RTBAS 034: Compain, Who Wouldn’t?

RTBAS 033: I, Xiao Ting, Never Mess Around
RTBAS 035: Wangye Has Something On His Mind

The old lady saw that even after complaining about Xiao Ting for a long time, her son still had an indifferent expression, so she immediately patted the table heavily, making the little oranges in the fruit bowl jump.

Imperial Uncle Xiao, whose thinking was interrupted, saw his mother getting angry and quickly got up to humor her, “Mom should not be angry. I will teach Ting’er, okay!”

“Well, I still have business in the office, so I’ll leave first.”

When he said that and tried to leave, the old lady became even angrier, so the Madam refused to comply.

Pulling on his sleeves, she pulled him back again, and said, “Master, don’t fool your mother. Since childhood, you have not been willing to touch a single hair of the Sixth girl, are you really going to teach her?”

“When you protect her so frankly, why didn’t you do that to the other girls, then?”

The Madam said, pulling on his sleeves and wiping the corners of her eyes.

“Daddy…” Seeing this, Xiao Mei immediately understood what her mother meant, and immediately shouted aggrievedly. She opened her mouth, but didn’t dare say anything else.

Xiao Ting, who had just walked to the door, saw them look like this, and immediately barged in. Hong Shao wouldn’t be able to hold the fort even if she wanted to.

She could only watch as Xiao Ting hand over Xiao Xin to her as she walked in.

“Hehe, everyone is playing so well that even I feel that I am wicked.”

As soon as Xiao Ting appeared, Imperial Uncle Xiao’s head hurt even more. His daughter, who had never been wronged since she was a child, don’t know when but she learned to take a step back and spread her wings.

“Zhan’er, take a look, look. This is the good girl you raised. Fortunately, you still call her a good girl. How can you call her cute?”

“Yes, ah, Master. The Sixth girl don’t salute Mother when she comes in. If she didn’t know how to respect her elders, you have to teach them. If this spreads, the reputation of the girls in our Imperial Uncle’s fu will be ruined, ah!”

The Madam was even more condemning.

Xiao Ting was too lazy to listen to their nonsense. She stepped forward and yelled sweetly, “Daddy.”

Imperial Uncle Xiao’s troubles were thrown away all at once as he answered with joy.

“Daddy, you have to give Xiao Shi a mother.”

“What’s wrong with Xin’er?” Imperial Uncle Xiao waved to Xiao Xin. Xiao Xin looked at Xiao Ting, and saw his sister nod at him. He then walked over and paid his respects to the Imperial Uncle.

Imperial Uncle Xiao looked at the child up and down, “He looks pretty good.” Then there was no more.

Xiao Ting knew that her father didn’t know these things at all, because in the eyes of the Imperial Uncle Xiao, there was nothing else but his beauties, and his daughter.

As for whether his son was a good seed that should be brought up, in his words, even a beggar can be successful, so they should have more future prospects, like the Left Minister daren.

So he didn’t care much about the two young masters, and had no idea about the future of the family.

“Daddy, Seventh Aunt just left and Grandmother and Mother didn’t comfort Xiao Shi. They kept Xiao Shi in the room without giving him any food. If this daughter didn’t come back, maybe Xiao Shi would starve himself to death and nobody would know.”

Xiao Ting said with a grin, completely ignoring the ugly expressions of the old lady and the Madam.

“En? Is there such a thing?” Imperial Uncle Xiao looked at his mother.

The old lady was startled before she said: “He doesn’t listen to this old lady and confronted me. Can’t this old old lady punish him lightly?”

Seeing that her father was going to be a peacemaker again, Xiao Ting immediately drew tit for tat, “Is this a light punishment for Grandmother? He is so young, and yet, in his growing years, you ordered no one to give him food, and said he’s not allowed to leave that room unless he admitted his mistakes.”

“Seventh Aunt has just passed away, and there’s no one to clean up the house, and yet you let a child stay in it. Are you not afraid that Seventh Aunt will not rest in peace and even come back to ask you what happened?”

“You, you…” The old lady trembled and her heart felt cold.

“Sixth Miss, this is your Grandmother you’re speaking to…”

The Madam took the opportunity to comment, wanting to show the true face of Xiao Ting to the Imperial Uncle.

It’s a pity that Xiao Ting didn’t care at all. She directly frustrated her, “Mother should take care of yourself. If this leaked out, do you still want your reputation?”

“As for my other sisters, what kind of person am I, Xiao Ting? As everyone knows, except for Second Sister who married into a good family, how are the other married sisters? As for the other unmarried sisters, haha…”

Xiao Ting did not go on.

Imperial Uncle Xiao looked at his daughter several times with admiring eyes. She was still his good girl. Even his mother became speechless because of her.

Now that it came to this, he can finally go out.

“Since it’s like this, Mother, please rest and we will talk about the issues in your heart when this son returns.”

Imperial Uncle Xiao said as he stood up and came to the old lady. He then said in a low voice: “Mother, calm down. Ting’er is now the Jiu wangfei. Even if you don’t look at your son’s face, you have to take care of the Jiu wangye’s.”

“Furthermore, several girls in the house have reached their marriageable age. If Ting’er is there, wouldn’t it be easy to introduce them to some talented young masters?”

The old lady also came back to her senses. Yes, this Sixth girl is now no better than before and even married. No matter what she does, as long as she could make the other girls in the house marry well, she’s worthy of the ancestors of the Xiao family.

“Alright, alright. You can take care of Xin’er’s affairs!”

“Mei’er, help grandma back to my room.”

RTBAS 033: I, Xiao Ting, Never Mess Around
RTBAS 035: Wangye Has Something On His Mind

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  1. Thank your for the chapters!!!
    I wonder if Lu You is still alive or did she already die from suffocation…She might have turned into a ghost with the resentment of being schemed against. She is smart so she might have noticed how she was buried because of a scheme rather than to accompany her dead mistress. But, can anyone with resentment become a ghost? Or do they have to have a very strong regret that stops them from crossing over.

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