RTBAS 003: Can You Not Marry

RTBAS 002: God, Are You Playing With Me
RTBAS 004: Married

“Don’t dangle in front of me. I can’t do anything about it, and it’s not even my fault. God did it, so go find him and let him drive me away.”

“Then suit yourself. What can I do? Stop following me, otherwise, I’ll hit you.”

Enjoying grapes was the most comfortable thing to do in the summer. Xiao Ting was lying in a rocking chair with her legs crossed on a stone table, swaying from side to side. The maid, Hong Shao, was helping her peel the grapes and put them on a jade plate. Just looking at those bright purple things made her want to eat it.

Xiao Ting threw a grape into her mouth, faced the upper left, and continued: “You can’t understand me, do you? I told you to go away, don’t bother me.”

The little maids passing by all ran away like they’d seen a ghost.

As a result, a rumor spread again.

After Sixth Miss Xiao came back to life, she became a fool, talking to the air all day as if she’d seen a ghost.

The Xiao Mansion people didn’t care about this, and Xiao Ting wouldn’t care even more.

Besides, the others were right. She’s indeed talking to a ghost.

The white shadow floating above to her left was the owner of this body, the original Xiao Ting. She was dressed in white, with a pale face, and stared at her with red eyes, as if about to eat her.

Sixth Miss Xiao turned around and showed her a butt, out of sight, out of mind.

Unexpectedly, the ghost floated in front of her again, tried to hold her head in her hand, but instead passed over. If ordinary people saw this, they would have been scared to death.

But as the last descendant of Profound Sect, how could Xiao Ting be afraid of this? She drew a few imaginary symbols in the air with her saliva. The ghost bumped into the stone pillar of the pavilion and struggled.

The little maid Hong Shao only felt something strange. She didn’t believe there’s a ghost here, but her Miss had indeed been a little strange since she woke up.

If it were a normal day, she would have gone crazy long ago. How could she stay honestly in the house like now, uh, resting?

That’s right. Three days after waking up, Xiao Ting had become more and more in love with life here.

In the 23rd century, she was an orphan. She was adopted by her master to learn various things since she was a child. Unfortunately, she only learned spiritual arts and didn’t know anything about other arts. After growing up, her master returned to the West and she lived alone in society.

Except for spiritual arts, she knew nothing. With modern technology so advanced, it’s too hard to beg for food. She could only rely on herself, but couldn’t even afford a bathroom in the city even until she died.

But now, there’s no need to do those things. Here, there’s food and housing, even people waiting on her. Her father took care of her shortcomings, and her aunt was comparable to a mother, it’s like living in paradise!

As for the marriage, or the emperor’s imperial decree, haha, she didn’t care about it at all.

It’s said that the man was in a coma and a vegetative person. After he died, wouldn’t the Ninth Prince’s Mansion entirely belong to her?


Just thinking about it made Xiao Ting laugh out loud. Hong Shao was used to her sudden laughter, only thinking that her miss had become more terrible than before.

“Sixth Sister, Sixth Sister.”

While she was immersed in her fantasy, the voice of a milky little bun came into her ears.

Xiao Ting narrowed her eyes and glanced, but then laid back.

The Xiao family had been scholars for generations, but it’s strange that in the generations before Grandfather Xiao, only women became talents in each generation with no men good at literary or martial artists.

As the family slowly fell, their ancestors left the circle of nobility and were in the ranks of commoners.

When it got to the old man’s generation, he couldn’t even marry a concubine, so he only had the old lady, who gave birth to a son and a daughter. The old man didn’t expect his daughter to have a good fate. She became an imperial concubine after a few years in the palace and became the only favorite in the harem, even above the Empress.

As for Xiao Ting’s father, he’s still a good for nothing, but he’s doing okay since his sister became the Imperial Concubine and he became an Imperial Uncle.

The Imperial Uncle had no other hobbies other than loving beauties. He married a wife and seven concubines, one younger than the other.

According to the old lady, having more means variety. So the Xiao Mansion had ten children, eight sons, and two daughters.

It was Xiao Ting’s 10th brother, Xiao Xin, who ran over with small steps.

Looking at the name her father gave him, Xiao Xin, meaning be careful. It’s not as good as the name given to her by the cheap grandpa she’d never met!

“Little darling, run slowly.”

Xiao Xin was born from the seventh concubine. He was four years old and didn’t pester his relatives but liked to come and play with Xiao Ting.

Xiao Xin panted, then stuck out his tongue. The little man was as high as the rocking chair and wanted to climb into it, but unable to do so. The milky voice then asked: “Sixth Sister, mother said you’re going to marry. Are you?”

Because he was still young and the weather was hot, he was wearing a dark red gown showing his round belly and poking out a small tongue in embarrassment as he smiled very shyly.

Xiao Ting touched his white, chubby belly overflowing with cuteness, and nodded absently, “yes.”

The little thing was quite cute. She had never played with such small children before and after getting along these days, she felt pretty good.

The fleshy little face was so touchable and the little mouth was also meaty. Seeing such a serious look at this moment was rare.

The little guy twisted back a few steps to avoid her claws, then whispered: “Sixth Sister, can you not marry?”

“Why?” Xiao Ting was speechless. Did such a small child know what marriage is?

“You can’t play with XiaoShi* when you’re married, and XiaoShi can’t find you.”

Hong Shao next to him hurriedly stepped forward to comfort him, but the little guy was arrogant and ignored her.

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded, “Who said that? I, your sister, will be the boss of the Ninth Prince’s Mansion. The Ninth Prince is vegetative and can’t move, so it’s all going to be your sister’s. You can come anytime, and even live with me for a long time.”


Xiao Ting nodded as if it already happened.

Hong Shao didn’t know what to say anymore. Her Miss was too bold. She didn’t know what a vegetative was, but the Miss already regarded the Ninth Prince’s Mansion as her back garden. This kind of statement was a bit whimsical.

However, the master had ordered the Miss to be married first before telling the young Miss that there’s a little master in the Ninth Prince’s Mansion.

* In case you didn’t know, Xiao Xin is calling himself XiaoShi, meaning little ten, because he’s the tenth child.

A little note: For the first two sentences, Xiao Ting was talking to herself since the ghost Xiao Ting isn’t talking.

RTBAS 002: God, Are You Playing With Me
RTBAS 004: Married

2 thoughts on “RTBAS 003: Can You Not Marry

  1. Damn she so arrogant
    I feel uncomfortable knowing that she bullying original owner
    But to be honest as a very selfish getting rich all of a sudden and having everything you didn’t have in your previous life would you want to change ?
    I guess inly handful of people will sacrifice their happiness for others

  2. So far Xiao Xin is the only decent character in this story…pride, greed, lies and manipulation of family members…marrying off family members in a bad match just because its a headache to find a good match….I’m assuming that the story will go on that she becomes a better person after falling in love with the child and then prince will get better probably due to her 21 century knowledge and that will threaten the emperor or whatever for some drama…

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