RTBAS 030: Little Prince’s Visit

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The little prince had wanted to ask how that little kid was doing and didn’t expect to hear these words.

Those people in Xiao fu were simply too hateful to dare bully her toy.


Half an hour later, at the gate of Xiao fu.

The guard’s eyes widened, looking at the group of people in front of him, and didn’t know what to do.

A four or five-year-old child in silk clothing was in front of them. Although he looked good, he’s acting too haughty. Coupled with the six guards with swords following him, no matter how they looked at it, “they’re here to do evil”!

“Go and tell your young master that the Jiu wangfu’s little prince Yun came to see him.”

A stone can stir up a thousand waves. When the guards heard the name reported by the child, one turned around and ran inside, while the remaining ones became wary.

It didn’t look like a visitation at all, but rather a provocation.

At this moment, in the hall, the old lady was sitting in the seat of honor with a somewhat tired face. The Madam and several other concubines were also present.

Among them, a woman with a normal delicate appearance was particularly prominent because she was not at the same place with the other concubines, but rather kneeling on the floor with Xiao Xin standing next to her.

The little boy dressed in plain clothes, with his stubborn eyes, looked at the old lady unyieldingly with his lips pressed together and without saying a word.

“Xin’er, be obedient. Don’t make grandma angry.”

The Madam was sitting aside, her face filled with weakness. She had apparently been persuading for quite a while.

“I said that, not Sixth Aunt.”

Xiao Xin flicked his sleeves, extremely angry, as he looked at the Madam and said with a particularly loud voice: “I don’t dare bother Mother.”

“That’s exactly it. Not eating because you don’t want to, I’ve never seen such a strange child like you.”

The old lady stood up in anger, ready to leave.

“Old Madam, Madam, the little prince of Jiu wangfu is here.”

“What? What’s he here for?” In any case, the old lady immediately arranged for someone to invite him in.

At the same time, she instructed: “Take the young master down and manage him strictly. He is not allowed to go out until he reflected on his actions.”

After saying so, she got up and walked out.

Although Xiao fu was nominally the Imperial Uncle’s fu, the old lady wasn’t given an edict, so in a strict sense, she was still a commoner. That meant she had to give her greetings when she met with the little prince Yun.

Chu Yun was welcomed inside, and the little boy was very courteous. She also met with the old lady and the Madam. Then she looked around and didn’t see Xiao Xin.

So she asked, “Where is Xiao Xin? This prince came to see him, why didn’t he come out to meet this prince?”

Chu Yun’s displeased expression surprised both the old lady and the Madam.

The other concubines had already returned to their courtyards, and only the old lady and the Madam remained. They looked at each other, both a little surprised.

They naturally knew that Xiao Xin had gone to Jiu wangfu two days ago. Could it be that he and the little prince got along well in that time?

“Young prince Yun is worrying too much. The child is a bit sad and overwhelmed, so it’s not easy to meet guests right now.”

The Madam smiled.

Chu Yun nodded, then said, “This prince knows that her mother concubine had passed away, so he is naturally sad. Show this prince the way, so that this prince can look at him.”

As she spoke, Chu Yun slipped off the chair and walked out, giving no room for negotiation at all.

The old lady felt something was wrong, so she quickly winked at the Madam, who ordered the servants to slowly escort Chu Yun out.

Xiao Xin was released from Sixth Aunt’s courtyard since she was also told that the little prince had come.

He was ordered to accompany him to have a good time and don’t neglect his wishes.

But when Chu Yun came, he was still sitting on the side of the bed. He was looking at the empty bed, his little mouth pressed tightly and his little face taut.

He appeared wronged but stubbornly refused to cry.

“Little Brother, young prince Yun is here.” Next to him, Xiao Ya, the Third Miss, pulled her younger brother but found that he didn’t even turn his head. She had a bit of hatred for this iron not becoming steel brother.

Then she smiled and said: “The young prince shouldn’t be surprised as little brother is still young. He…”

“This prince don’t blame him. You go out!” Chu Yun interrupted her, and without even looking, waved her away.

Xiao Ya was a bit angry, wondering how this child could be so arrogant, but when she saw the six guards, who followed Chu Yun, she left in disgrace.

After she left, the guards closed the door and guarded outside, blocking all curious eyes.

“Hey, this prince came to see you, why are you ignoring me?”

Used to seeing Xiao Xin act like a little adult, Chu Yun wasn’t accustomed to him exuding a sad atmosphere.

“I did not let you come.”

Xiao Xin was still a child, so when he turned his head to look at her, his tone wasn’t good.

“You can go.” However, he was still polite.

“This prince finally took advantage of father’s illness and went out of the wangfu, how could this prince go back so easily?” Chu Yun walked around the screen, looking here and there excitedly.

“Is your father not awake yet?”


“Then, are you not worried about him?”

“This prince is used to it. Father would fall asleep from time to time, sometimes for a day, and once for a few months. I can’t remember anymore…”

Having said this, Chu Yun paused, then briskly said: “In short, he will still wake up.”

“Yes, your father will always wake up, but, my mother concubine will never come back again…”

Wuwu… I will never see her again…” Xiao Xin began to cry very sadly.

RTBAS 029: A Family With Brain Problems
RTBAS 031: You're The Hateful Person

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