RTBAS 011: Meet the Empress Dowager

RTBAS 010: Outlandish Father and Daughter
RTBAS 012: Get Into Trouble

The father and daughter were standing side by side as if this was their own home. The other people could only pretend to be deaf and dumb while secretly watching their Prince.

But their master’s expression was calm and clear. They couldn’t see anything at all!

However, even if the Ninth Prince didn’t say a word, there’s still a bold one in this palace.

The little young master, Chu Yun, made his debut. With a small green robe and meticulously combed hair, that solemn little face looked more like an old man than her own old man.

“Does the Sixth Miss not know what marrying a husband meant? This whole palace, down to the bugs and the leaves, belongs to Lord Father. How can you say that everything here is yours? Other people listening in would assume that we have no man in this house!”


At the end, he snorted to express his dissatisfaction.

The Imperial Uncle’s face was full of sadness. Listening to the title this young master called his good girl, he obviously didn’t recognize her identity. He had long heard that the young master of the Ninth Prince Mansion had a cold face and was a difficult master.

At first glance, he really was.

Fortunately, his good girl was so happy, as if she had picked up a treasure.

He wondered if he should talk to his sister and ruin the marriage.

Before he finished thinking about it, he was brought back to reality by the voice of his good girl.

“Little cutie, come and let mother take a look at you. This dress is much more imposing than yesterday, so cool!”

At this moment, Xiao Ting transformed into a cute and stupid owner, praising her pet excessively.

However, Pet Yun had an arrogant expression on her face. She didn’t pay attention to her at all. She walked past her and bowed to the Ninth Prince but didn’t forget to also bow down to the Imperial Uncle. The little prince didn’t forget her manners.

“My good girl, this child…”

At this point, Imperial Uncle Xiao looked sad. But just when he was about to say something, Xiao Ting interrupted him and said, “Daddy, you go quickly, ah. Those beauties at home are still waiting for you, so don’t leave them alone, ah. Don’t worry about this daughter. I’ll be fine. Go!”

Everyone looked at the strange father and daughter.

How could a father come and see his daughter the day after the marriage?

How could a father and daughter say something like that in front of their son-in-law?

How could a daughter push her father out?

What’s all this!

Xiao Ting finally pushed her dad out of the gates, and when she came back, she heard the little cutie act like a baby with the Ninth Prince.

“Father, you can divorce her!”

“Reason?” The Ninth Prince’s complexion was faint, but he was still so breezy and casual.

“This prince doesn’t like her. She bullied this prince. She kicked this prince to the ground while sleeping. She didn’t even allow this prince to cry and even gave me food I didn’t like. Father, can you drive her away?”

“Furthermore, she doesn’t respect you and even treats this palace as her family’s. She’s even brave enough…”

“Aiyo, cutie, so you like mother this much. Just a bit more effort, and I’ll hear the word mother from your mouth!”

Xiao Ting walked in with a smile, but in Chu Yun’s eyes, that smile was like a demon with its mouth open.

She subconsciously moved to the Ninth Prince’s side.

“You, don’t come over…”

The Ninth Prince raised his eyes and looked at Xiao Ting. Since she knew Yun’er was a girl, why didn’t she ask him what’s going on?

She didn’t seem to care.

Or a daughter was better. Did she think that she could inherit everything in the palace if she gave birth to a boy?

Moreover, she met Lan Zhi last night, but she seemed unconcerned about it, which really made him unable to see through her.

As for the conversation between the father and daughter just now…

The Ninth Prince was simply stunned. Xiao Ting took Chu Yun into her arms, squeezed her, and said, “Little imp, do you have homework today?”

“Father, father…”

Little Chu Yun reached out, help!

The Ninth Prince ignored her and stood up while saying, “Princess should prepare, and we will enter the palace to see the Empress Dowager.”


The Empress Dowager, the noblest woman in the entire empire, should be an extremely capricious old woman who wanted money and power, right?

Why would she want to meet her?

“That, Wangye, can I not go?” Xiao Ting pointed to herself with a hopeful look.

The Ninth Prince didn’t even glance at her as he got up and walked out. With a weak voice but a stern undertone, he said, “Take the Princess to change clothes!”

Half an hour later, Xiao Ting stood at the Imperial Palace gate with a look of wonder.

With beautifully glazed bricks and ten colored glasses, the palace gate was about ten meters high. She had to look up to see the two words, ‘DongHua Gate’.

Behind her, Liu-mama was gasping for breath. It took a while for her to steady her breathing, “P-princess, please go in quickly. The prince is probably already waiting.”

The two entered the palace smoothly, then took seven turns and eight bends. Just when Xiao Ting felt that lunch was going to be delayed today, she finally heard the little palace lady in front pleasantly say that Ci’An Courtyard was here.

Xiao Ting pounded her sore legs. When the palace lady said that the Empress Dowager let her in, she walked in.

As soon as she entered the gates, Xiao Ting felt a bit stuffy, as if someone was suffocating her.

There was a high laugh from an old lady and another delicate voice that sounded familiar.

“The Princess of Little Nine is here. Come, come and sit.”

When Xiao Ting got closer, she bowed down then sat down as told. Only then did she look up at the two women from this palace.

One was naturally the Empress Dowager wearing satin gauze embroidered with gold threads in a phoenix pattern. She looked very noble.

There were only a few hairpins on her head, but it looked very delicate.

Although she spoke kindly and wore a kind smile on her face, that smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes as she looked at Xiao Ting from head to toe.

No matter how slow Xiao Ting was, it’s evident that the noblest old woman in the Empire didn’t like her.

RTBAS 010: Outlandish Father and Daughter
RTBAS 012: Get Into Trouble

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