RTBAS 028: Found Three Ghosts

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RTBAS 029: A Family With Brain Problems

Hong Shao was anxious, “Wangfei, what should we do now? This servant can’t get in either.” She compared her body and looked at the hole again, very discouraged.

Xiao Ting blinked at her and said, “Don’t be afraid, we have a secret weapon.”

“Xiao Shi, go.”

Xiao Xin nodded vigorously and said, “Sister, don’t worry. Xiao Shi will definitely live up to his mission.”

Finished saying so, he crawled into the small hole with his small body. His chubby body twisted uncomfortably since this was obviously the first time he did such a thing.

“Young master…” Hong Shao couldn’t bear it.

Her wangfei was teaching bad things to the children.

Xiao Ting patted her shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, this is inside the wangfu. There are no traffickers.”

Chu Yun had thought that Xiao Ting would definitely not be able to come in. Who would have thought that even though Xiao Ting didn’t come in, a little thing that she hated more came in?

“Why did you come?”

“I came on behalf of my sister.”

“You, you go out…”

“Shh, if you talk that loud, it might attract people and you might be punished, but since I’m a guest…”

Hearing their voices fade, Hong Shao looked sideways like a thief, then said: “Wangfei, what should we do now?”

Xiao Ting clapped her hands and said, “Go. There’s a pavilion over there. Let’s go and sit down.”

She didn’t know but the housekeeper was looking for her everywhere.

About half an hour later, Hong Shao saw the two small carrot heads sticking out their eyes and looking around.

Hong Shao dared not call out to them, so she ran over to meet them in small steps.

Xiao Ting noticed that the little prince’s eyes were red, so she should have cried. It seemed like Jiu wangye was very sick.

Looking at Xiao Shi, he was blinking his big eyes with excitement, as if he saw something interesting.

One was happy and the other was worried, but they both looked very cute.

“Sister, Xiao Shi saw it…” The little boy couldn’t contain his words. When he saw Xiao Ting, he ran over excitedly.

Xiao Ting patted him on the head then said with a smile: “Go. Let’s go back first.”

Chu Yun, the little prince, was not in high spirits, as she sullenly followed them back. Xiao Ting didn’t comfort her, and just let her go.

Before the group of four arrived at LanYue Pavilion, Lu You greeted them while winking at Hong Shao. Hong Shao understood and led the two children to continue walking inside.

Wangfei, Seventh Concubine is gone.”

Xiao Ting was stunned, “When did it happen?”

“Just now, the master sent someone to inform us to let the young master return home.”

Lu You looked at Xiao Xin’s back. The smile on the child’s face just now couldn’t be hidden. “Yesterday, the child asked about his mother, but this servant didn’t know how to tell him.”

Xiao Ting was a little speechless and said, “I’ll tell him!”

Wangfei, if you can’t say it, just say the young master had to go back and he’ll understand.”

Lu You suggested. After all, this kind of thing couldn’t be concealed, let alone with the master telling the young master to go back.

Xiao Ting looked at her in amazement, “there’s nothing to hide, so it’s better to know it sooner rather than later!”

Seventh Aunt loved Xiao Shi and since she died, Xiao Xi, as a son, should naturally know.

Xiao Ting’s logic was very good, but she overlooked one thing.

Back to the main house, Hong Shao had washed the two children’s faces and they had also changed into clean clothes. They looked clean and fresh.

Xiao Ting glanced at the beautiful clothes on Xiao Xin then said, “Hong Shao, go find plain clothes for the young master.”

Hong Shao was stunned for a moment, then instantly understood when she saw Lu You’s wink.

Xiao Ting pulled Xiao Xin closer, then said, “Tell sister, how many did you see just now?”

Xiao Xin didn’t realize something was wrong and said excitedly: “Three, there are three. Xiao Shi listened to sister and didn’t look at them much.”

This was what Xiao Ting told Xiao Shi early in the morning. If she couldn’t get in, she’ll let him go. The child didn’t know to be afraid this time, let alone of what he saw.

He thought it was great that he could see things that others couldn’t see.

So he was very excited.

“En, Xiao Shi is the best, the most powerful.”

When Xiao Ting opened her lips, she found that she couldn’t say anything, especially to this innocent smile.

She organized the words in her mind but found that it was still difficult, which made her irritated.

Seeing her sister show embarrassment, Xiao Xin blinked and asked ignorantly: “Sister, what happened?”

Xiao Ting tried to make herself smile as much as possible. She squatted down, hugged Xiao Xin in her arms, and looked at his eyes. She then said with the softest voice she could make, “Xiao Shi, do you believe in sister?”

Xiao Xin nodded fiercely, “Xiao Shi will always believe in sister.”

“That…” Xiao Ting had a sour feeling for the first time in her life. Seeing Xiao Xin’s ignorant but clear eyes, the discomfort in her heart became even more painful.

She sniffed then said with a smile, “Then, promise sister, no matter what you encounter in the future, whether it’s sad or desperate, whether good or bad, you can come to your sister if you can’t endure anymore. Come and see sister, okay?”

“En, okay.” Xiao Xin’s small heart suddenly beat very fast, and he followed the way his sister hugged him, hugging Xiao Ting, “Sister also. Xiao Shi will grow up quickly to protect sister and won’t let others bully you.”

When he talked about bullying, his gaze was toward Chu Yun.

Chu Yun snorted coldly and turned her face away, but she would sneak a peek from time to time, a trace of envy on her face.

“Okay, then it’s a deal.”

RTBAS 027: Drilling Into A Doghole
RTBAS 029: A Family With Brain Problems

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  1. Now I’m sad. Can’t she just let her little brother stay with her and protect him from the schemes of that household 😭?

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