RTBAS 002: God, Are You Playing With Me

RTBAS 001: Resurrection
RTBAS 003: Can You Not Marry

The sound of thunder made half of the imperial capital wake up from their dreams.

No one thought that this girl would come back from the dead a day later, so the rumors outside became more and more fierce, and the Sixth Miss instantly became a freak that couldn’t be killed even by lightning.

Right now, in the Liuli Pavilion of the Xiao Mansion, Xiao Ting was sleeping like a pig, while a few old men with white beards next to her was taking her pulse.

“How is it? Is there anything wrong with my good girl?”

Imperial Uncle was anxious. His liver was worried, his heart was worried, and his brain…hurts.

Madam Xiao led a bunch of beautifully dressed concubines to stand at the back and asked: “Master, do you want the doctor to check your head?”

Imperial Uncle had a headache again, but fiercely opened his eyes wide and said: “Shut up.”

His good daughter beat him. If this was known, his old face would be lost.

Several old doctors took turns to take the girl’s pulse before they came back to reply, “Imperial Uncle, please rest assured. Sixth Miss’ pulse is normal, and all senses are in place. There is no major problem.”

“Then why is she still not awake?”

The eyes of the educated doctors met several times before one person finally came forward and said: “Sixth Miss, probably… should… might be just sleepy.”

Didn’t you see that her breathing was even and her face flushed? She was obviously asleep, okay?

Everyone collectively stiffened…

Imperial Uncle asked his wife to see off the guests. Before leaving the house, several educated doctors heard him murmur.

“My little girl is blessed. She slept in a coffin for a day and a night, and she’s still sleepy. She must be blessed to be able to sleep and grow up like this.”

Everyone staggered and almost fell headfirst. One by one, those old arms and legs, as if there was wind under their feet, disappeared quickly.

The reason why the Sixth Miss became like this was because of an abnormal father.

In the magnificent palace, the emperor was about to rest for a while just after being moistened by his charming Imperial Concubine, when a pair of slender hands suddenly wrapped around his waist.

“Your Majesty…”

The coquettish voice made the Emperor instantly disoriented, “What can I do for my beloved concubine?”

While talking, his hand went into the cold blanket again.

“Your Majesty, don’t make trouble. This concubine wants to talk about business!”

“Aren’t we doing business right now…” The emperor’s breathing became a bit uneven.

“Your Majesty, have you heard about Ting’er?” Concubine Xiao held the emperor’s hand while putting a piece of cloth on her body, and got out of bed.

The emperor sighed heavily when he saw the meat in his mouth ran away. He laid down and said casually: “That child is a blessed one. Her fate was not cut, which is very good.”

Concubine Xiao took the soup handed over by the palace maid and came over charmingly, giving the emperor a few sips.

Then she put down the soup bowl and said softly: “This concubine remembers that Ninth Brother’s concubine passed away more than four years ago, why doesn’t the emperor worry about it!”

Once reminded, the emperor remembered that there really was something like that, so he said: “With Ninth Brother’s body, I can’t bear to give him a beauty. Besides, which famous lady in this capital wants to marry him?”

“Your Majesty, Ninth Brother refused you because he was afraid that it would be difficult for you, but he is seriously ill this time, so you should find someone to look after him. After he is gone, what can Yun shizi* do? He is still so young.”

The emperor thought about it. Yes, his Ninth Brother had been ill since young. He kept saying that he would never marry for fear of hurting others. But a few years ago, the emperor insisted on giving him a marriage so he married a concubine. The girl finally left a child but she died of blood loss.

It was a blessing.

After that, the Ninth Prince no longer married wives or concubines, but a few days ago, the Ninth Prince was critically ill and almost died. He’s still lying in bed right now, in a coma, and very pitiful.

“Then you say it, which girl is suitable?”

Concubine Xiao smiled then said: “It’s better to give Ninth Brother and Ting’er a marriage!”

The emperor was dumbfounded for an instant but became very happy when he recovered.

The biggest headache for him right now was the marriage of these two people, but he didn’t expect it to be over if these two people were put together.

Little Nine was still in a coma so he could only accept it. When he woke up, everything would be a foregone conclusion, so what else could he do?

There’s also this Sixth Miss. He had to get her married quickly to save him from always thinking about it.

As for the headaches caused by the Sixth Miss, the emperor thought that Ninth Brother should have this headache for him. Besides, even if the Ninth Prince was distressed, it was just another headache so it wouldn’t matter.

After Xiao Ting woke up from a good night’s sleep, she had yet to understand her identity change and know what happened to the body’s original owner.

A marriage decree flew to the Imperial Uncle’s mansion and asked her to accept the decree.

The voice of the eunuch came and said a lot of things that gave her a headache. After she translated it, the general meaning was that the Ninth Prince wasn’t well since small. She, the Sixth Miss, was someone who couldn’t even be killed by thunder, so her fate was hard. Therefore, marrying into the Ninth Prince’s mansion would clear the unholiness, and let the Ninth Prince become strong and healthy as soon as possible.

Damn*! God, you are playing with me, ah…

Translators Notes:

*世子, shìzǐ, crown prince/heir of a noble house
*哇靠, wākào, (lit.) I cry! / Oh, bosh! / Shoot! / (from Taiwanese 我哭, Tai-lo pr. [goá khàu])

I think most of you will be confused by the terms I used and I haven’t decided yet if I wanted to use pinyin or the English translation. I’ll think about it afterward and once I’ve decided, I’ll change the previous chapters.

RTBAS 001: Resurrection
RTBAS 003: Can You Not Marry

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  1. So let me get this straight: MC is the imperial uncle’s daughter and ML is the emperor’s brother. So does this mean they are blood-related? MC is ML’s cousin?
    I’m sorry I’m not used to the titles of the imperial family. I don’t know if someone is blood-related or the title is just given regardless of blood relations. I hope someone can clarify this to me. Thanks a lot! 😭

  2. I thought that Concubine Xiao loves her so why is she pushing her to a person who already has a child and is going to die.
    besides are the two male leads cousins?

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