52: Tease

51: Side Story - Stroking Fever
53: Keyword


The weather was fine. In the courtyard where the warm sunlight shone, Kuuga was sitting quietly.

And the one standing facing him was a 5 year old child who cried with a face like it’s the end of the world.

“No. Aaaaaaaa!”

“Don’t cry so much. Didn’t they say that Divine Beast-sama wouldn’t attack?”

“I’ll dieeeeee!”

“You won’t die. Sheesh, this is troubling…”

The child’s mother tried to calm him down, but the child clung to her mother’s feet and kept screaming. Kuuga was just quietly staring at this scene.

Looking at the drooping ears, Uros, who stood beside him, lowered his brows as if he was troubled.

“…it seems like this child is also no good.”

[…am I really that scary…?]

Actually, this was the third time.

Speaking of what they’re doing, they’re having a meeting to prepare for the playing with children strategy, which Gadillas mentioned before. The three people, whom they successfully negotiated with this time, were wiped out.

The last one was a laid-back person whose mother was fat and wasn’t afraid of Kuuga, so they were expecting something…

By the way, the success rate of the negotiation itself was low. I can’t let my child be with that! It seemed like there were many people who refused by saying something like this.

When he heard that, Kuuga thought that the king of this country was not an absolute existence. Actually, if they made it a royal order instead of a negotiation, they wouldn’t be able to go against it, but they couldn’t use that this time.

“I wonder if it’s because of size.”

[I wish I were a puppy…!]

Kuu…! When he clenched his teeth, the child cried even more, probably because his face was scary.

Eventually, the playing with children operation was cancelled. It seemed like Kuuga wouldn’t be able to go out until he could humanize for a long time.

“Fofofo. I saw it.”

[It came out, tanuki-jiji.]

Yog was waiting in front as he was about to enter the office. It seemed like he was watching Kuuga as he made the children cry. His face said that he found it amusing.

“Her Royal Highness, you’re in great condition today to scare so many people――”

[If this is sarcasm, quit it!]


[...I wonder if something’s funny.]

“Grandfather, do you need Kuuga-sama for something?”

While he was being played by Yog, Uros, his grandson, called out as if he’s used to it.

Yog struck his palm as if he just remembered it. Kuuga was a little annoyed by that obviously pretentious gesture.

“I brought a message for Kuuga-sama.”


“It seemed like Rhode, that guy, wanted to meet with you alone.”

[So he’s back!]

Rhode found out that one of the Chief Retainers, Godot Gunnis, had murderous intentions toward Gadillas, and volunteered for the role of investigating it. He’s originally a light footworker, but he seemed to be flying all over the place since then, so they never met.

However, while wondering why he wanted to meet with him, Uros seemed to have thought the same thing and looked suspicious.

“Meet with Kuuga-sama without reporting to His Majesty?”

“I was told that he had to prepare his mind. So before that, he wanted to meet with Kuuga-sama. What a funny guy.”

It seemed like he needed preparation to meet with Gadillas. That delicate condition seemed to be the usual.

“Is that why Grandfather is acting as the messenger?”

“Foffo. When I was wandering in that area, it just happened by chance… we got to meet and talk in various ways.”

“You predicted that Rhode would come, so you waited there to hear the story first. And along the way, you came here to make fun of Kuuga-sama.”

“Fofofofo. I wonder if my grandson is in his rebellious period.”

Uros seemed to be accustomed to such a conversation with Yog, and didn’t react at all, while Yog was in a good mood playing with his grandson.

Kuuga pondered while Yog’s attention was on Uros. What exactly did Rhode need Kuuga for? If he’s just nervous to meet with Gadillas, he’d be there to support him… or was there something he wanted to talk about…

Thinking normally, Kuuga wondered if there’s something Rhode wanted to talk about. If so, he’d use today’s humanization for Rhode. He didn’t think that guy just wanted to mofumofu him. By the way, it’s 24 minutes today. To think that it had increased a lot.

Kuuga pulled the gown hanging on Uros’ arm. Uros, who noticed it and lowered his gaze, immediately raised his brows as if he had sensed Kuuga’s intention.

“Do you want to meet him in humanoid form?”


“That’s sly. I haven’t seen it yet.”

[Just bear with it this time.]

He managed to calm Yog, who looked like he hadn’t played enough, and asked for Rhode’s whereabouts. With Uros’ guide, Kuuga moved toward Rhode’s position.

51: Side Story - Stroking Fever
53: Keyword

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