head.

“Did you really make something amazing in the Tower of Trik?”

“Is that true?”

Why do I feel so angry when they talk to Kou so casually?

However, they were waiting for Kou’s reply without noticing me glaring at them.

Kou…didn’t seem to understand and was tilting his head.


He called out and looked at me.

“Ebryone, what, say?” (What is everyone saying?)

As expected, he didn’t understand.

I and Renneiga try to talk slowly to Kou, but these guys didn’t.

With them speaking so quickly, he wouldn’t even recognize the words…

Kou being able to speak so far was the result of Kou’s efforts.

“Ice, make. Amazing.” (You made ice. That’s amazing.)

I spoke briefly.


So? He didn’t seem convinced.

He didn’t even know how great he is.

But I wasn’t the only one who was surprised at what Kou did next.


The moment he said that, ice appeared on the table.

In the Tower, the water was frozen and shaped, but this time, ice was directly made from nothing right from the start.

I saw this kind of magic for the first time.

In other words, Kou used magic of the ice attribute that shouldn’t exist.

“You are amazing!”

“Show me more!”

A member stroked his head so strongly that his body shook.

“Whaat? Hurtsh, hurtsh.”

Kou is in pain.

I grabbed the offending wrist and pulled it away.

The member screamed but I didn’t care.

It’s more important to protect Kou from being hurt.

As an Akinist, I’m stronger than other people even when humanized.

I am always very careful when dealing with Kou.

However, I don’t pay attention to anyone other than Kou.

Ignoring those who tried to apologize to me, I moved Kou to my lap.

Kou looked up with a confused face.

However, when I brought him food, Kou, who’d usually close his mouth and turn his face to refuse, opened his mouth.

It seemed like he’ll eat like this for today.

Kou ate without complaining.

However, because his mouth is small, the sauce often dripped from the corner, then his tongue would dart out to wipe it.

Is it because Kou’s my mate that I feel that movement appealing even though he looks young?

If anyone other than me had the same feelings, I would probably kill them.

The desire to monopolize a mate is incomparable to the desire to monopolize a lover.

It’s similar to obsession.

I once heard from my parents what kind of action an Akinist would take after finding their mates.

My parents met through matchmaking and are not mates.

I’m the last Akinist, so there’s no matchmaking to find another Akinist.

Even if I had a lover, it wouldn’t last long because I wouldn’t have any romantic feelings for the other person.

I thought that I would like no one.

So my parents told me that if I were to get married, I would have no choice but to find my mate.

…that’s what I heard at that time.

Akinists have low fertility.

It seemed to rise for mates, but it’ll still be low compared to other races.

That’s why they don’t want to let anyone touch or look at their mates.

I was even told they’d enclose their mates like in confinement.

I don’t want to take away Kou’s freedom.

However, if someone approaches Kou, I won’t feel good.

After I realized that he’s my mate, I never thought I’d do it.

But the story my parents told me wasn’t wrong at all.

On the contrary, I feel like those feelings became stronger.


After Kou’s meal was over and I resumed my meal, Kou called out.

“What’s up?”

When I replied, he stood between my legs.

“Ryodo, eat, want?” (Rodo, here, ahhh.)

Food was brought to my mouth.

Is he feeding me because I fed him?

Kou smiled when I ate the food he offered.

His cuteness naturally brought a smile to my face.

He used to draw a grown-up figure, but if he’s really like that, many people would try to reach out.

He still has a cute face, but since he looks young, few people will try to reach out in that sense.

However, if he had that figure…

Though he’s still a little young, I thought he’s cute and beautiful.

He seems to have no likes or dislikes to any race and other than the basic vigilance, he’d smile at everyone.

You don’t seem to realize that your mate is me, is that why?

──why am I so anxious?

Kou said he was thinking of marrying me.

However, I still don’t feel any romantic feelings from Kou.

It’s even rare to spoil me as his guardian.

I was wondering if he’s not thinking about it seriously because he might go home, but apparently, it wasn’t the case.

However, he doesn’t seem to want to go home…

What should I do if Kou disappears before I know it?

If everything Kou said was true, I wouldn’t be able to find Kou who had gone to another world.

I wouldn’t even believe in the existence of another world unless Kou said it.

But there’s no reason for Kou to lie.

In other words, when Kou disappears, I can never see Kou again.

Such a thing…I would go insane.

“Ryodo? What, full?” (Rodo? Are you full?)

Kou is tilting his head in front of me.

When I shook my head, he brought food to my mouth again.

If Kou strongly wants to return, I feel like he’ll disappear.

That might not be the case, but…

I don’t want to lose Kou.

How can Kou stay here all the time?

Kou’s intention didn’t seem to matter, but it can’t be said that it doesn’t matter at all.

In my lifetime, I met my mate who could disappear at any moment.

In other words, I’m a lucky person but in a situation where I can’t be happy.

Even if he stays here for a long time, Kou’s short lifespan is also an anxiety factor.

Can I really not do anything…

When I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with any ideas.


─Rodokiaus side end─


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