RTBAS 035: Wangye Has Something On His Mind

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RTBAS 036: Unreliable Master*

As soon as the old lady left, the Madam and the others naturally wouldn’t stay. The Imperial Uncle Xiao wouldn’t dare talk back to the old lady, but he could to them.

No one wanted to stay and bear his violent temper.

“Xiao Shi, which aunt do you want to go with?” When there was no one, Xiao Ting asked Xiao Xin to see what he thought.

Xiao Xin thought for a while then shook his head, but said something unrelated to this.

“Is sister really not coming back? Do you have to be a stepmother to that rude child?”

Xiao Xin kept his mouth flat with a grievance on his face, like if she dared say yes, then he’d cry.

Xiao Ting was stunned. After thinking about it, and thinking some more, she still didn’t know what he expected her to say.

At this time, Hong Shao walked in. With a look of surprise on her face, she said: “Wangfei, Lu You is not dead yet.”

Xiao Ting instantly resurrected, “Xiao Shi, don’t you want to see Sister Lu You? Go, let’s go see her together.”

The reason why Xiao Ting didn’t mention Lu You was because Hong Shao told her that she couldn’t mention her. The life and death of a maid were of no importance, so even if she mentioned it, it’s useless.

Xiao Ting was thinking about seeking revenge for Lu You, even pretending to be a ghost to scare the Madam for a long time. Unexpectedly, Lu You was still alive, so she ran like a gust of wind.

Imperial Uncle Xiao stood there, looking at his good girl who came and went like the wind, only feeling the coolness of autumn.

He ran back on such a hot day and didn’t even drink a sip of water just for her. It’s fine if his son’s position was higher in her mind, but he’s even lower than a maid?

Yesterday, Seventh Aunt was buried with only a few carriages. Then the ceremony official ordered Lu You to accompany the burial.

There’s a hill on the other side of Zhuangzi, which was the ancestral grave of the Xiao fu in the Imperial Capital. Seven or eight people went to the grave, crying casually for the sake of the funeral, and then buried the Seventh Concubine while Lu You was knocked out and thrown in.

No one thought that after they left, a servant on Zhuangzi dug up the tomb and rescued Lu You.

Only today, upon seeing Xiao Ting return to the fu, the servant hurried back and sent Lu You over.

At the gate of the Xiao family, Xiao Ting looked surprised. She didn’t know the person in front of her, so why did he save Lu You.

But Hong Shao recognized him at a glance, “Xiao Xiang, why are you here?”

Wangfei, Xiao Xiang was originally the little servant in your yard. Since you were married, he was sent out. I didn’t expect him to still be in the Imperial Capital.”

Xiao Ting digested the meaning of her words, and it took a long time before she asked: “You mean, when this miss married someone, it’s like a tree falling down and everyone was dismissed by the Madam?”

Hearing this, Hong Shao’s eyes reddened and said: “Lu You is not allowed to tell you…”

Xiao Ting knew that after she got married, even the main maids around her were aggrieved by this, not to mention the other servants.

She stepped forward and opened the curtain of the carriage. She saw Lu You lying inside.

Wangfei, Sister Lu You is fine, but her body is too weak, and this servant is afraid that she will die, so I wanted to send her to wangfei.”

He scratched his head while talking, seemingly a little embarrassed.

Hong Shao naturally understood, “You’re afraid that you don’t have the money to treat Lu You, and if she died, wangfei might blame you!”

Xiao Xiang nodded in embarrassment.

Xiao Ting waved her hand and said, “Go, go back to the wangfu.”

She stretched out her hand and lifted Xiao Shi onto the carriage. Along with Lu You, Hong Shao, and Xiao Xiang, they went back to Jiu wangfu.

As soon as she returned, Housekeeper Mu stepped forward and said, “Wangfei, wangye has woken up. Please come over.”

“Oh, this consort is also looking for him!”

This person slept for a few days, so how does he look when recuperating? Also, what does it have to do with those ghosts?

“Housekeeper, this consort’s maid is sick, please help her get a doctor.”

Wangfei, please don’t worry.” Housekeeper Mu liked this unruly wangfei very much.

This wangfu had been lifeless for too long.

“Will this young master also going to see the little prince?” Then, he looked at Xiao Xin with a smile.

Xiao Xin pursed his lips for a while, before finally agreeing.

But he was muttering in his heart, forget it. Since that kid came to comfort him, he’ll also go see him.

Sister said that this is called reciprocity.

Xiao Ting came to GuiYun Pavilion and climbed up the steps. Jiu wangye stood with his back facing her at the moment and standing in the shade. The breeze blew his inky black hair, and the long waist-length hair entwined with the sleeves of his green robe.

This is a moving beauty.

Xiao Ting blinked, always feeling that this always calm man in front of her was not human.

She had never seen him have any obvious emotions at any time. It was so abnormal.

She didn’t believe that there’d be people in the world who’s not burdened by worldy desires.

Even her master and other outsiders still have three emotions and four desires, although not the same.

Thinking of her master, she was a little sad. It’s been a long time since she’d burned incense for her master, and she didn’t know if the grass on the grave would grow wildly and drown it.

Xiao Ting’s thoughts flew wildly, but Jiu wangye frowned slightly. He knew that Xiao Ting had come, and according to her chirping temperament, she would have already spoken.

In this way, he would be so overwhelmed that he would not know what to say.

“I heard from the housekeeper that something happened in the Xiao fu. Do you need help from benwang?”

Jiu wangye turned around and found that Xiao Ting was in a daze. His expression slightly changed.

Xiao Ting came back to her senses and shook her head. She walked a few steps forward with remarkable grace and sat down beside the stone table. Then she picked up the fruit on the table and threw it in her mouth.

Just like a girl spoiled by her family.

“No.” Xiao Ting then asked casually: “Did wangye called this consort to come over just to ask this!”

Translator’s Notes:

Xiao Ting calls herself benfei (which means this imperial concubine but I translated it as this consort) when talking to the servants, but calls herself chenqie (which means I, your servant, but I still translated as this consort) to the wangye. Should I stick to pinyin to differentiate, or just let it be? I’m confused.

Does it even matter?

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  1. About the way that Xiao Ting calls herself, I don’t really have an opinion, you can change it if you want and like you said does it even matter ?

  2. Actually, I more prefer to use pinyin like benwang or chenqie etc and it’s easier to distinguish between. But, I also respect your work. So, just use whatever you’re think of

  3. As long as it is italics. When it is distinguished by italics, it will remind me to think back on what it means as I am quite familiar with “benfei” and “chenqie”.

    For me, it is not weird when you use “this consort” to substitue both of them because it is similar to saying “I” when refering to yourself.

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