RTBAS 057: This Old Lady Really Lost Face

RTBAS 056: The Wangfu Was Attacked
RTBAS 058: You Shouldn't Believe This Woman

Xiao Ting bit her lip, took out a few dark objects from her pocket, and threw them into her mouth. While chewing carefully, she stared at Jiu Wangye viciously.

She was itching to bore him nine holes.

Then, she suddenly leaned over and kissed Jiu Wangye’s lips.

(I knew it! That breath of yin and yang was a kiss.)

At the same time, the top of their heads suddenly opened up. Xiao Ting squinted and hugged Jiu Wangye to roll and avoid it.

The big bed was split by the man with a sword and scattered everywhere.


YuChi XinHan saw this scene as soon as he came in and was instantly dumbfounded. What’s with this situation?

He was attracted by Xiao Ting’s voice but didn’t expect to see this scene.

The man holding the sword was stunned and also a little confused about the situation.

This woman still holding Jiu Wangye at this time was his ‘bride’?

Xiao Ting took the time to glare at them but her mouth never left the lips of Jiu Wangye.

When she saw YuChi XinHan, she raised a brow at him and winked, while quickly venting her breath on Jiu Wangye.

YuChi XinHan no longer knew how to express his depression, so he immediately waved his hand, and his subordinates surrounded the man.

The inner room wasn’t spacious. On one hand, there’s people fighting and killing with real swords, while on the other hand, there’s a beautiful scenery full of affection.

The man finally escaped, and YuChi XinHan didn’t chase him. He just looked at Xiao Ting in a good mood.

Xiao Ting cursed in her heart: Damn, this old lady really lost face this time. To suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy, even letting people watch the show.

But if she wanted Jiu Wangye to wake up, she must give him her breath, and the rune pill made with Profound Sect Arts had already been swallowed, so the process couldn’t be interrupted.

She was truly furious.

Since signing the agreement with Chu Yun, she had been choosing the right time. She just called, and this f**king YuChi XinHan chose such a time to appear. Would she still be embarrassed if he arrived a little earlier?

Just as Xiao Ting cursed and was distracted, Jiu Wangye‘s eyes suddenly opened. His eyelashes trembled as his eyes became confused. Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. She blinked, then reacted: Finally awake, I’m exhausted.

Before she breathed a sigh of relief, she felt a pain in her chest and flew high into the sky.

Then with a ‘plop’, she fell heavily to the ground.

Aiyo, this old lady’s waist…”

Hong Shao and Lu You, who came at this critical juncture, quickly stepped forward to help her.

Xiao Xin and Chu Yun stood there stupidly, somewhat not able to digest the scene they saw just now.

Chu Yun was still the quickest to react as she ran over immediately and sweetly yelled ‘Honorable Father’.

Jiu Wangye got up and looked around, blushing for the first time in his life at seeing the smile on YuChi XinHan.

Housekeeper Mu was rescued by someone and came to report to him. Only then did Jiu Wangye‘s confusion become resolved.

Three days later, in the Imperial Capital’s ZhongTian Moonlight Mansion, Xiao Ting looked at the few people in front of her angrily.

“I said, it’s not what you think. Why are you still laughing?”

“If you laugh again, I will throw you out. This miss will dominate this place alone.”

ZhongTian Moonlight Mansion, which belonged to Jiu Wangfu, was given to him by the current Emperor, while Jiu Wangfu where Jiu Wangye now lives was given by the former Emperor.

Because there were few masters in the wangfu, Jiu Wangye only sent a few people to take care of this place. This time, Jiu Wangfu suffered heavy damages.

So everyone in the wangfu moved to the Mansion.

Xiao Ting’s body was okay. After all, she had some martial arts foundation, so just being kicked by Jiu Wangye was not serious.

After recuperating for one night, nothing major happened.

After she woke up, she wanted to settle accounts with Jiu Wangye, but the defendant was told that Jiu Wangye wasn’t in the Mansion and was in charge of the repairs of the wangfu.

So she waited for him to finish.

But these servant girls looking at her were very strange. Xiao Ting asked and realized that everything that happened that day had been spread.

As for the version, hehe, they really gave her face, ah.

She sacrificed her first kiss to save someone, but it became a deep affection for Jiu Wangye and her desire to share life and death together.

What under the shadow of the sword, she still didn’t forget to kiss.

Forgot, your sister!

There were also rumors that said even if she and Jiu Wangye hadn’t been in the same room, she didn’t mind, but when Jiu Wangye was in a coma, she was a philanderer.


That was him.

Xiao Ting was furious and was about to find the culprit to settle accounts.

The most important thing was that even Xiao Xin, Hong Shao, and Lu You followed to watch the excitement. It’s fine to not explain it to them. The others could say whatever they wanted to say. Anyway, their wangfei was really cool and has deep affection for wangye.

Therefore, Xiao Ting didn’t even want to leave her room.

At that time, in the Imperial Study, King Rui knelt on the ground. With tears in his eyes, he said: “Emperor, brilliant master*, this simple child simply loved too deeply and didn’t mean to intentionally hurt Jiu Wangye. Asking the Emperor to be gentle and hope Jiu Wangye will not hold this against this child.”

*flattering words applied to the ruler

Jiu Wangye was the younger brother of the current Emperor, while King Rui was a collateral* prince. It was King Rui who wanted to hurt Jiu Wangye that night and was then beaten up by YuChi XinHan. Although he escaped, the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him, so it didn’t take long for Jiu Wangye to find him.

*descended from a common ancestor but through different lines

King Rui didn’t wait for the decree from the Palace and came in to confess.

And what he said was to plead with the Emperor, but implied that since Jiu Wangye was a generation older than King Rui, he should be let go.

Even so, Jiu Wangye is a few years younger than King Rui! And this King Rui was not ashamed to exploit this.

Jiu Wangye was still sitting there like an immortal, indifferent and with a faint expression. He said: “This matter, Brother Emperor can figure it out!”

After that, he left.

Jiu Wangye had just left the Imperial Study when a court lady came forward and said that Xiao Guifei wanted to see him.

Jiu Wangye thought for a moment before motioning the other to lead the way.

“Hoping Guifei is well.”

Xiao Guifei walked down gracefully, sat down, and motioned for Jiu Wangye to sit opposite her.

Jiu Wangye hesitated for a moment before sitting down.

Wangye is in good health?”

Xiao Guifei‘s gaze swept across Jiu Wangye and couldn’t see anything unusual so she was curious.

That day, when Xiao Ting and Chu Yun entered into an agreement, she only acted like the two of them were playing around. She didn’t expect that in less than a day, Jiu Wangye would really wake up. You have to know, all the Imperial Doctors were asked for consultation.

Could it be a coincidence?

She wanted to ask to understand, but even after calling her niece a few times, she didn’t come to see her because of some discomfort.

Now that she finally caught one of the party involved, she naturally wanted to figure it out.

Jiu Wangye‘s eyelids twitched, “No need for concern, everything is fine with benwang.”

“Then that’s fine.” Xiao Guifei took the tea from the maid, took a sip, then said: “Speaking of which, the marriage between wangye and Ting’er was caused by this one. Bengong* hadn’t been able to have a deep talk with wangye, and wondered if you’re satisfied with Ting’er?”

*You can just see this as an evolved form of benfei.

She didn’t ask before because she knew that Jiu Wangye wouldn’t be emotionally moved by anyone.

“The kindness of noble consort and the Emperor, benwang naturally appreciates.” Jiu Wangye answered with no leaks revealed. Xiao Guifei couldn’t see anything, so she asked about Xiao Ting’s current situation.

Jiu Wangye only said a few words, before getting up and leaving.

The wangfu‘s repairs were still in progress. During this period, YuChi XinHan came to visit Xiao Ting. It was nothing more than to make fun of her before being beaten out by Xiao Ting, who was carrying a broom.

As soon as Jiu Wangye came back, YuChi XinHan came to complain, “The wangfei you dared to marry is so fierce, no wonder you can’t get married before.”

Jiu Wangye glanced at him and said lightly: “Zhao Hua.”

YuChi XinHan discovered that Jiu Wangye had returned in a carriage. When he saw the cyan skirt from the corners of the curtain, he turned and left.

“Brother Han, you’re really here.”

Zhao Hua had come to see Xiao Ting, but she didn’t expect to be surprised.

YuChi XinHan paused in his footsteps, then turned around stiffly, “Princess.”

Zhao Hua pouted and was very unhappy. “I said you don’t have to call me Princess, just call me Zhao Hua like Ninth Uncle!”

However, she ran over and grabbed YuChi XinHan’s arm, her eyes shining.

Ahem...” YuChi XinHan felt a little uncomfortable and tried to pull out his arm, but was pulled tightly.

“Then, Princess should call me Uncle according to generation!”

Zhao Hua flattened her mouth and ignored his request. She dragged him inside and said, “Brother Han, let me introduce my good friend to you!”

“Zhao Hua…” Xiao Ting was going crazy recently. She wanted to go out but was stopped by the maids. In addition to the hot weather, she still had to stay inside the house obediently.

Hearing that Princess Zhao Hua came to see her, Xiao Ting ran towards her happily. She was a teenager in her previous life, so she was very lively.

When she came here, she had the same temperament as Zhao Hua. At this moment, she ran over with her skirt flying, almost tripping herself.

The maids behind with parasols couldn’t keep up with her.

When Zhao Hua saw Xiao Ting, she immediately let go of YuChi XinHan and rushed over.

YuChi XinHan looked at the sudden weightlessness on his arm, and felt anxious for a moment. Then he stood with his friend.

“Why did you come to see me only now? I almost suffocated to death.” Xiao Ting complained.

“Father Emperor said that I’m not young anymore and can’t always run outside the Palace. This time, I can come see you with Ninth Uncle, so Father Emperor agreed.” Zhao Hua was a little unhappy.

Xiao Ting dragged her to the shade, worried, and said, “Then you can’t go out of the Palace to play in the future?”

“Yes, ah. Father Emperor recently asked Concubine Shu to stare at me and teach me women’s arts. What marry a husband? What a bunch of ghost rules! It’s annoying me to death!”

“Then, is your Father Emperor going to find you a husband?” Xiao Ting doubted.

Zhao Hua was dumbfounded and took a long time to react, “I don’t want it. What’s so good about those stinky men?”

“Yeah, those stinky men are ugly masters, and it’s hard to wait for them.”

The two stinky men arrived, walking in without any haste.

“But we also can’t take our time. Look at me. Didn’t I say that I wouldn’t marry in this life? After being married, it’s almost the same as before.”

Zhao Hua blinked, “It’s not the same. Ninth Uncle isn’t comparable to other people. I tell you, you made a profit by marrying him.”

Zhao Hua mingled with Xiao Ting almost every day, so she spoke very casually.

“That’s true.” Xiao Ting agreed, but still said: “It’s okay right now, but depending on his performance in the future, it’ll be a big deal if this miss patted her butt and left.”

Zhao Hua was surprised, “Can you still divorce Ninth Uncle?”

Xiao Ting mysteriously pulled her away quickly.

RTBAS 056: The Wangfu Was Attacked
RTBAS 058: You Shouldn't Believe This Woman

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