RTBAS 023: Honorable Extortion

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“Sixth Sister, is this your attitude when talking to your mother?” Xiao Mei stood angrily behind the Madam. This was her biological mother. She naturally didn’t want to see a concubine’s daughter bully her mother.

Xiao Ting frowned, looked at her, then said, “If I were you, I would go to LiuLi Pavilion to pack my things and go back to HaiTing Pavilion, instead of wasting time here. If the Prince came to see this confrontation, guess what he would say?”

She said this last sentence to everyone.

“Even if the Ninth Prince was here, do you think he’ll like you being disrespectful to the elders like this?” She had torn her face, so Xiao Mei was no longer polite.

“Hehe, it sounds like you know the prince well?” Xiao Ting paused, then said: “Does Fourth Sister want to be a concubine to the Ninth Prince? Do you want me to recommend it as your sister?”

“You…” Now, Xiao Mei didn’t dare say anything. What a joke, that Ninth Prince had no real power, no money, and was even sickly. Why would she want to marry him, and even as a concubine?

She didn’t dare speak anymore. If rumors spread, how would she find her ideal husband?

“All of you shut up for me.” The old lady continued to be angry.

Xiao Ting curled her lips. She hated this kind of elderly person who always got angry. She’s already in poor health but still liked to be angry. It’s like this old hag wants to kill herself faster!

“It’s better for grandmother to take care of your body.” Xiao Ting was too lazy to care about her. Looking at the Madam, she reminded: “I want to take away Lu You and Hong Shao, mother should have no objection, right?”

What else could the Madam say if even the old lady was speechless? She took a deep breath and deeply understood why the officials outside were so afraid of Xiao Ting.

“Can mother find a doctor in the house to treat their injuries?” Xiao Ting continued to ask the Madam, not afraid of death.

The Madam was cold and silent.

“If you won’t, I’ll take care of it. Uncle Xiao, I’ll trouble you.”

Xiao Ting got up and smiled sweetly at the old housekeeper.

At this moment, someone reported that the Ninth Prince had arrived.

As a result, everyone stared. Just now, the arrogant Sixth Miss, who wanted to ascend to the heavens, flew directly in front of the Ninth Prince, then tragically said, “Wangye, you have to avenge chenqie*, ah!”

Everyone: “…”

The others, including the old lady, came forward to pay courtesy together. The Ninth Prince was indifferent but not rude.

The old lady invited the Ninth Prince into the hall, but the Ninth Prince didn’t respond and instead asked Xiao Ting: “Who bullied you?”

The others were surprised. This was different from what they had imagined.

Xiao Ting stood beside the Ninth Prince, holding his sleeves, looking extremely pitiful. Her eyes kept turning between the old lady, the Madam, Xiao Mei and the others.

The faces of several people had strained smiles, for fear that Xiao Ting, this stupid person, would directly point at them. If so, something serious would really happen.

When a family closed their doors and made trouble, it was a family affair.

But if outsiders got involved, especially royalty, it wouldn’t just be a family matter.

All of them were terrified, and Xiao Ting was amused when she saw it, “Nevermind, it’s just that the weather is too hot that it’s annoying!”

As she said that, she blinked innocently at the Ninth Prince. However, in the eyes of others, it was flirting. Of course, when a wife looked at their own husband, no one else could tell the difference.

It’s just that Xiao Mei’s teeth were itchy. She only used to hear the Ninth Prince mentioned and had never seen him. She didn’t expect him to be so graceful. Unfortunately, he was too sickly, otherwise, she would really like him.

“By the way, wangye*, Mother and Fourth Elder Sister said that they’ll bring me a gift later and asked me what I liked. Dad already gave me a lot last time, so why don’t we let them give you what you like this time?”

The Madam and Xiao Mei shuddered.

As everyone walked into the hall, Xiao Ting enthusiastically introduced the good things of the Madam and Fourth Sister along the way.

“It’s better to ask mother for the landscape screen, it’s very lovely. If you face it toward the window, you can still play music even when it’s windy. The words on it were even mentioned by Master Li! Mother said that she’d give it to me as a dowry last time, but I already have two and I didn’t know how big the palace was. I’m worried that I would have nowhere to place it, so I refused. Why don’t we move it back home this time!”

The Madam’s eyes turned black and she almost fainted. That was her most valuable possession. She didn’t know how many noble families envied her for it.

Xiao Ting, you damn girl…

“Oh oh, there’s also Fourth Elder Sister. She has a guqin with the best sound quality. Didn’t your string get broken by Yun’er last time? Why don’t you let sister give that to you!”

Xiao Mei was so angry that she almost broke her fingernails. That was her favorite. Without a good guqin, how could she play good music?

Xiao Ting, you bitch…

Several people were seated according to host and guest seats. The servants then served tea. Ninth Prince touched the tea cup before looking at Xiao Ting and saying, “These are the things that the Madam and Fourth Miss love, right?”

The Madam and Xiao Mei smiled, but they were cursing in their hearts. The Ninth Prince obviously didn’t put them in his eyes. He didn’t even call them mother or sister. Although they wouldn’t dare accept it, they’re still related in name.

Xiao Ting secretly laughed in her heart, but then stood up and said displeased: “Wangye, aren’t you too much to not give mother and fourth sister some face?”

“Chenqie’s family members are very generous. You can tell from the dowry that father gave me. How can you misunderstand mother and fourth sister?”

*chén qiè (literally) I, your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female) (archaic) male and female slaves subjects (of a ruler)

*wáng ye – prince, marquis, nobleman

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