RTBAS 010: Outlandish Father and Daughter

RTBAS 009: Daddy Came To The Door
RTBAS 011: Meet the Empress Dowager

Ninth Prince: …

Imperial Uncle Xiao: …

The imperial uncle deeply felt the cold water thrown by his married daughter. Why did he come?

The Ninth Prince was interested in the way this father and daughter interacted. Shouldn’t the daughter pay respect to her father?

“Cough, cough…” Imperial Uncle Xiao made a fake cough before saying: “That, father remembered that I didn’t tell you something yesterday and wasn’t reassured, so I came to talk about it.”

“Huh?” Xiao Ting looked surprised, “Haven’t you said enough? There were so many words but didn’t you just mean that I have to stay obediently in the Ninth Prince’s Mansion and don’t go out to cause trouble?”

“Don’t worry, I found something interesting so I won’t go out casually.” Before Imperial Uncle Xiao could speak, Xiao Ting added mysteriously.

“Something, interesting? What?”

When Imperial Uncle Xiao entered the mansion, the place was very bleak and so plain that it looked a little ‘poor’. He didn’t know if his good girl would lack food or clothing.

If it’s necessary, he’d let his wife prepare another dowry for his good girl. After all, this marriage was because his good girl was pitiful.

Standing in front of Imperial Uncle Xiao, Xiao Ting said with joy, “Daddy, let me tell you. There’s a young master here, the son of the Ninth Prince…”

Imperial Uncle Xiao’s expression changed. Fearing that his daughter would say something to ruin the marriage or beg him to take her away, he was ready to wipe the soles of his feet and leave.

But seeing his good girl have a cheerful face and not angry at all, he could only pretend to be calm even when sitting on pins and needles.

“His name is Chu Yun. He’s only four years old and so cute. Let me tell you, he’s the same as our XiaoShi, but he has a bad temper…”

“Also a picky eater…”

“Always crying…”

Listening to the words that came out of Xiao Ting’s mouth from time to time, Imperial Uncle Xiao finally realized that his good girl liked that child.

However, her next words made Imperial Uncle Xiao want to slap himself in the mouth.

“Now, I don’t need to give birth since I have a ready-made son. It’s like pie falling from the sky, wouldn’t you say so, dad?”


His good girl was planning to raise that little bastard as her own son because she didn’t want to have a baby, how was this possible?

“What’s the matter with you? You’re too naive. I tell you. You, yourself, must give birth to a child for your husband. What if the little prince goes after you? Once he grows into a young man and refuse to acknowledge you, what would you do?”

The people inside and outside the hall: “…”

Who’s this Imperial Uncle Xiao? What kind of brain did he have for cursing their little prince to die in front of their Prince?

Xiao Ting was stunned, then reacted, chaotically moving her eyes a few times before saying discouragingly: “But the prince is not in good health, and he faints at every turn. I’m afraid that he can’t, that…”

Xiao Ting winked as she told her father.

Imperial Uncle Xiao was stunned, “that?”

“That, ah, didn’t you hear that he’s about to die in bed yesterday?”

Imperial Uncle Xiao patted his forehead and suddenly realized, “Yes, he’s not in good health, then wouldn’t my daughter become a widow?”

“Cough cough cough…”

Ninth Prince, the invisible person, couldn’t help it anymore and was choked by his father-in-law’s words.

The Xiao family and daughter looked back at the same time, finally remembering that the master was still here.

Xiao Ting glared at her cheap father. Seeing that she was angry, Imperial Uncle Xiao immediately said, “that, if the prince feels uncomfortable, please go and rest first. I don’t need you to entertain me.”

Saying so, he patted his chest to indicate that he’s healthy.

The others lowered their heads, wondering what to think about the Princess’ father.

Xiao Ting blinked, pretentiously walked over, bent over, then said, “Master, daddy will accompany this Princess, so don’t worry!”

The Ninth Prince finally announced his presence, when he became extremely dumbfounded at the words of these father and daughter. He wanted to say that he was okay, but this sentence got stuck in his throat.

Poor health?

Can’t do that?

Don’t worry?

Did they think he’s a seventy or eighty-year-old man that’s about to die?

“Father-in-law shouldn’t worry, this Prince is fine.”

Seeing that there’s nothing unusual on his face, Xiao Ting turned her head and asked, “Daddy, what else do you want?”

Everyone: …

There was no welcome in the daughter’s eyes to her dad. This was the rhythm of driving people away.


The Xiao family and them ignorant humans had never been on the same frequency.

Imperial Uncle Xiao patted his forehead and said, “Oh, that’s right, didn’t those disappointments yesterday threw you outside the Prince’s Mansion and ran back by themselves?”

Xiao Ting had a silly expression, “Yes, your daughter thought that the custom here was to throw the bride at the gate!”

Imperial Uncle Xiao changed his face and growled as he said, “Don’t worry, dad drove those servants away to beg for food. Throwing my dear girl on the street to become a joke, it would be hard to calm me if I didn’t beat them.”

“Daddy, if you sent out so many people all at once, are there enough people? What about XiaoShi? Is there anyone serving him?”

Imperial Uncle Xiao’s expression changed again as he heard his good girl ask, a little dumbfounded, “That, the madam will take care of it!”

Saying this, it’s obvious that his momentum decreased, and his voice was also a little lower.

“Oh, oh.”

“Daddy will go back and send some people to you later.”

Xiao Ting declined and whispered: “Daddy, don’t worry. There are a lot of people here, and they’re all under my control. Our family should stay at home and take care of our own people.”

*I kid you not, that word was in pinyin, so I could only translate it like that.

RTBAS 009: Daddy Came To The Door
RTBAS 011: Meet the Empress Dowager

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