RTBAS 026: There Are Ghosts Around Wangye

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As soon as the misty soul took shape, the original owner shouted: “You damn woman, you actually sealed me in a broken jar, I was even smashed to eight pieces. I will kill you.”

Saying so, she rushed down. Xiao Ting stretched out her right index finger and flicked her away again, while she herself laid on the soft mat and said coldly: “You have no conscience. If ben guniang did not seal you up, can you even stay under the sun for so long?”

“Besides, it was your si jiejie* who broke you, not me. Because of this, I was bullied by others. Ben guniang even protected your maid. You don’t want to thank me and still want to kill me, that makes no sense.”

“What? Si jiejie dares to throw me, hmph, let me go, I’ll settle my accounts with her.”

Xiao Ting didn’t bother with her anymore. She really didn’t know how this girl survived for the past ten years, even still calling Xiao Mei her si jiejie, but it had nothing to do with her.

“Didn’t you say that your last wish was to see Jie Wangye? There’s no chance to bring you before, but now that you’re in Jiu Wangfu*, don’t you want to go and see?”

The original owner died and still has regrets and wanted to stay, so she wanted to fulfill her wish and quickly get her out.

Jiu Wangye…”

The original owner murmured, then became anxious, “Quickly let me go. I want to see wangye first, and then go to si jiejie to settle accounts.”

Xiao Ting slightly smiled, then waved her hand. Seeing the white mist floating out of the window, she knew that she could sleep well tonight.

It had been more than a month since she came to this world, and she seemed to have adapted to everything here. She didn’t know if she’s being affected by this body that when facing some people, she would automatically be emotional.

That was not her emotions but the real Xiao Ting’s.

But fortunately, she didn’t reject it.

For example, regarding Zhao Hua gongzhu*, she’s naturally able to click with her.

For example, to Xiao guojiu*, she could call out Daddy smoothly.

There’s also Jiu Wangye. Because he’s the one the original owner liked, she didn’t hate him either.

She seemed to have a father, a younger brother, and a family all at once.

Although this family was different from other people’s homes. After all, the husband was only a decoration, and the son was a fake and didn’t even like her.

However, Xiao Ting felt very at ease and liked it very much.

There’s just two things that need to be resolved at the moment. She had to send away the original owner’s soul, otherwise, she’ll soon disappear.

The other thing was that she promised Qi yiniang* to make Xiao Xin leave Xiao Fu*.

Unfortunately, Xiao Xin is a boy, and even a young master of the Xiao Mansion. There’s absolutely no possibility that she could take him away.

Qi yiniang’s words, both implied and explicit, told her that Xiao Shi would be in danger inside the Xiao Mansion. What should she do?

Such a headache.

While thinking about it, Xiao Ting fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Ting was awakened by a scream. She subconsciously touched her waist, only to realize that her FeiLiu sword had been destroyed in another time and space.

A white light came in from the window. The mist rose and the original owner appeared in front of her.

“Damn, what happened to you?”

The original owner’s soul was extremely weak, almost becoming transparent, her grim face almost disappearing.

Xiao Ting hurriedly got up and made a few gestures to condense her soul and fix her figure.

J-Jiu Wangye was surrounded by souls and they wanted to eat me…”

Xiao Ting: “…”

She had lived here for a few days but she hadn’t seen any ghosts in the palace.

“What the hell is going on? Make it clear. It’s okay, I’m here so they can’t hurt you.”

After settling down, the original owner slowly narrated.

She drifted all the way to Jiu Wangye’s courtyard, and when she saw him, she wanted to be by his side. He was reading a book while she looked at him, but then became emotional.

This was something she’d dreamed in the past which made her very happy.

Unexpectedly, she was just lying there when she suddenly felt a tingling pain in her soul body, as if she was being pulled. When she turned her head, she saw two ghosts sucking her soul power.

It took her a lot of effort to run back, and she was the one who made that scream just now.

Fortunately, only Xiao Ting could hear it.

While talking, the moonlight outside faded, and two shadows floated in front of the window. Xiao Ting vigorously moved her hand and hit them.

Unexpectedly, those two souls knew how to evade. At first glance, they’re quite old.

As soon as Xiao Ting stood up, the two souls floated away at a very fast speed. They obviously realized that the person in front of them was a threat.

After a long while, Xiao Ting looked at the original owner and said: “If your soul power was sucked, your body will dissipate little by little. I have to send you away immediately.”

Jiu Wangye…”

Jiu, your sister…” Xiao Ting waved her hand and pulled out a talisman. “You are almost gone but still thinking about men.”

“No, he’s my savior.”

Xiao Ting: “Damn. No wonder when you heard that I was going to marry him, you were so excited. You only have a month before you had to leave, so I was wondering what you’re so excited about. That man is impressive-looking but useless.”

“He is the best person in the world.”

“I’ll just agree that you like him.” While talking, Xiao Ting muttered in her heart. That is my man, no matter how good he is, it has nothing to do with you.

That night, Xiao Ting didn’t sleep well. She didn’t get to sleep until three in the morning and had a splitting headache. She also dreamed a lot and everything had bad elements and also in disorder.

She scratched her head and tried to say something, but found that her throat hurt.

*Si jiejie: Fourth Elder Sister

*Jiu Wangfu: Ninth Prince’s Mansion

*Gongzhu: Princess

*Guojiu: Imperial Uncle

*Qi Yiniang: seven + maternal aunt; father’s concubine (old)

*Fu: official residence; mansion; presidential palace; (honorific) Your home

RTBAS 025: Benwang Don't Mind
RTBAS 027: Drilling Into A Doghole

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