59: Cancellation of Slave Contract

58: Suicide Volunteer
60: It Didn't Go Well

“By the way, the slave contract would stop them from speaking but isn’t it meaningless once the magic is released?”

Gadillas, who confirmed that the intruder hidden under the shadow of the bed couldn’t be seen from the door, muttered, “Ahh…”

“The magic tool is so valuable that it’s only available in the castle. It also takes seven days from the time you apply for authorization to collect the signatures of each person in charge… in that time, once someone got caught, they will come to kill them.”

“You mean we have to buy time until the permit is issued… or rather, for it to take 7 days, just how much paperwork is that…”

“A collection of signatures from each person in charge and my signature are treated in the same way, so this time, it can be issued immediately… however, if I don’t kill them, I’ll be targeted later.”


It’s a pity to lie down like that, so he draped a blanket over the intruder. Well, just when they went to sleep, his humanization was just released. When they lied down on their usual position, Gadillas showed dissatisfied eyes at the situation, but he ignored it.

Gadillas, who seemed unable to sleep in a space where there’s a tied up human nearby, slept lightly until Uros came to wake them up in the morning.

When they showed the tied up intruder to Uros, who came into the room, he seemed very surprised. It was fun to see him show a face they’d never seen before. Gadillas seemed to think the same thing, and Uros glared as he unusually got angry.

“Can you explain what this means?”

And for some reason, he asked while looking at Kuuga instead of Gadillas. He gently looked away from Uros, who had a freezing aura, and appealed to Gadillas to explain.

Gadillas returned a glance that said he should use his humanization today, while Kuuga replied that it would be faster for Gadillas to say it… Gadillas, who lost after being glared at for a few seconds, explained.

“――and because of that, I’ll issue a permit to use the magic tool to release the enslavement.”


After the explanation, Uros made a long, long sigh, as if he exhaled all the air in his lungs.

“I have a lot I want to say… well, regarding his credibility, it would be fine since Kuuga-sama said so.”

[It’s okay, he’s a very ninja type.]

Meaning he’s the very loyal type.

“I’m also worried that Kuuga-sama knew about the Shadows… the predecessor took the Shadows with him, so it’s certainly just right… for security reasons, I will tell Edallion and Restalion.”

Even in this world, there’s something close to the ninja that Kuuga was talking about, and they’re called Shadows. Of course, Kuuga knew but didn’t say it.

“It can’t be helped. Kuuga, I’ll be back with the magic tool soon, so I’ll ask you to be on the lookout until then.”

[I understand.]

He said he could get it issued immediately, but Kuuga nodded and moved in front of the intruder, wondering if he could do it that soon.

The intruder looked back at him while being confused. He seemed to have not caught up with the situation just yet. He’s desperate for something but Kuuga didn’t think he wanted to die. However, he’s saying that he wanted to die if he lived as an assassin any longer. That’s why Kuuga recruited him.


While they were staring at each other, the intruder said a word.

[!! I thought you couldn’t speak!?]

Kuuga, who was surprised, thought for a moment before realizing that he might not be able to speak “inconvenient remarks about the contractor” which might be the reason for his despair. That’s why he couldn’t say anything at that time.


[I’ll explain that later, so for now, just be patient.]

When he used his paw with its claws retracted to pat his forehead, the intruder had a slight nasty look on his face. How rude.

After curling up in front of the intruder and waiting for a while, Gadillas returned earlier than expected. Uros, who was following from behind, was holding a box-shaped object of about 30 cm in both hands. Was that the magic tool?

“Now then, let’s release it.”

Gadillas raised the intruder’s body while Uros put the magic tool in front of the man. If he looked closely, there’s a number of formations drawn around the box-shaped magic tool. It seemed to be a complicated process to use all of those formations to unlock one magic.

When the magic tool was pressed on the intruder’s forehead, Uros cast magical power on the magic tool, and the magic circle drawn on the box emitted a faint light. While he was watching what would happen next, the movement of the purple lights spinning around the man’s neck slowed down, and something like a black band appeared around the neck. That black band looked like a collar.

When Gadillas grabbed the collar and put in his magical power, a crack appeared and it crumbled down.

“Okay, all done. I’ll release the restraints.”

“Your Majesty, please be a little more careful――”

“It’s okay if Kuuga didn’t stop me.”

Even if they released the slave contract, it’s normal to have a conversation first to confirm before releasing the restraint. However, Gadillas’ movements were smooth, perhaps because of his trust in Kuuga.

The intruder, who was released from the restraint, still looked confused. However, he quietly stood up with no expression.

“Now then, let’s start with your name.”


“Zau, huh. Why do you want to die?”

“…my younger brother died.”

“…what do you mean?”

When asked, Zau only spoke a small number of words. He didn’t know if that’s because he’s usually a silent person or he’s not accustomed to speaking.

It seemed like Zau was from a small village in Darries. By the way, Darries was the country that’s about to start a war with Jihak.

One day, someone suddenly attacked their village. The children were caught and the village burned. The caught children were enslaved and educated as assassins. Zau and his brother were thus forced to live as assassins.

His brother was the apprentice chef who poisoned Gadillas’ meal. Zau was in despair when he learned that he had been silenced. He didn’t want to live a life where he lost his brother, who was his emotional support, and continue to do assassination work he didn’t want to do.

By the way, it seemed like it was Godo who killed Zau’s younger brother, not the assassin organization. He seemed to be a troublesome client for them since he used poison and still silenced their member without permission.

It seemed like Zau was sent on a different mission from his brother, so Zau wasn’t informed about the client. However, the cancellation of the slavery contract allowed him to speak about information regarding the assassin organization.

“Uros, make arrangements.”



“Let’s capture the guy who’s using the slavery magic. And crush the organization.”


Zau, who seemed worried about what would happen to someone who was in the same position as himself, seemed a little relieved at Gadillas’ reply.

Even if he said he’ll consider it, those who have been trained with the skills to kill people wouldn’t be able to return to normal society. However, he wanted to think that it’s better than living as an assassin.

Uros went to give instructions to the soldiers of the royal capital and the White Knights from the information provided by Zau while Gadillas was about to head to the office.

After thinking for a bit, Kuuga humanized.

58: Suicide Volunteer
60: It Didn't Go Well

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