RTBAS 033: I, Xiao Ting, Never Mess Around

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“You, you…”

The Madam was scared by her sharp eyes.

“Enough.” The old lady slapped the table and shouted coldly.

Xiao Ting turned around sharply and sat down again. That domineering aura disappeared without a trace, and she became lazy.

“Grandmother didn’t have to be angry. I came to Xiao fu today just to talk about Xiao Shi. As for other things, don’t force me to intervene.”

“Grandmother and Father are in charge of Tenth Brother’s affairs. What do you want?” Xiao Mei, who had never spoken, stood up and looked at Xiao Ting coldly with uncontrollable anger in her eyes.

Xiao Ting didn’t care about such blatant provocation at all as she chuckled, “What do I want? It’s just for you to recognize the fact that I, Xiao Ting, am never easy to provoke. I am polite to you because I recognize you as my relatives, so it’s better not to force me.”

“In the past, only my Aunt pampered me and I was just the Sixth Girl from Imperial Uncle Xiao’s family. Now, it seems that I have one more title, Jiu wangfei, right? Even if those princes and princesses see me, they must pay their respects. They had to call out “Aunt Jiu wangfei”, not to mention…”

Everyone understood what she meant. Xiao Ting’s reputation had never been good. Her lawlessness was so terrifying that even the unruly Princess didn’t dare do it, so they’re nothing in her eyes.

It’s just that they got used to the fact that she’s quite well-behaved in the fu, so everyone didn’t take it seriously. But now that they thought about it, they were wrong.

“Your father is in charge of Xin’er’s affairs, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Finally, the old lady spoke, breaking the rigid atmosphere.

Xiao Ting had to look at the old lady. She came back for Xiao Xin’s business, and this old lady actually wanted her to ignore it.


Xiao Ting refused directly, “You can discuss it slowly. I will go see Xiao Shi first.”

When she said that, she got up and walked outside. As she turned the corner, the old lady was already out of breath. The old lady immediately ordered, “Hurry up and asked the Imperial Uncle to return home. Say that this old lady is about to die from anger because of his daughter.”

“Y-yes, yes.”

Xiao Ting came all the way to Seventh Aunt’s courtyard. Nothing has changed here, too. She heard from Hong Shao that the death of a concubine in a big family was not worth mentioning. They didn’t even have to do the funeral arrangements, and they could simply find a place to bury her.

It’s also possible that when they incur the wrath of the master, they would be handed to the servants and merely thrown out.

Xiao Ting could only be thankful that she had a good life and directly became the master of a household without having to fight.

The yard was empty. As soon as Xiao Ting approached, the two women at the door of the room immediately came over, “This servant has seen Sixth Miss.”

Xiao Ting waved her hand, “Where is the young master.”

The old woman looked back at the door and stammered: “I-in the room.”

“Open the door.” She glanced at the locked doors and her voice became colder.

The woman who held the key was very discerning, so without stalling, she directly opened the door, and even lifted the gauze to invite Xiao Ting in.

“Sister, is that you?”

As soon as Xiao TIng stepped into the room, she was hugged by a small, soft body.

Xiao Ting lowered her head and bent down to pick up Xiao Xin. She then walked inside.

The old woman immediately stepped forward to pour her tea. Xiao Ting just glanced at her without saying anything.

Looking around the room, she finally remembered what was wrong.

“Where’s Lu You?”

That girl came back with Xiao Xin yesterday. She also said that she would go back with some news this time. As a result, she’d beein in the Xiao fu for so long, but she didn’t even see her.

The two women directly bowed down. One of them replied, “Replying to Sixth Miss, Lu You is gone.”

“W-what do you mean gone?” Xiao Ting stood up directly, somewhat not believing it.

“Say it.”

The two women hurriedly told what happened yesterday.

Xiao Ting asked Lu You to accompany Xiao Xin back. The Madam looked at Lu You and remembered that it was because of her that Xiao Ting tore her face, so she thought up a scheme. Since there was no one to wait in vigil after the Seventh Concubine died, the master might worry. For this reason, she made Lu You be buried with Seventh Aunt.

Xiao Ting was really angry when she heard this.

She had only heard of living people being buried with the dead in ancient times, but she didn’t expect that one such case would involve her one day.

Moreover, Lu You was only fifteen years old, and in the past, she had done her best to serve her.

Unexpectedly, she only asked her to accompany Xiao Xin back home but that caused her to lose her life.

“It’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me, Sister Lu You wouldn’t die…”

Although Xiao Xin was a child, he was very intelligent, so he soon understood. He held Xiao Ting’s hand, feeling very sad.

Xiao Ting touched his head and said, “Xiao Shi should not be sad. I don’t blame you. I blame myself for being too kind to them, making them ride on my head.”

“Go, let’s find them to settle the account.”

In the front hall, the old lady and the Madam had not left yet, waiting for their rescuer.

The savior, Imperial Uncle Xiao, received the report from the guard and hurried back.

At this moment, after listening to the old lady and the others whisper and complain about his beloved daughter, he had a headache.

He had long known that his mother didn’t like his good girl Ting’er.

When the old man was alive, she didn’t have the chance to be a master.

With Imperial Uncle Xiao’s deliberate indulgence and the old man’s protection, the old lady had to restrain herself. Xiao Ting’s mind was pure, so she didn’t notice this.

Now that the old man has passed away and with Xiao Ting already married but suddenly interfering with the affairs of the fu, it’s no wonder that these women in charge rebelled.


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