RTBAS 056: The Wangfu Was Attacked

RTBAS 055: Unreliable Dad
RTBAS 057: This Old Lady Really Lost Face

Xiao Zhan was startled by the sharp teeth of his good girl.

Aiya, his good girl is angry, what should he do?

Imperial Uncle Xiao hurriedly stepped forward to comfort his beloved daughter, “Good girl, dad really has no other way. Your grandmother and mother talked all day that it almost annoyed dad to death, this, this is…”

Then he quickly promised that his good girl’s worries wouldn’t come true.

Hmph.” Xiao Ting turned her head and didn’t look at him. Her face was arrogant, but she was thinking about how to clean up the two women.

“What mother? My mother concubine died a long time ago, and the Madam is a tigress.”

Imperial Uncle Xiao quickly gave her a smile, “Yes, a tigress.” No matter what she called the other person, as long as his good girl is happy.

The two dowry maids next to her weren’t surprised since they’re used to it.

But the people who served in Jiu Wangfu were ignorant. Wangfei is really amazing. It seemed like she was kind to them in the past.

They should never offend her in the future.

In fact, Xiao Ting wasn’t very angry, but she thought that her cheap father was not very reliable since he didn’t care about his son at all.

But thinking about it, the Imperial Uncle Xiao was only interested in beauties, and he might not even recognize the other girls and sons in the house.

“So Daddy agrees that Xiao Shi will stay with me?” Xiao Ting looked at him suspiciously.

Imperial Uncle Xiao nodded fiercely, “Agree, agree. You can keep it if you like it!”

Uh, why does listening to these words make Xiao Shi like an object where she could keep it if she liked it.

Xiao Ting felt a little embarrassed for him, so she asked, “Then how do you explain it to Grandmother when Daddy goes back?”

Xiao Ting obviously knew her cheap father very well. Imperial Uncle Xiao is a dutiful son and cares about the old lady very much. Therefore, Xiao Ting could call the Madam a tigress, but she had to respectfully call the old lady ‘grandmother’.

“Uh, that…”

Xiao Ting also began to worry.

Just as the father and daughter were bothering their brains, Chu Yun, the little prince, made his debut.

“Big deal, this prince will let him be this one’s companion.”

Chu Yun proudly said to Xiao Ting.

She had been guarding the door. Originally, the family affairs of Xiao fu had nothing to do with her, and she didn’t eavesdrop on purpose. Something terrible was happening to this woman so she just listened to it a little bit.

Unexpectedly, there’s still such a good opportunity to make this woman owe her a favor, so this woman can no longer shirk and save her father!

No matter how dull Xiao Ting was, she knew the girl’s purpose.

When Xiao Zhan heard this, his eyes lit up and he was instantly happy.

Faced with Xiao Xin’s joyful eyes, Xiao Ting could only accept it as she glared at Chu Yun.

How could this kid grow up to be a fine adult when she knew how to play tricks at such a young age?

If Chu Yun knew what she was thinking, she would definitely despise her. Born in the royal family, not understanding these would mean not understanding how you died.

It’s precisely because of this that although Chu Yun didn’t like others grabbing her mother concubine’s seat, she could still see that Xiao Ting treated her sincerely.

Although she didn’t say anything, she had already accepted the current situation.

Everyone did what they said, and Xiao Zhan brought the two little beans with him all the way to Xiao fu.

Xiao Ting was lying on the soft couch, but couldn’t sleep.

Hong Shao looked at her and asked, “Why didn’t wangfei accompany the young master back?”

Xiao Ting tilted her head, “This consort hates that pretentious woman.”

Hong Shao became speechless. Is that why you gave the idea for the Imperial Uncle to set up a house outside for raising a mistress that’s knowledgeable and generous?

It’s the first time she saw a daughter give her father the idea to raise a mistress outside.

The wangfei of her family was truly amazing.

It wasn’t until nightfall that Chu Yun and Xiao Xin returned.

Xiao Ting sat lazily on the viewing pavilion and asked Hong Shao to help them freshen up, while she sat on the railing, thinking about her life.

As for which life?

Naturally, it was the matter of saving her cheap husband.

If she didn’t save him, he’d be a vegetable at best. He’d be in a deep sleep until he didn’t want to sleep anymore. And she would become a widow and continue to live a happy life.

Save him and there’d be a lot of trouble in the future. After all, the owner of this wangfu was him. Even if they have nothing to do with each other now, it’s unlikely to be so in the future.

Aiya, it’s really annoying.

Gradually, the moon rose and the stars shone, making the endless starry sky dazzling. Xiao Ting simply climbed to the top of the pavilion and laid on her back, crossing her legs to watch the night.

The boundless night sky looked infinitely wide as if she was the only one in this world. With the sky as her roof and the ground as her bed, her heart was like being under a frozen lake, warm and very comfortable.

(T/N: I have no idea how being under a frozen lake would be warm and comfortable.)

Suddenly, a bright light cut through the sky, shooting towards the direction of the wangfu with a sharp sound.

“A meteor?” Xiao Ting thought at first that a meteor was falling. After seeing it clearly, she flipped over and climbed down the pillar.

“Grandma! it’s a meteor arrow!”

Before she landed, the arrow hit the place where she was lying just now, and the entire pavilion instantly ignited.

Xiao Ting immediately let go, jumped down, and rolled a few times under the flower trees before she could stand firm.

At this time, the wangfu was in chaos.

There was fire everywhere.

“Damn, under this bright night sky, there’s actually someone who dared set fire to Jiu Wangfu?”

A clatter of hurried footsteps came, but it was Housekeeper Mu bringing some people to find her.

Seeing that she was fine, he immediately said: “Wangfei, please hide with this old servant first!”

“Where are the two children?”

“This old servant has sent someone to pick them up, please don’t worry!”

Xiao Ting was speechless, and then followed Housekeeper Mu while dodging east and west. Fortunately, the people who came with him were masters. Even if there’s another arrow coming, they could block it.

They retreated to a side courtyard without much risk. Inside was an underground space, which was not that big and could only accommodate dozens of people.

When Xiao Ting arrived, Xiao Xin and Chu Yun were already inside.

“Sister, there’s a fire dragon.” Xiao Xin had always been raised in the Xiao fu. All he saw were sinister hearts and meaningful glances. This was the first time he saw this kind of scene. Maybe he was a little scared as he tightly grasped Xiao Ting’s clothes.

Pretending to be strong and not afraid.

“It’s okay.” Xiao Ting comforted him, and then looked at Chu Yun, but seeing her calm in this situation made her happy.

Such happenings seemed to be commonplace.

There were only a few servants. Chu Yun’s people and the two maids Xiao Ting brought were to the fu. None of the others came in.

Housekeeper Mu only sent her here then left. Xiao Ting looked around and asked the two men guarding the door, “Where is wangye?”

The two looked cold and expressionless, but they still answered her.

“Housekeeper Mu will pick him up, wangfei didn’t have to worry.”

After waiting for a while, they still didn’t see the others come back, and there was a suffocating heatwave. Xiao Ting was about to go out but was stopped by the two guards.

“It’s dangerous outside, wangfei shouldn’t go out.”

Xiao Ting glared at them and said, “No, your sister! Can this consort be ordered around by you guys?”

Saying so, she reached out and pushed away their iron arms to climb up.

There was a lot of smoke billowing out. As soon as Xiao Ting walked out, she stumbled forward and almost fell.

Looking back, it turned out to be a person. She was dressed as a servant of this wangfu. Even with blood on her neck and wide eyes, her fingers were still moving and she’s obviously not dead yet, but it’s obvious she couldn’t survive.

This meant someone broke in.

Xiao Ting put her hands together, murmured something, then turned and left.

At this moment, the entire wangfu was shrouded in dense smoke. Xiao Ting cautiously hid all the way and came to JingHua Garden.

Sure enough, she could see a group of people fighting in the thick smoke along with the realistic sound of swords colliding. She sneaked past that place to where the fire couldn’t reach.

Along the way, she didn’t see Housekeeper Mu. She was like a cat as she crawled through the middle of a broken wall, and then pressed herself against the wall, all the way to the inner room.

It was quiet inside, so she subconsciously held her breath, praying in her heart that no one else was there.

“Unexpectedly, we haven’t seen each other for a few years and you’re still half-dead. Ben shizi* really didn’t understand, how good are you that you could give her happiness even with this half-dead body?”

*Ben shizi: The shizi here means crown prince or an heir to a prominent household. This was also the term Chu Yun often refers to herself, so I can’t very well let this unknown character use that term. So pinyin it is.

“Is ben shizi not as good as you? Ah?”

Hearing a ‘plop*‘ sound from inside, Xiao Ting’s footsteps became more cautious. She then hid behind the screen and quietly looked inside.

*something hitting the water

She saw a man standing inside with only his back visible under the candlelight. Under his feet, a man was lying on his stomach. His face was blocked so she couldn’t see who he was.

Another one was lying on his back and it was Housekeeper Mu, who seemed to have discovered the situation inside and was about to go in, but was beaten as soon as he walked inside.

“Chu Li, what are you doing? She chose me back then, but you’re still entangled with her now. Is it because ben shizi dare not do anything to you?



What a mess, she couldn’t understand a word.

But she figured out that it was Jiu Wangye who was lying in front of the man.

Thinking that his state was still undetermined but was thrown around again, Xiao Ting was a little angry.

Don’t joke around. This is her nominal husband, so how could he be so bullied?

But no matter how she looked at it, she couldn’t beat the man either.

Seeing that the man was about to step on Jiu Wangye again, Xiao Ting suddenly had an idea and turned to walk outside.

When she came to the middle of the courtyard, she suddenly shouted: “YuChi XinHan, you fool, hurry up. Here, here, wangye is here.”

In the room, the man heard the name YuChi XinHan and fled out the window in an instant. When Xiao Ting acted and ran inside, she saw the broken window.

Before she could think about it, she pulled Jiu Wangye and got under the bed.

Sure enough, she heard something outside as soon as she hid.

“How dare you play with ben shizi, hmph, you will die if you’re caught by ben shizi.”

At that cold and faint voice, Xiao Ting shuddered unconsciously.

She secretly said: I’m dead now.

At this moment, Jiu Wangye still had no response and was lying on his back. She was beside him and didn’t dare to move.


There was the sound of something collapsing. It was obvious that the man was destroying things while looking for them.

Xiao Ting glanced at the hapless man and said in her heart: I don’t know which conscientious woman you found to seduce. This is obviously the person with the green hat coming to seek revenge. Meow, I would not come if I knew it.

No, if she lived after this, she must part ways with him.

Translator’s Notes:

Okay, where should I start?

Chu Yun usually calls herself ben shizi which can literally be translated as this crown prince or this heir. The other characters also call her shizi and since I already called Xiao Xin and the other gongzi, young master, I usually just translate this as this prince

It’s different for Xiao Xin because he’s being called gongzi, which means young master.

Now, enter a character who calls themself ben shizi. Considering that I don’t know this person’s background, I just left it at pinyin. I hope no one’s confused.

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