RTBAS 036: Unreliable Master*

RTBAS 035: Wangye Has Something On His Mind
RTBAS 037: Graceful Imperial Concubine

*Zhuzhi = Master (a term used by servants)

In the pavilion, Xiao Ting spoke casually while looking at Jiu Wangye. She found that even after sleeping for two days without reason, he showed no strange behaviors as if nothing had happened at all.

That calmness was a bit mystifying and it made people speechless.

Xiao Ting estimated that Jiu wangye had become accustomed to it.

But she was not in the mood to understand the other person’s thoughts. After all, this man had little to do with her at the moment.

“Thank you for your hard work these few days!”

Faced with Jiu Wangye‘s gratitude, Xiao Ting waved her hand, saying that it didn’t matter.

“I know that wangye still have things to do. If there’s nothing else, this consort will go down first.”

To this troublesome picturesque man, even when Jiu wangye obviously have something to say, he faltered for a long time. She didn’t know what he wanted to do. Forget it, it’s better to slip away first.

After Xiao Ting finished speaking, she left without waiting for the Jiu wangye to react.

Looking at her slender back, Jiu wangye didn’t move. Finally, he turned and left.

In the early morning two days later, the weather was fine and Xiao Ting got up from the bed without having any dreams.

Before she could fully wake up, she heard Hong Shao muttering outside. She didn’t know who she’s talking to.

After a while, she walked in hurriedly with a smile on her face.

“Hurry up and change the dress and makeup for wangfei.” Before Xiao Ting could ask her, she first ordered the little maids to come as she herself started to search for clothes.

“Hey hey, did this consort tell you to dress me up?” Xiao Ting felt like she’d become a puppet if she didn’t speak up.

Because at this moment, two girls had already moved her to the dressing table.

On the normal days she was in the wangfu, she wouldn’t dress up and even let her hair down at will. Although it’s not very courteous, Jiu wangye didn’t care.

Wangfei, why are you like this all the time? Stop making trouble and let this servant and the maids do it quickly else it will be too late.” Hong Shao reprimanded Xiao Ting as she rummaged through the boxes and cabinets.

She had a helpless tone but there was a clear smile on her face.


“Too late? Did this consort say that I’m going out today?” Xiao Ting was surprised. She didn’t have such a bad memory that she wouldn’t remember anything major happening today.

Hong Shao murmured dissatisfiedly: “Wangfei, don’t joke with this servant.”

“Hey hey, you’re the one joking with this consort, okay?” Xiao Ting stretched out her hand and pushed the two maids beside her. She stood up from the vanity mirror and said so, dissatisfied.

She reached out to pull the hairpin that had just been plugged in, before angrily walking back to the bed, preparing to sleep again.

Hong Shao stepped forward suspiciously and asked cautiously: “Does wangfei remember what day it is?”

Xiao Ting angrily said, “I don’t care what day it is.”

“The carriage that came to pick you up from the Palace is already waiting outside. Even if you’re angry, isn’t it a bit late?”

Hong Shao knew her wangfei‘s temper and could only explain it.

A few days ago, someone from the Palace sent a post, saying that it was the beginning of the Summer Lotus Banquet and the Imperial Concubine asked Xiao Ting what she wanted to do. As a result, Xiao Ting decided to go to the Palace, and now she regretted it.

After Hong Shao finished speaking, Xiao Ting bounced off the bed instantly. What happened? Why doesn’t she know when she received a post?

“Why didn’t this consort remember receiving any post? Did you pick it up?” Xiao Ting looked at the other maids, and everyone shook their heads. Don’t joke around! Can a post from the Palace be picked up by these maids?

Hong Shao saw that something must have happened as her family’s wangfei didn’t even know about it.

“The post was personally handed by the Housekeeper to wangfei. Please think about it, did you really not receive it?”

As soon as the word “housekeeper” came out, Xiao Ting stared into space. Oops, she really did receive it.

She was anxious about Xiao Xin’s affairs, so when the housekeeper brought in the post, she didn’t even look at it. She threw it aside and didn’t even know what was written in it.

She remembered this and hurriedly called Hong Shao to help her find it.

After a while, everyone found this valuable post under the bed.

It clearly stated that Xiao Ting was invited to the Summer Lotus Banquet in the Palace.

It was signed by the Imperial Concubine.

“It turns out to be from my Aunt. Why didn’t you say it earlier? Hurry up and dress this consort. This consort is going out!”

Xiao Ting jumped to the dressing table in an instant and sat there sternly.

Everyone: “…”

Before leaving the house, Xiao Ting suddenly turned her head and asked Lu You: “What about wangye?”

“Replying to wangfei, wangye has already entered the Palace.” Although Lu You was puzzled why Jiu wangye didn’t wait for wangfei to go together, this was not something she should care about.

Xiao Ting rode the carriage sent from the Palace all the way inside, and finally got out of the carriage in front of the Imperial Concubine’s courtyard.

Xiao Ting emotionally said: “It’s good to be rich and powerful. When this consort came last time, my carriage was stopped outside the Palace, and it took an hour before I could reach the inner court. Now with big backing, I was sent straight here without having to walk so much.”

Jiu wangfei, please. The Imperial Concubine is waiting for you inside!” The court lady, who led the way, lowered her head and neatly guided her.

Xiao Ting looked back at Hong Shao and said: “You learn from others, just like this. Fortunately, you’re not in the Palace, otherwise, you’re the kind of person that wouldn’t survive one episode.”

Although Hong Shao didn’t understand what she meant, she agreed with it cheerfully.

What wangfei said is always correct.

RTBAS 035: Wangye Has Something On His Mind
RTBAS 037: Graceful Imperial Concubine

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