68: Magical Power Control Training

67: Confused Kuuga and Bulldozing Gadillas
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The next day, shortly after eating breakfast, it was reported that the assassination organization had been destroyed.

It seemed like it was quite a fight, and although there were some “accidents” at the time of arrest, they succeeded in capturing most of the assassins, including the slave contractor. It seemed like he’s currently in the castle’s dungeon.

After this, those who were bound by the slavery contract would have the magic cancelled and cross-examined individually.

After a certain amount of processing was completed, he’d receive a request from Restalion to confirm. What they wanted Kuuga to see was who would become Zau’s colleagues.

But that wouldn’t happen today, so Kuuga’s plan was only to have magic control training in the afternoon. In other words, he’s free in the morning.

Kuuga curled up at Gadillas’ feet while thinking of last night and worrying endlessly.

He’s sure there were some other reasons why the conversation with Gadillas went in an unexpected direction. In the first place, there was nothing he could do since he was thinking that he would like to refrain because it hurt. The feeling of not wanting it to hurt was the priority.

If this happened, should he consider it positively?

However, he’s honestly in trouble when it comes to romantic feelings. He didn’t really understand his own feelings. If it was someone else, he’d know right away when he looked at them.

His liking for Gadillas was as high as it could be. In the first place, it was Kuuga who liked him at a glance and paid attention to him. The good feeling was maxed out from the beginning.

But he didn’t feel the need to classify that feeling. He also had no resistance to being around him and protecting him.

Originally, there were few factors that would determine Kuuga’s feelings as romantic. He couldn’t stand seeing the feelings of the other person…and it’s not because he had that ability.

[Am I jealous? …but I was jealous of the horse so this is different…]

It’s also not because of paranoia at doubting the people around him. He could tell just by looking at their faces.

[I’m thrilled when our eyes meet…no, hmmm, my heart is pounding, but if anything, it feels more like a harrassment…]

Kuuga, who thought deeply about such things, might not be suitable for romance in the first place. He couldn’t run away from his feelings.

[The rest is…libido, huh. Haa…]

He sighed when he remembered last night.

He’d never felt sexual desire since he came to this world. For some reason, he didn’t feel it “accumulate”, so he thought that his reproductive function itself had disappeared because he had become a Divine Beast. As if that function wasn’t necessary for the Divine Beast.

That’s why he was worried about his ass from the beginning. He thought the opposite was impossible.

It revived for a moment when Gadillas touched him last night. He stopped Gadillas in a hurry, but he’s sure it’d be bad if they continued like that.

He was deeply moved by the fact that his son, whom he thought was dead, was alive but had to leave it alone. However, when it comes to pushing in his desire into Gadillas, the answer was no.

[As expected, I don’t understand...]

And his thoughts would return to the beginning.

Unlike Kuuga, who was thinking seriously, Gadillas was in a good mood. He didn’t have such a cute personality of showing it, but he had a carnival going on in his head even while making that serious face.

In Kuuga’s case, no matter how much he controlled his facial expression, the others could tell immediately. It’s unavoidable that he felt frustrated when he saw Gadillas’ state.

Uros was aware that Gadillas was in a good mood because he’s always by his side. However, he didn’t know the reason, and he didn’t delve deeper since it’s better than him having a bad mood.

[My ass is in trouble…]

Unfortunately, no one was aware of Kuuga’s state.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

In the afternoon, Kuuga used his first humanization of the day to receive training in magic control. In front of him was Koran, who looked tense.

“Now then, can you feel your magical power this time?”

“Ahh. I’ve begun to feel something like a lump of forces.”

After returning from Merdechalan, he was able to feel that something was different. He hadn’t felt it before, so he could tell the difference more clearly.

Koran nodded in satisfaction at Kuuga’s reply, then put a hand on his chest like he did last time.

“Move the thing that’s swirling in your chest with the image of circulating it around your body like using your blood vessels.”

“…it’s going around my body…”

Kuuga was strongly made aware of the power within himself and imagined it moving. He felt like something was moving.

“It should go around your body and return to your chest again. If you guide it to move inside your body like that, it wouldn’t leak out anymore.”


“If you can do that normally, you will be able to exert magical power from anywhere, just as blood will come out no matter where you’re cut in your body.”

“I see.”

He replied automatically because he’s concentrating on his body. He felt like he could move it somehow, but it wasn’t a delicate flow where it went around his body, and more like he’s molding dough and spreading it.

The Lulun flower on the floor was still dancing.

“…it’s difficult.”

“Difficult? …ahh, maybe because it’s too much, so it’s difficult to control.”

Kuuga looked down and concentrated further. As he recalled, even children could do it. His ability to control magical power was no longer sealed, so if he couldn’t do it, he’d feel inadequate. It’d be too embarrassing.

He could feel a lump of power around his chest. If he tried to move it, even just a little, he’d feel repulsion. When he tried to move it to the right, it’d move up, as if it didn’t feel like listening to what he wanted to say.


Did he have to calculate and move it against the repulsion force? He felt that was insanely troublesome.

After sighing a little, Kuuga began to play with his magical power on the premise that he would be repulsed. It’s also a magical power that didn’t listen to what he said, but when he tried to move it several times, he realized that there’s a regularity to the direction of the repulsion. As he gradually moved it while remembering that, the magical power gradually began to swirl around Kuuga’s chest.

Next, stretch it into a thin tube. It took some trial and error before he got the hang of it, but he managed to move it like Koran said and made it spread out like blood vessels, then consciously made it go around to every corner of his body.

He became conscious of the magical power that’s been leaking out and he moved it inwardly. He noticed that the Lulun flower on the floor had stopped moving.

“Hou, it looks like you were able to control it well.”

“…no, if I don’t concentrate, it’ll leak out…”

“That’s what happens at first. You’ll get used to it soon.”

He was tired, so the moment he exhaled, he lost concentration and the Lulun flower started to dance again.

Koran smiled bitterly at the situation.

“Would you like to use magic?”

“No, the magic used by humans is impossible, because I already have a contract with the spirits.”

“…hmm. That sounds interesting. Can I ask you in detail?”

“Okay, but I don’t know anything except for what I heard.”

Kuuga could use magic by passing magical power to the spirits through his voice and without using blood, so he couldn’t use the same method as humans. As expected, magic was not so versatile.

Therefore, the magic he could use now was only recovery from abnormal conditions, so he couldn’t try it since there’s no target to use it for trial.

When he told them what he heard from Merdechalan, about the temporary contract with the spirits, the contract, how to use magic, and even about the “flame arrow” conundrum, Koran looked shocked and collapsed on the spot.

“…s-so t-that was the cause…!”

By the way, even Gadillas and Uros were shocked. Everyone had a “what is the world…” on their faces, but they were more shocked that they didn’t notice such a simple cause. It’s true that even Gadillas said, “it can also stab for some reason.”

Seeing them shocked, Kuuga regretted and wondered if he shouldn’t have said that.

Until Koran revived, Kuuga killed time by practicing to move his magical power again.

“F-for the time being, I’ll tell those things to the Magic Institute. Only specialized researchers could remodel the formation right now.

Koran finally revived and stood up flusteredly, however, he ended the topic for the time being with a face that he was still not convinced.

Information will flow from Koran and the revised formation will spread in the future.

“Then let’s get back to the topic.”

“? …just how much were you told?”

“It’s about trying out my magic. Is the former leader of the White Knights in the royal capital’s treatment center?”

It was Gadillas who strongly responded to what Kuuga said. When he heard the loud rattling noise and looked back, Gadillas had stood up and was looking at him with a stunned face.

“…where did you hear that?”

“God. When I told God that there wasn’t much use for the magic, she gave me that information.”

“Can you cure it with your magic? Detoxification has already been done.”

“I heard there’s still after effects remaining? I also heard that I can cure it.”

He was surprised that the magic that humans could use couldn’t do that.

But Kuuga was more concerned about Gadillas’ reaction rather than that. Apparently, the former leader was somehow “special” to Gadillas.

Edallion opened his mouth while scratching his head, perhaps reading what Kuuga wanted to ask.

“Ah-, Jed was hiding Gadillas and was poisoned.”

“I see, so that’s what happened.”

It seemed like he’s the one who offered his life and won Gadillas’ trust. That’s why he’s special.

Gadillas glared at Edallion, who easily said something that’s hard for Gadillas to say, but Edallion wasn’t aware of it because he’s not looking at him.

Gadillas sighed a little since his silent protest didn’t affect Edallion, so he turned his eyes to Uros.

He read Gadillas’ intention properly, so he immediately nodded in agreement.

“I’ll make the arrangements.”

It seemed like they’d arrange for Kuuga to go to the treatment center. But that didn’t mean it’d be right now…

Kuuga muttered in his heart that it’s troublesome to wait every time he wanted to do something.

67: Confused Kuuga and Bulldozing Gadillas
69: Fearful Different World's Size

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