RTBAS 004: Married

RTBAS 003: Can You Not Marry
RTBAS 005: Little Guy, I'll Clean You Up

Otherwise, given the Miss’ temper, she would definitely not marry. Although she didn’t know why the Miss agreed so easily this time, even saying that “she can do whatever she wants” in such a big thing as marriage.

“Hey, Sixth Sister, who is she? Why did she climb so high?”

When the siblings imagined their future happily regardless of what the maid thought, Xiao Xin suddenly pointed to a place and looked at Xiao Ting suspiciously.

Xiao Ting was taken aback for a moment and looked over, only to realize that Xiao Xin talked about the ghost.

Xiao Ting waved to let Hong Shao go down first.

“Can you see her?”

Xiao Xin didn’t know what it was, and simply pointed to that place, then said, “Yes, she’s wearing white clothes, but why is her face so white and ugly. Hey, why does she look so much like Sixth Sister?”

The little guy spoke in a clear and organized manner, but that milky voice sounded very sweet.

Xiao Ting lowered her legs, sat up from the rocking chair, and waved her hand to lift the anchor.

The female ghost floated down, looked at Xiao Ting viciously, then said, “He is my brother.”

Xiao Ting was too lazy to pay attention to her and said, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Within a month, if you don’t report to the gates of hell, you will never be able to enter reincarnation.”

“Also, I didn’t say that he’s not your brother.”

Xiao Xin could only see ghosts, but couldn’t hear them, so he looked at Xiao Ting. Xiao Ting then lazily said, “she is my toy, but no one else can see her. How can you see her?”

She remembered her master once say that some children were born with a pair of Yin Yang eyes, but most were not found out. If not trained, they would eventually become ordinary people.

In previous generations, those kids who saw these things when they were young would mostly be diagnosed as “myopic.”

Unexpectedly, she could see such a child here.

Xiao Xin shook his head and said in distress, “I don’t know, but when I saw it, they didn’t believe me, saying that it was a lie. XiaoShi never lied.”

Although his tone was lost, his gaze at Xiao Ting became more eager.

Sixth Sister is the best.

Days passed, and half a month later, the Imperial Uncle sent his daughter to marry.

It’s said that married daughters would cry violently, but when the Sixth Miss married, according to insiders, she was quite happy and excited. On the other end, the Imperial Uncle was the one crying until he’s out of breath.

Everyone felt that the Imperial Uncle really loved the Sixth Miss, but when the sedan chair went away, someone saw him laughing at the sky three times before leading the others to the house and quickly closing the door.

When everyone remembered this series of twists and turns, they understood that every father would want to marry such a daughter early. It’s just that the Ninth Prince was still lying in bed, unconscious.

Xiao Ting sat on the sedan chair for a while, vowing that she would never sit on this thing again. She would rather walk.

Feeling that the sedan chair stopped, she lifted the veil and walked out, only to find that everyone had run away. She was thrown on the street, facing the doors of the Ninth Prince’s Mansion.

“Do people here throw their brides on the street when they get married?” Xiao Ting muttered to herself, then asked others.

“Excuse me, is this the Ninth Prince’s Mansion?”

The passerby nodded, then remembered something, turned around, and ran away.

After getting affirmation, Xiao Ting walked to the door and pushed it open.

Seven zhang* away, a four or five-year-old boy was sitting on an imperial chair, with an indifferent expression, looking like a thousand miles away.

Beside him, there were dozens of guards standing side by side while behind were maidservants and the like, guarding the boy in the center, as if he’s the king here. The expression on his face was obvious. She’s not welcome.

It’s a pity that Xiao Ting’s brain circuit did not go there. “It’s truly flourishing.” With so many servant girls, she’d definitely live a heavenly life in the future.

There’s no need to camp out anymore. There’d be people waiting on her while she’s bathing, drinking, or eating. And most importantly, there’s no need to wash dishes or do laundry, which was just amazing.

“Hi…” Xiao Ting raised her hand and greeted the other party. She walked forward and said casually: “You don’t have to greet me with such a large group. From now on, everyone will be family, so don’t be polite.”

“Stop. Who is your family?”

Since knowing that his father was going to marry a woman, this young master was very unhappy. However, since his father was ill, he couldn’t find his father to settle the accounts, so he could only go to the palace to find his Emperor Uncle. Who knew that his Uncle would say that this woman was very suitable for his father.

But he saw that this woman looked like an idiot, not what every lady should look like. How was she worthy of his father?

He’s going to grab this woman today and then bring her to Emperor Uncle to let him see the good marriage he gave.

“You guys, anyone who could catch this woman would have many rewards.”

*丈, zhàng, a measure of length, ten Chinese feet (3.3 m)

RTBAS 003: Can You Not Marry
RTBAS 005: Little Guy, I'll Clean You Up

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