66: Oya, Why Is Gadillas…?

65: Kuuga's Baptism
67: Confused Kuuga and Bulldozing Gadillas

WARNING. Some of the following content has R18 elements. In case some of you don’t know, this is an R18 novel. Having read the following chapters, some of them will go into a very detailed territory. Anyone who doesn’t like that kind of bl can skip those chapters. Enjoy reading.

That night, he went to take a bath with Gadillas as usual, but Kuuga was in his humanized form.

The reason was that the time he could humanize had increased. Until now, when humanizing at night, he’d only be able to talk to Gadillas for 30 minutes before going to bed, but when it became 1 hour and 33 minutes, it’s too long before sleep! So it became like this.

It’s okay to sleep while being humanized, but that meant he wouldn’t be offering his belly pillow.

That’s why he decided to humanize from the time of bathing.


This was a completely honest relationship (they’re just hanging out naked)… Kuuga muttered in his heart then sighed. He wondered why he’s being so self-conscious. He’s happy to be able to enjoy the bath as a person.

When he entered the bathroom, he stood beside Gadillas as was his habit and just stared at the hot water in the pool.

“No, you can wash yourself, right?”

“…ah, come to think of it, I can…”

Why did he feel disappointed?

He sat next to him, pretending not to notice Gadillas peeking, and washed his hair first. It was very difficult to wash because the position of the ears changed from when he was a human, but he managed to wash it while avoiding it by laying it down or straightening it up.

Looking sideways at Gadillas, who began to wash his body reluctantly, he was relieved and washed his body this time. It used to be a matter of course, but for some reason, it seemed fresh.

“You first.”

Kuuga, who finished washing first, stood up and soaked his body in the hot water. It felt wonderful since he could stretch his legs when he’s humanoid.

While he was vacantly staring at the surface of the water while humming happily at the feeling of warming up from the core of his body, he remembered something.

It was the ability he called “Water Mirror” which Kuuga used as a substitute for TV to kill time in the church.

Later, Kuuga realized it was the power of his eyes. He thought it’s scary to know that he could see the place he wanted to see without anyone realizing it. After that, he completely forgot about its existence.

――I might be able to see the Divine Beast of Jihak.

He suddenly thought so.


He’s at home, resting and there’s a lot of empty space. It’s unavoidable that he’ll be worried about making conversation. He thought it’s a good idea to peek just for a moment… the devil urged him.

When he stared at the surface of the water, thinking that he wanted to see the Divine Beast of Jihak, the desired figure was projected on the surface of the water after it glowed faintly. He looked at the projected image while feeling nostalgic――


The next moment, Kuuga was slamming his fist on the surface of the bath to drown out the footage.

“Kuuga? What’s wrong?”


He was completely covered by the hot water he splashed with a loud noise. Upset, he wiped his face while Gadillas, who was surprised at Kuuga’s sudden actions, called out.

Gadillas sat down next to Kuuga, who was trying to calm down while deceiving him. He could feel him peek anxiously but he couldn’t tell the truth.

It’s the Divine Beast of Jihak that he’d seen with the water mirror ability… but he was in the middle of doing that.

A beautiful man with red wings was on all fours, and from behind him was a man moving his hips. He turned off the projection immediately, but he watched for a second or two before he understood it.

It was inside.

A huge thing was inside.

It was mercilessly thrusting inside.

Moreover, because of the large bath surface used by the royal family, the screen was unnecessarily large. Why did he insist on peeking during this time? He couldn’t remember anymore.

If wings grow on its back, he couldn’t lie on his back… no, no, forget it, forget it…! The situation of Kuuga floundering was clearly strange, so Gadillas, who was worried, put his hand around Kuuga’s waist and pulled his body.

“Oi, what happened?”

“I-it’s okay. Hot water… yes, it was just painful that it got into my nose…”

He didn’t know why the man would put a hand on his waist when he was worried, but thanks to that, he returned to his senses.

Gadillas didn’t seem to believe his desperate excuse, but he simply patted his head to calm him down without pursuing any more. In particular, the only person who would believe in Kuuga’s words, was this insensitive male lead. However, he seemed to sympathize with the fact that he was very upset, so he didn’t pursue anymore.

Kuuga, who turned his eyes down and rubbed against his hand in a conditioned reflex, managed to recover while enjoying the feeling of being stroked.

It’s not good to peep into the lives of others without permission. He decided to think that this was his punishment.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

He thought Gadillas wouldn’t be as sticky as usual since he seemed to be restraining himself for the time being. However, if he had a reason to touch him, he’d do so and stroke him.

Of course, he knew the reason. Today, the sudden disappearance of Kuuga in front of Gadillas left traces.

Gadillas touched him with a righteous expression while Kuuga dissed him many times in his head… but he didn’t refuse because he knew that Gadillas was just worried.

Also, his self-control was working properly. It’s just that the stickiness meter was a bit too high. Looking at Gadillas’ state, Kuuga decided that he’s more stable than a while ago.

However, it seemed like the things he’d kept holding down all day exploded at this moment. It burst like a balloon with too much air in it… or so it seemed.

He couldn’t tell because Kuuga couldn’t see Gadillas’ face right now.

Right now, Kuuga was hugged on the bed with his body wholly covered.


Although inferior to the knights, Gadillas strength, trained by his daily training, was strong. It hurt a bit because Gadillas hugged him without hesitation or care.

Kuuga had considerable physical ability in his beast form, but as a humanoid, he had the same physical ability as when he was a human being, so he didn’t feel like he could escape.

He tried to put his hand on Gadillas’ back to tap it gently and calm him down, but it didn’t work.





When he thought that he was finally willing to open his mouth, it just became an “I just want to call out your name~☆” type of thing, so Kuuga replied in confusion.

Gadillas exhaled like he let out all the air in his lungs and rubbed against Kuuga’s nape. Kuuga tried to twist himself because it tickled, but he couldn’t move much because Gadillas’ arm tightly locked him in place.

Even when Kuuga expected time to run out, it only took about 30 minutes to take a bath, so he still had too much time to spare.

“Don’t leave me, don’t disappear.”

Kuuga wanted to sigh at the very small muttered words. This guy didn’t even care about how he felt… so he got a little angry.

“That’s my line.”


It seemed like Kuuga’s reply was unexpected, as Gadillas’ shoulder shook in reaction before slowly raising his face. Gadillas’ eyes were looking down on him while swaying in confusion.

“The only place for a Divine Beast is near the king.”


“And Divine Beasts wouldn’t die until the end of their lifetimes.”

Among the important things that God told him, only this must be understood by Gadillas and it must be known only to Gadillas.

“…you, won’t die…?”

“…no, I can’t die.”

Perhaps noticing the meaning of his rephrasing, Gadillas sighed as if he was relieved.

“So you should give top priority to your survival no matter what happens. You don’t have to worry about me being gone.”


“Noisy, just listen.”

Since Kuuga wanted to say something, he closed Gadillas mouth with both hands on his cheeks. Although his hands weren’t very strong, Gadillas couldn’t move because of the sharpness of Kuuga’s line of sight that shot through him.

“Don’t leave me alone.”

Kuuga is the one who should speak those lines. He should be the one afraid that the other person would be gone.

Kuuga’s whereabouts could only be near Gadillas. This world was not scary because there’s Gadillas. He didn’t want to think about living alone without him.

“Don’t leave me and don’t die.”

Kuuga told Gadillas like he was praying and carving it into his soul.

Gadillas remained silent for a few seconds, as if he was organizing what Kuuga said in his head. After a while, he looked like he was convinced of something.

However, the next moment, his expression and atmosphere changed completely.

“I understand.”

Gadillas put his right hand on Kuuga’s left hand still on his cheek, his narrowed eyes looked like he’s happy about something.

However, Kuuga saw another thing in his eyes. It’s like a carnivore aiming for its prey――


This is bad.

The moment he thought so, he reflexively pulled on his left hand, but it got caught and he couldn’t rescue it. Furthermore, Gadillas’ fingers entwined with the fingers of that hand. His spine tingled at the caresses from those fingers.

Gadillas’ other hand touched Kuuga’s cheek. Kuuga raised his right hand to block the one stroking him, but it was also grabbed.

Kuuga, whose hands were caught, couldn’t move at all because his body was covered all over.

As if dealing the killing blow to its prey, Kuuga could only see Gadillas’ mouth slowly open.

Here, let’s talk about Kuuga.

When Kuuga was still human, there were many friends around him who could also be called believers. It’s thanks to Kuuga’s special eyes, but it’s not just because of having those eyes.

They became Kuuga’s believers because Kuuga made a critical hit on the other party’s heart with that intention. Kuuga, who’d respond sweetly to a favorable person, intentionally selected and conveyed the words they wanted to hear and took action. He was living like that by making effective use of his eyes.

The words he just threw at Gadillas here served two purposes, to reassure the anxious Gadillas, and to teach him what he’d been told.

It was very effective and very efficient. This tragedy happened because he was thinking only of that.

In such a posture that could be said to be pushed down, saying those critical words to someone who had a great deal of affection toward you, what would happen?


Kuuga came to know it with all his body.

65: Kuuga's Baptism
67: Confused Kuuga and Bulldozing Gadillas

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