RTBAS 022: Speculation

RTBAS 021: Sevent Aunt's Solitary Care (2)
RTBAS 023: Honorable Extortion

Xiao Ting was thinking about what to do when she heard some noise in front of her.

She hurried forward and saw Hong Shao and Lu You kneeling on the ground as soon as she turned a corner. And the two women were being slapped in the face.


Xiao Ting gave a cold order as she quickly walked over.

The Madam was sitting in the pavilion and was about to say something, but then saw Xiao Ting approach. Without even looking at her, she heard ‘pa’, ‘pa’, ‘pa’…

Lifting her hand, she slapped the two matrons in an instant and then quickly lifted Hong Shao and Lu You. Only then did she realize that Lu You couldn’t stand up.

As soon as she pulled her, she fell to the ground. Xiao Ting didn’t pay attention before but now she could see that Hong Shao had been supporting her.

“Sixth girl, what are you doing?”

The Madam looked ugly as she stood up and looked at her condescendingly.

Xiao Ting was already angry, but when she heard the question, her anger spiked, but she still asked with a calm face: “Mother hurt my maid and still asked what I’m doing?”

“I would like to ask Mother, what are you doing?”

Not far away, the old lady was being helped to walk to this place.

“Could it be that ever since the Sixth girl married the Prince that your status is so noble that even the maid serving you couldn’t be taught by your mother?”

The Madam naturally saw the old lady and said that.

“What crime did they commit? Tell me about it.”

“Presumptuous…” The old lady finally walked closer, snorted coldly, then said, “Sixth girl, you are getting more and more excessive.”

“Does Grandmother know what’s going on here? As soon as you approached, you called me excessive but didn’t ask about my sin. Grandmother’s preference is really unforgettable.”

Xiao Ting was not afraid of her at all. In the final analysis, she’s only giving the old lady face because of her cheap father. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even want to come to this Imperial Uncle’s mansion.

Xiao Mei helped the old lady sit down, then said delicately: “Sixth Sister, no matter what mother does, you shouldn’t contradict her like this. Fortunately, it’s at home. If this was known to outsiders, wouldn’t mother be accused of not educating you well?”

Xiao Ting sneered then said: “My mother died early, so I’m naturally not as good as you. If I learned well at a young age, I would know how to snatch other people’s things and not be afraid to swallow until your stomach burst.”


“Enough.” Seeing that her beloved granddaughter was wronged, the old lady became angry and immediately threw the heavy crutches on the stone floor, making a heavy noise.

The people waiting next to them saw this scene and dared not speak out.

In the past, they only heard about Sixth Miss’ reputation outside. This was the first time they saw her get angry inside the house.

And that’s because of two maids.

At this moment, many people admired Hong Shao and Lu You.

“Grandmother, this granddaughter’s Haiting had been leaking a few days ago and needed to be repaired for a long time. Mother asked father and father let mother decide. Since there are many sisters in the house, only Sixth Sister’s pavilion was empty. This granddaughter only thought about moving there for a few days, but didn’t expect Sixth Sister to actually accuse your granddaughter. This granddaughter is really, really ashamed to meet people now.”

Before the old lady could speak, Xiao Ting said in a cold voice, “If you just want to stay for a few days, do you really need to remake the whole LiuLi Pavilion from head to toe? If you don’t have the face, just cover it and don’t see people.”

There was no trace of affection in her words.

“Xiao Ting, isn’t that enough?”

The old lady was angry, “I have never seen a woman like you. Who educated you? You disrespect your grandmother and mother, and even speak rudely to your sister. Don’t you feel ashamed to say such things?”

Xiao Ting turned around and moved to a stool under the shade of the tree, sat on it, then beckoned to her two maids.

She sat on the stool with legs folded, looked straight at the other person, then raised her brows and said: “I think grandmother ate a bit too much for lunch today, so this granddaughter will tell you about the current situation.”

She meant that the old lady had nothing better to do.

Then she stopped looking at the old lady’s face and asked the Madam, “Why did mother beat them both?”

The Madam was thinking of making the old lady scold Xiao Ting, but she didn’t expect that Xiao Ting wouldn’t care at all and was not even afraid of the old lady.

She secretly regretted and wondered if she was too impatient, but she couldn’t be blamed for this.

Immediately, she said: “Lu You was punished to go to Zhuangzi for doing something wrong, but Hong Shao took someone to take Lu You back to the mansion without permission. Shouldn’t they be punished?”

Xiao Ting sneered, “I asked Hong Shao to pick up Lu You. Mother shouldn’t be so ignorant to punish them first before asking them, right?”

“I haven’t told you about this matter yet. Lu You made a mistake and I demoted her to Zhuangzi. Why did you send someone to take her back?” The Madam sneered. After all, she was still too young. Now, let’s see how she could get away with this.

Who would have thought that Xiao Ting would just say: “If my maid made a mistake, I will deal with it. If I remember correctly, Hong Shao and Lu You do not belong to the household servants and should be part of my dowry.”

“I want to ask mother, even after knowing this, are you still pretending not to know?”

Because Hong Shao had done something wrong and was bullied by the others before, Xiao Ting ran to the Imperial Uncle and had the slave contracts for the two maids in her own hands. The entire Xiao family knew about this.

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  1. “Could it be that ever since the Sixth girl married the Prince that your status is so noble that even the maid serving you couldn’t be taught by your mother?”
    ME: Hello ??? Yes she IS wangfei and her maid do have higher status as they represent wang fu status

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