23: Kuuga’s Magical Power

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On that day, Kuuga’s ears remained drooped.

Kuuga, who’d shake his tail and rub against the people he recognized, had a dark atmosphere around him. There’s no reason why the people, who knew the usual Kuuga, would not be concerned.

Uros, Edallion, and Lewis knew the circumstances, but Heki, who did not know the story, was very surprised.

“W-what’s going on? What happened!? Kuuga-sama!”

Since that day, Heki could be said to have idolized Kuuga, so seeing Kuuga depressed to this point, he made a big fuss.

Heki, who was guarding in front of the office, quickly reacted when Kuuga tottered from inside.


However, he couldn’t explain it through his mouth and he didn’t want to explain it even if he could.

Heki felt terrified as he stroked Kuuga’s head to comfort him. He’d usually be happy just with that but today, it was utterly useless.

Both Gadillas and Uros were unexpectedly shocked by Kuuga’s state and was wondering how to comfort him.

Back to the bedroom with Gadillas, who finished work, Kuuga looked out on the balcony. Uros, who was carrying the meal, couldn’t speak out at seeing this morose back.

It wasn’t like Kuuga hated being with Gadillas. On the other hand, he also wasn’t saying that he’s in favor of it, so he felt rather complicated and shocked at this moment. It’s a delicate feeling.

The two men looked silently at each other, implying “you should speak out” with their eyes.

In the end, Gadillas got the upper hand, so having no choice, Uros approached the balcony.

“Kuuga-sama… His Majesty is sorry if you hate it so much.”


“Don’t say it as if I wanted it in the first place!”

When Uros told him something he hadn’t thought of, Kuuga looked back. He realized he wasn’t alone since even Gadillas raised his voice.

[G-Gadi. It’s not like I hate Gadi...]

He was shocked to be the wife, but he didn’t necessarily dislike it because his partner was Gadillas. It’s not as if he liked anyone else.

However, in Uros’ words, he realized that his reaction was rude to Gadillas, so Kuuga rushed to Gadillas to make excuses. The man wouldn’t understand, but Gadillas somehow guessed the gist of it. His expression then became too complicated.

[That’s right… Gadi also wouldn’t like marrying an animal. It’s my bad that I’m the only one complaining.]

“…I don’t know what you’re saying, but have you recovered?”

[I was the one who made you not be able to hold a woman. So I’m responsible to make Gadi happy.]

“Oi, are you thinking something strange?”

Kuuga, who ran away, used a dictionary to say that he’d become his butter dog (T/N: a dog who licks butter off a person’s body for sexual arousal) to replace women. He was then hit on the head and told it’s none of his business.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The date and time for the coronation that Gadillas had been postponing were finally decided, and the people around were busy preparing for it.

Kuuga only had to be beside Gadillas at that time, so he should go through magic control training while cheering for the busy people in his heart.

Although Lewis was also an experienced person because he also possessed magical powers, there seemed to be a problem regarding his qualifications. Hence, a person called a court mage was decided to teach Kuuga.

Gadillas also wanted to see it, so it was decided to be done in the office, and Edallion, who was waiting in the corner of the room, sent him a gesture saying “do your best!”

The court mage training him was named Koran Wood. A man in his 40s that’s a little short and wore a dark blue robe which made him look like a wizard. Koran showed a troubled look at seeing the potted Lulun flower in his hand immediately dance when he entered the office.

“How many days have passed since Divine Beast-sama came down?”

[Came down, you say…]

Ten days after waking up in the church and 10 days after moving to the castle. A total of 20 days. When Kuuga said that using the dictionary, Koran had a troubled face.

“Even after being depleted this much… I can’t believe you haven’t run out yet.”

“Isn’t it because Kuuga-sama’s magical power is enormous?”

When Koran was a little troubled, Lewis, who was nearby, anxiously asked the question for Kuuga.

“I can’t tell yet. The amount of magical power can be measured accurately after learning control. Either the amount is large or the recovery speed is fast.”

Lewis was convinced by the explanation but Kuuga didn’t understand it at all. When he nudged Lewis’ feet for an answer, Lewis, who was aware of it, properly explained it.

Boys in this country were expected to undergo magic control training at the age of five. Until then, they’ll have the same state of magical power as Kuuga, but it’d generally be exhausted within a few hours of being born since more magical power was shed than magical power that recovered over time. If the magic power stayed out like that, the child would become mentally disabled.

Usually, both the recovery speed and recovered amount were insignificant compared to the amount of magical power that was shed.

That’s why he said that Kuuga, who had lived to the 20th day while shedding such an amount, was strange. It seemed that either he had enough magical power that would hardly run out even if a large amount was flowing out, or that his recovery amount exceeded the amount draining out or both.

“This is the birth of a ridiculous mage if it was a normal human, but after all, I think the Divine Beast-sama is different from ordinary humans. However, if you don’t learn how to control it, it’ll be useless even if you have magical powers.”

Even if there’s magical power in his body, it seemed like he couldn’t do magic without controlling it first. Even using magic tools was out.

By the way, although it’s not visible to Kuuga, Gadillas was working in the same room while exchanging something with Uros in the office’s desk. Perhaps worried about the content of the conversation, he suddenly turned his eyes to Kuuga. At that moment, he saw the Lulun flower that danced crazily and made a disgusted look, and Uros, who followed his line of sight, also had a similar look.

“So let’s start the control training. It’s okay because a 5-year-old can do it.”

It seemed like he didn’t have to worry since it’s easy, but he’s still pressured. Unaware of Kuuga’s subtle mood, Koran put his hand on his chest.

“First, be aware of your heart and feel your heartbeat.”

As he was told, he became conscious of his own heart, but as expected, he didn’t feel the heartbeat. Due to the physical structure of his body, he couldn’t touch his chest so Kuuga was at a loss.

“You can feel something swirling around your chest, right? That is magic power. Now let’s circulate that throughout the body with the image of flowing it from the heart to the blood vessels… Divine Beast-sama, what’s wrong?”


He didn’t feel anything. Koran, who didn’t think he would stumble at such a place, continued to explain, but Kuuga couldn’t feel anything.

This is bad. Kuuga can’t even do what a 5-year-old could do.

He tried his best to search inside, but he couldn’t feel anything, and Kuuga gradually hung his head.

At last, Koran seemed to be aware of Kuuga’s condition and made a troubled look before kneeling in front of him.

“Did you not feel the magical power?”

[...I don’t really understand...]

When he nodded, Koran put a hand on his chin to think about something. Lewis, who was watching, turned his worried face to Kuuga.

“With this much magical power, I’m sure he’d feel it to the point that it’s unpleasant… hmmm.”

After worrying for a while, Koran took out a thick book that he always seemed to carry and began to flip through it. Apparently, it’s Koran’s personal book that summarized formations.

When Koran reached a page in the book, he took a piece of chalk out of his pocket and started writing on the floor.

“If you wipe it with water, it will disappear.”

Noticing how Kuuga became vigilant when the man started writing on the floor of the king’s office, Lewis whispered an explanation.

Koran seemed to be writing a complicated formation filled with figures and letters in detail. He then took out a small bottle of red liquid and dropped a few drops on top of the formation. It’s probably artificial blood for mediation.

Koran, holding his hand over the formation, stopped for a few seconds as if thinking of something. According to Lewis, it seemed like blood was used as a medium to send magical powers. Then, three lights like the usual fireflies started to fluffily dance out. This time, it’s a blue one.

At the same time, he saw the formation start to shine slightly and as if it’s ready, Koran beckoned Kuuga.

“Please get on the formation.”


Kuuga moved on top of the formation as he was told, a bit excited as to what magic it would invoke. It seemed to exert some power but it didn’t seem to directly affect his body and there’s no particular discomfort.

Koran held his hand outside the formation and looked down. He then stopped moving but the blue lights still fluttered around Kuuga.

“Uhm, so this is really magical power… but why is this all… nnn?”

Koran would occassionally tilt his head to concentrate on something. After repeating such a process, he pulled back his hand after about 10 minutes and exhaled in a tired state.

“H-how about it? Koran-sama.”

“…I haven’t seen this before. This might be because the magical power is sealed.”

“S-sealed…!? W-who the hell would…!”

“So far… Divine Beast-sama, do you have any memories of someone applying magic on you like I did just now?”

[N-no… nothing of the sort.]

Lewis raised his voice at Koran’s remark. Even Kuuga was surprised at the unexpected content.

From Koran’s words, someone might have applied the seal during the ride to the castle or before he got to the church or something along those lines. However, he didn’t remember anything of the sort.

“Hmm, if not… I can only think of it… as God’s doing.”

22: Chief Retainers 3
24: Dissatisfaction With God

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