RTBAS 006: Negotiating With A Human Vegetable

RTBAS 005: Little Guy, I'll Clean You Up
RTBAS 007: Come and Save This Young Master

Those outside waiting to hear gossip was confused, and in the end, they could only analyze from her words that this was a farce.

As for what really happened, only the ghosts knew!

The efficiency of the people in the Ninth Prince’s Mansion was quite high. An hour later, Xiao Ting finished all procedures, took a comfortable bath, changed clothes, and came to the reception pavilion*.

The little prince was sitting on the main seat and looked very serious. He was slightly stunned when he saw Xiao Ting come in.

At this moment, Xiao Ting was only wearing a lake-green skirt with the same color gauze. There was no rogue on her face, and only a bright hairpin was inserted diagonally behind her. Not only was it not tacky, but it also looked amazing.

A huge pair of intelligent eyes looked all around, looking very quick-witted.

Unlike the arrogant rogue before, she was more like a naive girl.

“Huh? Don’t tell me you’re the Ninth Prince?”

Xiao Ting suddenly thought of something. Since she entered the house, this kid was the boss. He wouldn’t be just pretending, right?

“My God, are you?” Seeing the little prince’s face sink slightly, she was even more sure of her thoughts, “this is too deceptive. Is this Miss marrying a little kid like you?”

Because Xiao Ting was a little far away when she entered the gate, she didn’t hear the little prince’s claim and was surprised.

“What about being a vegetable? What about the peerless handsome man?” No, this world was too ridiculous. Are they happy getting married at such a young age?

“Xiao Yun.”

While Xiao Ting was confused, a nice voice appeared at the entrance of the hall. The man was tall and thin, with a jade hairpin on his hair and an azure gown draped over him, looking very sick.

He had thin eyebrows, bright eyes, thin lips that were slightly white, and had the delicate look of a white-faced scholar, but those deep and incomparable eyes sweeping the hall gave people a sense of oppression from a superior.

This feeling was fleeting. Xiao Ting shook her head, and when she recovered her senses, she saw that little kid acting like an adult instantly turn into a cute little thing, throwing himself into the man’s arms, his milky voice calling out: “Father.”


The ninth prince picked up his young son, strode forward, and sat on the main seat. His deep eyes glanced at Xiao Ting and said with no sorrow or joy, “Sit.”

Xiao Ting silently reminded herself not to be taken in by the beauty. This man was too dangerous.

She blinked and asked, “Are you the ninth prince?”

The ninth prince nodded.

“Then he’s your son? Then I’ll be a stepmother!” Xiao Ting’s mouth was somewhat dry.

The little prince was very proud. He climbed down from the Ninth Prince and stood upright. His clothes were neat and tidy, with no creases. He had a pair of small hands on his back with his nose pointing upwards. He said proudly, “yes, this Prince is the only young master of the Ninth Prince’s Mansion. The world calls me, Prince Yun.”

Xiao Ting was somewhat stunned.

Seeing her expression, Prince Yun’s resentment slowly dissipated, “Your family didn’t tell you that my father has a son?”

“It’s okay. It’s too late for you to leave now, so this young master will prepare a carriage for you and send you back. As for my Emperor Uncle, my father will intercede for you. If it’s a big deal, I can ask for a good marriage for you. How about it?”

The Ninth Prince’s eyes were always faint as if nothing in the world could touch his eyes, and the expression on his face was neither sad, happy, nor disturbed. At this moment, although his eyes were cast on Xiao Ting’s face, there was no emotion.

As if any decision she made didn’t matter to him.

Xiao Ting looked at the father and son, then made a move that shocked everyone.

She suddenly ran over to pick up the little young master and turned in circles, her skirt fluttering as she devilishly laughed, “Haha, that means I don’t have to go through the pain of childbirth since I already have a son. Aiyo, you evil God, you’re so kind to me!”

*花厅, huātīng, reception pavilion (generally part of a large residence, and often built in a garden)

RTBAS 005: Little Guy, I'll Clean You Up
RTBAS 007: Come and Save This Young Master

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