RTBAS 008: Turned Out To Be A Girl

RTBAS 007: Come and Save This Young Master
RTBAS 009: Daddy Came To The Door

With a ‘bang,’ a young woman pushed the maid blocking the door and rushed in. Her eyes were tense when she saw the miserable appearance of the little prince.

Without a word, she pulled out the small clothes from the screen and quickly walked over, fishing out the boy from the water and quickly dressing him.

The little prince also leaned softly in her arms.

Xiao Ting only looked over with a smile, not stopping them and even taking a few steps back, blocking the exit.

The woman picked up the little prince and was about to go out when she saw her. Her expression that had just calmed down once again became sharp.

“Are you the new woman?”

Such rude words made Xiao Ting raise her eyebrow. This woman’s dress didn’t resemble a maidservant in this mansion, but more like a master!


Xiao Ting raised her hand, pointed at the little prince, and said, “Is he your son?”

The woman’s face became cold. She looked at the frightened face of the young boy in her arms, hugged him tightly, and said, “He is the son of my older sister. I raised him since he was a child.”

“Older sister?” Xiao Ting tried to digest the amount of information in her words.

This woman claimed that the little cutie was her older sister’s son, so she’s the younger sister of the deceased princess. As for her background, uh, she seemed to be the third daughter of Anguo County Governor, Yun LanZhi.

It was said that she liked the Ninth Prince.

“It turned out to be Miss An.” Xiao Ting slowly said as she came back to her senses, then asked her with a smile, “It’s so late already. Where are you taking my son?”

“This prince is not your son…” The young prince’s milky voice came from Yun LanZhi’s arms.

Yun LanZhi seemed very happy that the little prince said this, and said: “At this time, the young prince should be resting.”

She was implying to Xiao Ting with her words that she had been in this mansion for a long time and had a close relationship with the young master.

It’s a pity that Xiao Ting didn’t understand this roundabout way of talking at all. She just raised a brow and said, “someone come, make the little prince go to bed.”

As soon as she said this, two little maids and a nanny guarding the door respectfully walked in and hugged the young master.

Even though Yun LanZhi didn’t want to let go, the nanny was the one who usually served in the FeiYu Pavilion, so she had to let go.

The nanny hugged the young master and was about to go out when Xiao Ting said coldly, “Just sleep here. Sleep with this princess.”

The little prince, who was calm, struggled to get down. Xiao Ting stepped up to him and smiled sweetly, “Let mother give you a bath, or sleep with her, choose one of the two.”

“Don’t wanna.”

The little prince was kicking the air, wanting to get off the nanny, but she didn’t get the princess’ consent, so the nanny didn’t dare to let the little prince go.

When the princess entered the mansion, everyone saw it with their own eyes. They thought that the Prince would restrict her or simply divorce her.

Unexpectedly, the Prince actually indulged her.

Although everyone in the palace didn’t know what was going on, they all understood that the person who should not be offended in the Ninth Prince’s Mansion at the moment was not the young master, but this Princess who turned 19 this year.

“What a coincidence, me too. You have to be obedient so that I won’t bother you. Who made this Princess so rebellious and compulsive? Should you choose or should mother choose for you?”

Xiao Ting was in a good mood to tease the little cutie.

With tears in his eyes, the little prince didn’t let it fall, as he turned his head and looked at Yun LanZhi, “Aunt Lan…”

This was what Yun LanZhi was waiting for. She would go to her brother-in-law later. If she let him know how this little bitch treated Yun’er, he would definitely dice her.

“You woman…”

Xiao Ting turned her head and slapped her backhandedly, ‘pa…’

Yun LanZhi didn’t expect her to act so suddenly that she couldn’t react at all. And so, she was slapped, and a fiery pain was on her face.

“This mouth is too big. You actually dare to call this Princess ‘you woman.’ Besides, this Princess was only teasing her son. Which part made you talk so big…”

No one thought that Xiao Ting would dare to do something, so Ah’Da and Ah’Er, who was guarding outside, were shocked.


Yun LanZhi became even more confused, but the pain on her face brought her back, “How dare you hit me?”

“Hit you? Why would I when this isn’t even a fight?”

Xiao Ting portrayed the arrogance of an old madam. She felt that this was more in line with the original owner’s setting, not to mention that she really didn’t think Yun LanZhi had a good character.

“Hurry up. This Princess had to accompany her son!”

Yun LanZhi’s body trembled unconsciously. She was so angry that the pearl hairpin on her head shook as she turned around and left.

Seeing that his only savior was beaten away by this woman, the little prince knew that no one could help him, so he let his nanny hold him to the inner room.

Xiao Ting quickly had dinner and went into the inner room, finding that the little prince was asleep.

The nanny was watching over and fanning him, but she was meticulous.

Seeing her come in, Xiao Ting waved her hand and sat down by the bed, looking at the little prince before asking, “Since when did you serve the little prince?”

Liu-momo hurriedly replied: “Replying to the Princess, this maidservant had been serving the little prince since he was born.”

“Oh.” Xiao Ting looked at the little cutie pretending to sleep on the bed with a smile, then asked: “A little princess dressing up as a boy is not cute.”

RTBAS 007: Come and Save This Young Master
RTBAS 009: Daddy Came To The Door

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