RTBAS 027: Drilling Into A Doghole

RTBAS 026: There Are Ghosts Around Wangye
RTBAS 028: Found Three Ghosts

T/N: Seeing that using pinyin on all titles didn’t work out as well as I thought, I’m going to use pinyin only to clarify some things. I’m still on trial and error to see which one’s better.

Wangfei, what’s the matter?” Hong Shao knew that she liked to wake up naturally, so she didn’t wake her up.

Xiao Ting shook her head as she was still groggy when she got out of bed, “water.”

Hong Shao brought hot water over. Xiao Ting took a bath before feeling much better.

After eating some snacks, Xiao Ting asked her, “Where is Xiao Shi?”

When she came back yesterday, because Princess Zhao Hua was there, she just told Hong Shao to take care of Xiao Shi. She hadn’t seen him yet, and she only just remembered now.

After all, this was Jiu Wangfu, so he shouldn’t make any trouble.

Hong Shao replied with a smile, “The young master is reading right now. Don’t worry, wangfei, this servant and Lu You will take care of him.”

“En.” Xiao Ting thought about what happened yesterday, then said: “Go and ask when wangye will be free and I’ll go see him.”

Hong Shao was surprised. If this was in the past, Xiao Ting would definitely just rush over. There was such a rule, but even though she knew it, she still went and ignored it.

Xiao Ting thought of the two ghosts last night, hiding in Jiu Wangfu all year round. What do they want to do?

Not long after, Hong Shao came back and said that she hadn’t seen Jiu wangye. Wangye also ordered not to disturb him and that he wouldn’t see anyone.

Xiao Ting felt something was wrong and let Hong Shao lead her to JingHua Garden.

Sure enough, as soon as she arrived at the gate, she was stopped by two men with extraordinary skills even at first glance.

The two stood at the door on the left and right, facing the scorching sun without a trace of sweat on their foreheads. With piercing eyes, one of them replied politely, “Please go back, wangfei. Wangye had ordered that he wouldn’t see anyone today. If wangfei have something, you can go to the housekeeper.”

After the routine words were said, the two men stood upright like the wall, no longer looking at her.

Xiao Ting didn’t rush, nor went to the housekeeper, but went to FeiYu Pavillion. The guard was about to call out, but Xiao Ting motioned them not to speak out.

She walked in alone. The little prince, Chu Yun, was sitting while reading a book. She looked very serious as her little head barely moved.

Xiao Ting felt her exhaustion disappear, so she bent her brows, stepped forward, then said, “Oh, my son is reading? How many words do you know?”

The moment she saw Xiao Ting, Chu Yun was taken aback for a moment, then looked at her displeasingly, “Why are you here?”

“Why didn’t anyone report it?”

“Haha…” Xiao Ting found a chair close to her and sat down. While resting her chin in one hand, she looked at her with a smile and said, “For a mother to come and see her son, does she still need to inform him?”

“I am not your son.”

Although the little prince felt that his situation was set, he still didn’t want to admit that he had such a mother.

“Hehe, when did your father’s JingHua Garden have two guards? He didn’t even let this consort enter.” Xiao Ting casually said as if to complain.

Chu Yun was stunned, then slipped off the chair and ran out with her short legs.

Xiao Ting stretched out her hand and pulled her over, “What are you doing? Since he had someone guarding the door, you can’t get in, so why are you running over!”

“Let go of this prince, let me go. My father must be sick.” Chu Yun yelled anxiously while struggling, “This prince has a way to get in.”

Xiao Ting’s eyes lit up. Sick? She had long heard that Jiu wangye was not in good health. She just didn’t expect that she’d soon see it as soon as she came to the wangfu. With her eyes rolling around, she suddenly said with a smile: “Then you must take me there, otherwise, I won’t let go.”

“Let go, you stinky, pain in the ass woman, let go…”

The short legs kicked in the air, and in the end, she could only compromise.

Xiao Ting asked Hong Shao to call Xiao Xin, and Chu Yun curled her lips. It’s already very hard to bring someone in. She was unwilling to bring a small oil bottle.

After a while, like a little adult, Xiao Xin walked over with one hand behind his back, but when he saw Xiao Ting, his eyes lit up and he ran over to pounce on Xiao Ting’s lap, “Sister, you finally have free time.”

Xiao Ting was ashamed. She squatted down and guiltily said, “Well, sister is busy, yes, very busy.”

Seeing the embarrassed look on her miss, Hong Shao covered her mouth and giggled.

“Xiao Shi knows that he had to study obediently, so it’s fine even if sister is busy.”

Xiao Ting felt that this child was too sensible, and felt even more embarrassed, “Does Xiao Shi have the time to do me a favor?”

“Yes, absolutely.” Xiao Xin was very happy and even clapped his hands.

Xiao Ting whispered in Xiao Shi’s ear, and Xiao Xin blinked his big eyes while nodding from time to time.

Chu Yun curled her lips next to them, “So secretive, so annoying, hmph!”

She then turned her head to the other side. Though her mouth said so, her ears were erect and listening carefully.

It’s a pity that Xiao Ting’s voice was so small that she couldn’t hear anything. In the end, she could only snort coldly.

The group then walked around and approached the high walls. Chu Yun pointed under the wall and said: “In the past, my father wouldn’t let me see him, so I entered from here.”

Hong Shao stepped forward to remove the weeds, then had a dumbfounded look on her face.

Wangfei, this is…”

It turned out to be a dog hole, and at most, children as small as seven or eight years old could crawl through it. There’s no way for fourteen or fifteen-year-olds like them.

Xiao Ting stared, “You had this idea since a long time ago, right?”

Once Chu Yun said the main point, she raised her head and ignored her. Letting them face her back, she muttered: “This prince only promised to lead you, so if you can’t get in by yourself, it doesn’t matter to this prince.”

With that said, she drilled inside since she was already familiar with the road. With a few twists of her small body, she disappeared.

RTBAS 026: There Are Ghosts Around Wangye
RTBAS 028: Found Three Ghosts

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