RTBAS 012: Get Into Trouble

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When she saw the woman in a palace dress waiting next to her, Xiao TIng seemed to understand.

It turned out to be Yun LanZhi, whom she met yesterday.

The niece of the current Empress and the grand-niece of the Empress Dowager must be what this woman wanted to imply.

“Ninth Princess, why didn’t brother-in-law come with you?”

Yun LanZhi sat next to the Empress Dowager and acted like a master.

“Who’s your brother-in-law?” Xiao Ting asked dumbfoundedly.

At this time, even the Empress Dowager was unhappy, and no refreshment was offered to Xiao Ting. She then said, “Ninth Princess, LanZhi is the sister of the late princess of Ninth Prince and the grand-niece of this noble one.”

The Empress Dowager thought that if she explained it like that, Xiao Ting would understand.


She never thought that after being surprised, Xiao Ting then solemnly said: “It turned out to be Lady An, but brother-in-law, can the lady stop calling that title from now on? Now that this concubine was married to the Ninth Prince, if you call him this, people would think you’re taking advantage of the late princess.”

Having said this, she turned her gaze to Yun LanZhi again, then continued: “After all, Lady An is a few years older than this concubine and can’t bear the title of being an older sister.”


The Empress Dowager was furious and screamed. Everyone insinde knelt down. Xiao Ting was no exception, but she was forced to kneel by Liu-mama.

Liu-mama was originally someone who served the birth mother of the Ninth Prince. Later, she went out of the palace to take care of Chu Yun. When the Princess had to enter the palace, the Ninth Prince asked her to follow in fear that Xiao Ting would make a mistake.

The Empress Dowager stood up and angrily said: “How can a virtuous person like Little Nine marry a woman like you?”

“You speak like you want to marry him…”

Although Xiao Ting’s voice was small, everyone, except for the Empress Dowager, dared not say anything for fear of their lives. At this moment, although her voice was small, it was still heard by the Empress Dowager’s ears.

“You, you, I have long heard that you are lawless because your aunt is the Emperor’s concubine, even daring to fight with the Princess ZhaoHua. Now it seemed that it’s the truth. Come, give a hand to aijia (self-referring by a widowed empress). I want to see if her aunt can still protect her…”

The Empress Dowager was angry and two mamas immediately stepped forward, intending to slap Xiao Ting’s face.

Liu-mama exclaimed, expecting that with that slap, half her face would be swollen.

Pa‘, ‘pa‘…

Two crisp slaps echoed, followed by two wails.

It was the two old mamas who covered their faces and fell to the ground.

Xiao Ting would not kneel there and let someone beat her. When they were about to start, she had already stood up and avoided their slap. Holding one ear from each person, she then kicked them.

She had never seen such an annoying person.

“I say, what’s the matter with you, old lady? What’s wrong with my lawlessness? I haven’t demolished your house or broke your roof…”

“What’s wrong with me having an Imperial Aunt? Doesn’t she also have an Empress as an Aunt?”

Xiao Ting pointed to Yun LanZhi, showing off how her aunt loved and petted her. If she had the ability, let her aunt also love and care for her.

Yun LanZhi was startled by the scene just now. She had never thought that someone would dare confront the Empress Dowager and do something in this palace.

The most important thing was that this brave little woman was the person she hated the most.

Xiao Ting hadn’t finished. “Also, Empress Dowager, regarding the matter between me and Princess Zhao Hua, if you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense. Let’s just say we don’t know each other, okay?”

“You, you, you…”

The Empress Dowager looked at Xiao Ting’s indifferent expression followed by the despising look she sent her about not knowing anything. After a long time, she couldn’t let out that last breath. Her eyes rolled back, her legs softened and she fainted.

“Empress Dowager…”

“Imperial doctor, quickly fetch the imperial doctor…”

“Hurry up and report to the Emperor that the Empress Dowager fainted…”

Suddenly, the place was in chaos, and Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. She-she just fainted.

Liu-mama stretched her hand and said, “P-princess, it’s over.”

The old mama had a ‘nothing left to live for’ expression. Xiao Ting blinked then said, “This old lady is really in poor health. She fainted after saying a few words…”

Hearing her Princess mention the words poor health again, Liu-mama rolled her eyes and fainted.

The Empress Dowager fainted, and the courtyard was in chaos, which alarmed the whole palace. The Emperor, Empress, and Ninth Prince, who was talking to the Emperor, all hurried over.


As soon as the Ninth Prince entered the gates, he was called over. He saw Liu-mama and subconciously went over to find his little princess.

At first glance, there was no one.

“Where is the Princess?”

Looking at the depressed Ci’An Courtyard, he felt uncomfortable for no reason.

Liu-mama knelt on the ground, “The P-princess made the Empress Dowager faint…”

The Ninth Prince took a deep breath, then listened to Liu-mama say what had just happened.

After some diagnosis and treatment, the Empress Dowager regained consciousness. The Emperor and Empress stayed inside, feeling nervous.

Someone had told them what had happened long ago. The Empress immediately became furious and wanted Xiao Ting to be sent to prison for her disrespect.

The Emperor was about to agree then suddenly thought, hey, this girl is the princess of his Concubine Xiao, and even her darling.

So he couldn’t agree.

No matter what the Empress asked for, he just kept quiet, and to appease the Empress Dowager, he beckoned the Empress not to say anything.

He used her health to suppress the Empress, but the Empress Dowager was now completely awake.

When she asked where Xiao Ting was, everyone was dumbfounded. The culprit for the Empress Dowager fainting escaped?

The Empress Dowager was furious then directly ordered to block the palace’s four gates and arrest Xiao Ting.

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