RTBAS 007: Come and Save This Young Master

RTBAS 006: Negotiating With A Human Vegetable
RTBAS 008: Turned Out To Be A Girl

Mwah… Xiao Ting kissed the cute face. The little prince was instantly petrified and his face turned red.

This plot deviated from the little prince’s perception again.

“My son, ahahaha…” Xiao Ting looked up and laughed, then looked at the little prince. She held him in one hand and teased his little red mouth with the other. Smiling, she said, “Come on, listen to your mother.”


The little prince finally reacted by bursting into tears. His tears flowed unceasingly, making those who saw it sad.

That night, the Ninth Prince’s Mansion was a mess. The little prince cried so loudly that the Ninth Prince left.

The little prince never thought that his father would calmly leave on the grounds of a headache while leaving him in the hands of the devil. He cried, he wept, boo hoo…

But the more he cried, the more the devil laughed happily, so what should he do?

Who would save him?

At this moment, Xiao Ting, while holding the cutie’s collar, entered her courtyard.

She ordered the servants to carry bathwater, determined to exercise her “duty” as a mother.

“Help, father…”

“Kill, Ah’Da, Ah’Er, come and save this young master…”

The little bun was stripped by Xiao Ting in three moves, then thrown into the tub before beginning to scrub.

Hearing him cry, Xiao Ting stretched out her hand and pulled him over. She then “smacked her lips” on the little bun’s face, leaving a wet kiss.

“Be good, mother will kiss you if stop crying!”


The cry of a weeping ghost poured out…

Xiao Ting pulled him over again, “If you continue crying, then I’ll kiss you.”


The adorable little cutie immediately stopped and looked at her in horror. With tears on his face, he looked like a little tabby cat.

Blinking those watery pitiful eyes, he seemed to be judging the authenticity of what she just said.

Xiao Ting took a soft towel, dipped it in some water, and wiped the face of the little bun. She smiled so much that she squinted her eyes and hummed a song about a cat who succeeded in stealing a fish…

Outside the window, Ah’Da and Ah’Er silently watched this scene, and finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

Their little lord was so ashamed to cry and had tears all over his face.

In the study of the Ninth Prince’s Mansion, the Ninth Prince, who said that he had a headache and threw his son to his wife, sat upright in the chair, flipping the pages of a book with his fingers and lifted his eyes slightly.

“Let them in!”

As soon as Ah’Da and Ah’Er entered the door, they threw themselves on their knees and said in unison: “Master, please save the little master!”

The Ninth Prince put down the book on his left hand and put it on the desk. He then leaned over and changed to a more comfortable position before asking unhesitantly, “What happened to him?”

In the study, the two men choked and told the master about what happened to the little son, hoping that the master could save the little master. They always felt that the young master’s life was too miserable.

They never thought that after listening, the Ninth Prince said lightly, “very good.”


Very good?

What does that mean?

“Master, the young master cried so fiercely.” Ah’Da didn’t give up and added.

The Ninth Prince raised his eyes and smiled calmly, “This prince heard it and that’s good.”

Ah’Da and Ah’Er wanted to cry but couldn’t. When they left the study, they only felt that the palace had been taken over by a demon.

This day was simply too mysterious.

The Prince had become less like the Prince, and the little prince had become less like himself. The quiet and orderly palace was in chaos with all the crying and sounded just like the market.

At this moment, in the Bright Moon Courtyard, the little prince was out of breath from crying, but Xiao Ting was having fun.

“Come on, cutie, turn around, and let mother wipe your front for you.”

With that said, she was about to turn the little prince around, but this time, the little prince said nothing and reached out to the window.

Ah’Da and Ah’Er silently pretended to die.

The little prince was desperate, “Aunt Lan, help…”

RTBAS 006: Negotiating With A Human Vegetable
RTBAS 008: Turned Out To Be A Girl

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