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Xiao Ting got up, changed Xiao Xin into plain clothes, took him to the gate, and personally carried him to the carriage. She then said: “Xiao Shi, Seventh Aunt is very sick, so father wants you to go back. If you want to come to sister, just tell father and sister will send someone to pick you up, okay?”

Xiao Xin didn’t hear Xiao Ting’s follow-up words. He only heard the part when she said Seventh Aunt was very sick. At that point, his tears fell on the carriage floor.

“D-did mother concubine go to another place?”

Xiao Xin’s expression was stiff with his tears falling unstoppably, but his eyes were wide and his fingers tightened on Xiao Ting’s sleeves as if he didn’t believe it.

Xiao Ting didn’t know if Seventh Aunt said something to Xiao Shi, but such an explanation was undoubtedly the best.

She tried her best to make a bright smile, “Yes, Seventh Aunt went to another place and hoped that Xiao Shi would become a man quickly and take care of himself.”

In the end, she couldn’t speak anymore.

Xiao Xin sniffed, then slowly let go of Xiao Ting’s sleeves. He wiped away his tears, then bowed to Xiao Ting and said, “Sister, Xiao Shi will go back to see mother concubine.”


For some reason, Xiao Ting had hoped that Xiao Xin would be strong, but she felt even more distressed when she saw the little guy be so well-behaved and acting strong.

She almost shed tears.

And Lu You had already wiped his tears when she took Xiao Xin in.

After Xiao Ting returned, Chu Yun walked out from behind the door, her little head tilted before running to the housekeeper grandpa while pedaling her little legs.

“Grandpa Mu, will Xiao Xin’s mother concubine, just like this prince’s mother concubine, never come back again?”

The mother concubine Chu Yun talked about was naturally the former Jiu wangfei, Yun Shi.

Housekeeper Mu smiled kindly at her. He touched her head, and said, “Maybe.”

“Then how is his father treating him?”

Chu Yun asked while raising her face.

Housekeeper Mu didn’t know what to say, because he didn’t know anything about the Xiao fu. After thinking about it, he explained, “They have many children in their family.”

Chu Yun blinked her eyes, then tilted her head and innocently asked: “Then, does that mean his father would share his affection to Xiao Xin’s brothers and sisters?”

“Maybe!” Butler Mu was speechless. This question is…

Chu Yun muttered something then ran away.

A day passed by and even until the next day, Lu You didn’t return to give some news, so Xiao Ting couldn’t sit still.

“Hong Shao, how is Xiao Shi right now?”

Hong Shao looked at Xiao Ting seem as if she had changed her personality over the past two days, then persuaded: “Wangfei, don’t worry about it. If something happens, Lu You will bring the news back. They must be very busy right now.”

“But you said that yesterday, so she must have some news today.” Xiao Ting always felt uneasy. This had hardly happened to her in more than ten years of her life. Even the passing away of her master didn’t bother her.

Hong Shao helplessly put down the work in hand and said: “If wangfei is not at ease, this servant will go and inquire later. Please eat first!”

“Then you go now.” Xiao Ting was still uneasy.

For the first time in her life, she had this feeling of concern.

After Hong Shao left, Xiao Ting ate two bites and lost her appetite. During this period, housekeeper Mu came to ask for instructions and said that someone from the Palace had sent a post. Xiao Ting threw it aside without even looking at it.

Less than half an hour later, Hong Shao came back.

“How was it?”

Hong Shao’s face was a little ugly as she said, “Seventh Concubine’s funeral had already finished. The house is now troubled about who would bring up the young master.”

“Didn’t you say that according to the rules, he would be raised by the Madam?”

Although Xiao Ting was not happy about it, it was the rule.

She was already thinking of a way for Xiao Shi to come to the wangfu when the situation calmed down so that he could avoid the Madam.

Hong Shao was a bit angry, “There was such a rule, but the Madam said that she didn’t have the energy to take care of so many children and let Sixth Concubine raise him.”

“You also know that Sixth Concubine didn’t know a single letter, and even her own daughter isn’t good enough. The Madam is so courageous to throw the young master to her. Could he even live a good life? In this servant’s view, the Madam is just afraid that the young master would fight the eldest young master in the future.”

Xiao Ting curled her lips, “Eldest brother’s temperament is the same as father. If the family has no other males, the family master’s position would be his. Now that the Xiao Mansion had someone as smart as Xiao Shi, do you think the Madam would let him control the Xiao Mansion in the future?”

Hong Shao angrily explained, “But the old lady didn’t say anything with this arrangement. Obviously, she didn’t like the young master. This servant is afraid that this will be difficult to reverse.”

“I’m going. Does everyone in this family have a brain problem? I’ll go and say that if no one wants Xiao Shi, then I want him.” Xiao Ting said as she raised a foot and walked out, but was then stopped by Hong Shao.

Wangfei, rest assured. Master hadn’t decided yet. Besides, this matter is the Xiao Mansion’s business. It’s inappropriate for you to intervene. It’s not appropriate to go to your maternal home without any reason.”

Although Hong Shao was impatient, she still knew what to do and what not to do, so she persuaded Xiao Ting to come back.

Xiao Ting was stunned, turned around then sat back.

So annoying, there are so many rules!

And they didn’t know that Chu Yun, who had just arrived outside the door, heard what they had just said.

RTBAS 028: Found Three Ghosts
RTBAS 030: Little Prince's Visit

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