FG011: Heartless Injustice

FG010: Who's More Ruthless

Ai…a long sigh echoed.

Coming out of the washroom, Section Chief Shi heard Chief Xu Ping Qiu sigh for the nth time. He knew that Chief Xu was still struggling with the selection of candidates. Over the years, many had been selected from the grassroots of each city or university, even some directly assigned by high-ranking police officers. He couldn’t figure out why this year’s reforms had been made, and even more couldn’t figure why the Chief Director of the Department directly under the Provincial Government had to do it himself. It seemed to him to be a serious and highly confidential matter as he devoted all his attention from the beginning.

But at this time’s incident, he even went to the University of Engineering last night. He didn’t show up directly and asked the plainclothes field agents to impersonate the police and find the Security Division. Not to mention the students, as soon as the Security Department heard that the criminal police came, the teachers also got goosebumps all over their bodies. The three questioned the two victims and got to the bottom of things, even finding out that the cause was the brilliant An Jialu. Because of a little dispute, the prospective boyfriend, Jie Bing, found someone to take revenge on Yu Zui. One of them was a high school classmate of Jie Bing while the parent of the other student worked in Jie Bing’s parent’s company.

Things developing to this point were enough to choke them. The one who caused the incident would be out of luck, but the one who suffered was even worse. Chief Xu woke up in the morning and looked at the video brought by the field agent again. He was really speechless. This Yu Zui brought 13 people. Two of each fought, covered the head, punched, peeled the shoe and belt, or blocked the scene. The division of labor was quite clear and even very neat. At first glance, it’s definitely not their first time doing this. When he was frowning, he saw the figure of Yan DeBiao hugging the dazed person up, and he smiled again.

“Ai, it’s a good thing to be lively, but it’s not used the right way. I really can’t imagine what this group would be like if they didn’t take the right path in the future.” Xu Ping Qiu straightforwardly said his worries.

Section Chief Shi knew Chief Xu’s dilemma. He liked this aggressive and bloody boys, but he’s afraid that they wouldn’t be able to control their wildness. He said in response: “Chief Xu, didn’t they do that to ask the behind the scenes master? It should be over, right? Now that the two sides fought this much, if they fought more, it’s time to pursue criminal responsibility.”

“Don’t say anything. If you’ve been in the police force for a few years, can you forgive the rubbing of hands behind the scenes and ignore it? If he really has that privilege, can you imagine what he can do? I’m really not angry about the fight since there’s no point. He’s also not suited to be a policeman. I’m angry because this guy named Jie Bing directly asked people from the outside to deal with his classmates. You tell me if he’s blackened. If you really have such a teammate, will you dare trust him with your back? The other side is also hateful. Looking at their level of organization and implementation, it’s definitely not their first offense. They didn’t even consider the consequences at all.” Xu Ping Qiu said grimly, really disappointed. It seemed like this investigation was simply a disappointment.

He got up and got dressed, ready to have breakfast. Today was the physical fitness test. For these things, he’d maintain the attitude of a bystander. Everything had to be done step by step. When he went out, Section Chief Shi saw that his leader’s face was not so good, so he whispered: “Chief Xu, do you want to warn them? That guy already knew about Jie Bing’s tricks. Will something else happen?”

“No, they’re all grown-ups. We don’t have to pay attention to this. Whether it resulted in punishment or expulsion, we will not interfere.”

Xu Ping Qiu was a little angry, to be honest, but when he went downstairs, his face gradually loosened up. By the time he was eating, there was no clue from his expression.



“What did you write?”

Mouse was eating while saying that. He had a rice bowl in one hand and a pen in the other hand. He was really dissatisfied with the few lines that he’d written after racking his brains. When it was nearing time for submission, he hated how little it was. Only after writing did he realize that he didn’t learn anything in the police academy and therefore, could not write anything.

When asked, Traitor Wang ShenXiu smiled and said, “I copied it online? If you want to copy, I’ll give it to you.”

“Forget it, might as well believe in myself.” Mouse said in disappointment.

The few people who had breakfast together laughed. Afraid that people with different ambitions couldn’t offer any insights. What’s more, the case they watched yesterday was just like a bible book. He just considered the equipment of a few people and the value of the cases, he really didn’t think much about the other aspects.

Today was when the lower grades would leave school, so fewer people came to eat. The first was Mouse and Doubao, then the Traitor and Lao’Er. In a short while, the group of brothers, who went out to fight last night, gathered together and whispered. Someone knocked on the table and signaled them to the door. Everyone looked and just saw Jie Bing come in. No one spoke for a moment, and they continued to look behind him.

Only the ones behind were worth seeing. The whole academy knew that Jie Bing was chasing after Beauty An, who was well known. Except for the dormitory and the toilet, they were basically together. Originally, Jie Bing didn’t often come to the cafeteria to eat, but because of Beauty An, he developed this habit. It’s been almost half a year. Sure enough, he had just entered the door when An Jialu, followed by Yi Min, Ou Yanzi, and Ye QiaoLing, came in while chatting and laughing.

Those three were not that ugly. It’s just that standing next to An Jialu, they have no chance to shine. An Jialu was wearing an olive-colored student uniform, sneakers, and a ponytail. Like a magnet was radiating from her whole body, just entering the door attracted most of the eyes of the opposite sex. Her figure was very good with some ups and downs, a result of long-term exercise. Her face was even better, so great that the students of the police academy had almost filtered out the other goddesses in their heads. As for the chest, it was even more awesome. It jiggled uncontrollably as she walked. It definitely contained an excellent motive that could seduce most men to commit crimes.

“Your eyeballs will fall into the rice bowl, Doubao.” Mouse teased.

Doubao retracted his gaze, then rolled his eyes at Mouse. Then he saw that there were bright drops of water hanging on Zhang Meng’s lips, so he laughed and Mouse understood: “Oh, it’s not eyeballs, it’s saliva.”

Zhang Meng sucked his drool and snorted, disdaining to explain to this group of people, who don’t understand feelings. Wang ShenXiu, who had always thought that he should warn this group, said: “Brother, it’s a pity. We can definitely reach the standard of cow dung, but why didn’t we see any flowers in it?”

“That’s because there’s a **** who’s more handsome than us brothers.” Li ErDong said bitterly, his eyes glimpsing the attentive Jie Bing. The so-called hatred of handsome people was definitely true.

“Big Brother.” The often taciturn Dong ShaoJun said. He couldn’t eat the food in his mouth anymore. Without being able to cry or laugh, he asked: “I’m eating, can we not talk about excrement?”

Their group of buddies laughed, all deliberately teasing this buddy who was nicknamed “Rao Bing (spare cookie)”. Disgusted, he just put down his bowl to stop eating when one of his fried dough sticks was snatched away by Sun Yi. This guy was young, so he liked grabbing food from other people’s rice bowls.

At this time, the dining hall was divided into three parts deliberately or unintentionally. This side was filled with food and was very harmonious. Basically, they all came from counties and distant cities, so they’d often share their food. The other side was those who didn’t care and were just intent on eating. Of course, the most eye-catching group was the dazzling group of Jie Bing, Wu JianNing, Yin Bo, and Chen ZhengHong. This small group rarely interacts with Mouse, Traitor, or the others. Their backgrounds were at least department level, and at worse, have many properties. Each one was scary.

That’s right, they’re the fucking rich. It’s fine if they have money, but they’re also handsome. Seeing the other girls sitting opposite included Beauty An and Beauty Yi, who talked freely and laughed from time to time, which made the tendency of the other boy’s hearts to be unbalanced.

“When Lao Tzu becomes a policeman, I will earn a million to attract flowers.” Zhang Meng’s mentality was unbalanced.

“Brother, you didn’t understand the concept. What you just said is called the black police.” Dong ShaoJun reminded.

“How can you be rich if you’re not black? I agree.” Traitor seconded, and Li ErDong smiled: “Traitor, you can’t become black. You’ll be a yellow policeman at best.”

Everyone laughed. Sun Yi was about to speak when he inadvertently found that Mouse and Doubao were uneasy. he poked them and asked: ‘What’s the matter? Did the eye candy make you full?”

“What? Why didn’t we see Yu’er?” Mouse felt uneasy. Doubao asked: “Traitor, don’t you live in the same building? What about the others?”

“Huh? You’re right… damn, that bitch didn’t fall into a pit, right?” Wang ShenXiu joked and was pushed left and right. He smiled and just had a bite of rice when he unexpectedly choked. His spoon pointed and with eyes protruding outward, the brothers followed and looked out the door.

Yes, all eyes were on the door. They were even more surprised than if Yu Zui fell into a trap…

FG010: Who's More Ruthless

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