RTBAS 055: Unreliable Dad

RTBAS 054: Overlord Clause
RTBAS 056: The Wangfu Was Attacked

The Emperor didn’t continue, but Xiao Guifei* said to herself: “I hope so. If Ting’er can really save Jiu Wangye, this paper means that this concubine must take it seriously.”

*I got tired of typing Imperial Concubine Xiao all the time, so I’m using the pinyin.

The Emperor slapped his knee and laughed. Someone just happened to come and said that YuChi XinHan was here.

The Emperor got up and strode away, but didn’t take the piece of paper. Xiao Guifei smiled and ordered a familiar maid to keep it properly.

In the Imperial Study, YuChi XinHan still looked like a ruffian. He was a little more casual after saluting and the Emperor seemed to be used to it. He asked: “I heard Ninth Brother say that you’ve gone to the South. When did you return to the Capital?”

YuChi XinHan smiled and replied: “Regarding the Jiangnan side, this subject sent someone to stare at him. The Emperor didn’t need to worry. This subject returned to the Capital this time for what Jiu Wangye said last time.”

The Emperor’s expression changed slightly, and he waved his hand to let all the people on standby go down. Then he asked, “What? Do you have news?”

“It’s not much news. This subject inquired about 20 years ago. The Great Seal should have fallen into the hands of the Gu clan in PingYang, but soon after, the Gu clan was ruined.”

“Yes, the ministers of the Gu clan have evil thoughts for this Empire in their hearts, and that sin deserves ten thousand deaths.” The Emperor was a little annoyed. If not for this, his Chu clan would be honored by the five countries and ten provinces twenty years ago.

YuChi XinHan then said: “According to the news this subject inquired, there was still a woman in the Gu family who was left out and disappeared.”

“Do you know her name?” The Emperor became anxious. No one else knew where the Great Seal was buried, and he invited many people during that time, so only the approximate direction could be distinguished.

It would be great if they could find the last person in contact with the Great Seal.

YuChi XinHan nodded, “The Emperor should know her too.”

Zhen* also knows? Who is it?” The Emperor looked at him suspiciously and was a little angry when he thought about Noble Consort Chen back then. Let it not be another concubine in his harem.

*If you’re familiar with Chinese ancient novels, you’ll know that zhen is the way an Emperor calls himself, much like the royal ‘we’, I think.


YuChi XinHan handed an official document respectfully. The Emperor took it, and after a few quick glances, he asked in surprise: “This is?”

“Replying to the Emperor. This is the woman’s name and birth date. This subject has verified and confirmed that it is correct.”

“Gu QianYing*, the words are really appropriate. The wife of General Ping Xi, but she has been dead for many years.” The Emperor read word by word.

*QianYing means to hide.

At that time, General Ping Xi had great military exploits. Three years after marrying his wife, he didn’t have a child. After his wife died of illness, he stayed in mourning for three years. During an expedition, he brought a woman back from the border and she became his concubine. The two didn’t have much interaction after that. One year later, she gave him a daughter, and then the couple was killed by bandits.

At that time, it caused a sensation in the entire Imperial Capital.

YuChi XinHan explained, “But they still have a daughter.”

The Empress Dowager considered General Ping Xi as loyal and courageous. She pitied him, so she raised the daughter by her side, and the Emperor named her Princess XiangXiang.

“Back then, XiangXiang was just a newborn baby and didn’t know anything. What’s more, it’s impossible to know anything after being raised by the Empress Dowager for so many years.”

The Emperor sighed. The clue that was finally obtained was gone.

YuChi XinHan shrugged. He was only responsible for reporting the news he knew. As for the analysis, that was not his job.

After a long silence, the Emperor asked about Jiu Wangye falling asleep. YuChi XinHan could only tell the story objectively and didn’t mention Xiao Ting acting like she’s talking to a ghost.

The Emperor didn’t think much, so he told him to go back.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ting and Chu Yun returned to Jiu Wangfu. Xiao Ting didn’t immediately save Jiu Wangye. Instead, she followed Chu Yun all the way to JingHua Garden. Under the somewhat horrified eyes of the two guards, she openly walked in.

Then, Xiao Ting asked Hong Shao to find rouge and apply it on the thumb of Jiu Wangye. She then grabbed his finger and pressed them on the three copies she held one by one.

“En, finally done.”

“Oh, the one with the Emperor and Aunt didn’t have wangye‘s fingerprint.” Xiao Ting was annoyed, but she didn’t dare ask for it again, so she had to let it go and comfort herself, “Forget it, so be it!”

Xiao Ting handed a copy to Chu Yun. After warning her to put it away, she ran to find the Housekeeper and asked him to help Jiu Wangye put one copy away. Then she returned to her LanYue Pavilion happily.

Chu Yun followed her all the way like a small tail, following her wherever she went. After seeing her just laying there, her hair immediately bristled.

“You, you get up for me.”

The small arms and legs couldn’t move Xiao Ting, but Chu Yun just grabbed Xiao Ting’s arm to prevent her from sleeping.

“Hey, hey, hey, I say, cutie, what else do you want? This consort promised you to save people and yet you won’t let me sleep.”

Xiao Ting flicked her sleeves and turned to the other side in front of her.

Chu Yun ran to the other side, “Go and save father first.”

Xiao Ting said helplessly, “Don’t you know that saving people is very troublesome? Don’t bother me. I will naturally save your dear father when I’m well-rested.”

Seeing her closed eyes, Chu Yun could only shut her mouth, then went out of the house and sat down on the steps outside the door.

She held her chin with both hands and stared at the door closely.

Seeing this, Hong Shao was a little surprised. When did the relationship between her wangfei and the little prince become so good?

“Young prince, this servant will guard here. You can go back and rest!”

Chu Yun didn’t give her any face, and said with a cold snort, “Hmph, I have to watch it personally, so that she won’t go back on her promise. Go away.”

Fortunately, the eaves were relatively long, otherwise, the sun would be too hot outside.

Despite this, Hong Shao still worried and went into the house to report to Xiao Ting. It was a pity that Xiao Ting had already met Duke Zhou*.

*Chinese version of the Sandman.

Just hearing that mosquito voice wasn’t enough to stop her from dreaming.

This time, Xiao Ting was awakened by the Imperial Uncle before she had enough sleep.

Xiao Zhan hadn’t seen his good girl for a long time, so he missed her very much. He also heard that his youngest son was being raised in Jiu Wangfu, and the two women in the family wanted him to bring the youngest home.

Now he dared not return to the house, fearing that once he’s caught, it’ll be another frantic bombing.

“Daddy, why are you here on such a hot day?”

Xiao Ting was still in a daze from sleep. Barely awake, she sat there and swayed while calling Xiao Xin to come.

At this time, Xiao Xin called out to his sister as soon as he entered the doors. Only then did Xiao Zhan remember that the youngest son he’d seen last time looked exactly like this.

Xiao Ting raised a finger to Xiao Zhan, and said to Xiao Xin: “Xiao Shi, Daddy came to see you.”

Only then did Xiao Xin see Xiao Zhan sitting next to her. He hesitated before stepping forward to pay his respects, “Xin’er has seen Daddy.”

Xiao Zhan was so relieved that he drew his youngest son to the front and took a closer look. He wanted to say something, like he’s gotten fatter, whiter, and so on, but found that he couldn’t remember what Xiao Xin looked like before.

“Good boy, how old are you this year?” And so, Xiao Zhan, who was extremely idiotic, asked such words in order to get closer to his son.

Shocked, Xiao Ting rolled her eyes and finally woke up.

Xiao Xin held his breath in his mind. He didn’t quite understand. His little chest pitter-pattered and his eyes widened as he looked at his cheap father.

Although he always knew that he wasn’t favored in the Xiao fu, with his mother concubine even saying that he shouldn’t care about anything and just follow Sixth Sister. But when he heard that his father didn’t even remember how old he was…

Xiao Xin was still very sad.

Lu You came over, “Master, the young master will soon be five years old.”

“Oh, five years old. Isn’t that the age to go to school?” Xiao Zhan looked at his good daughter.

Xiao Ting rolled her eyes at him, then stretched her somewhat stiff neck, and said angrily, “How would I know?”

Therefore, the father and daughter looked at Lu You. Lu You had no choice but to go forward and reply, “Master, wangfei, Seventh Concubine previously asked a master scholar to teach the young master in the fu, but when she left, the master scholar also resigned. Right now, the young master is learning with the young prince.”

Xiao Zhan heard it and was in a daze, but this wasn’t the most important thing. The most important thing was that he wanted to take Xiao Xin home.

Xiao Ting smiled after hearing this. When did the two of them become so close?

Even study together?

Alright, this sister was so incompetent that she hadn’t thought about that.

En, she had to care about Xiao Shi a lot more in the future because this child is too pitiful.

It’s just unexpected that Seventh Aunt was capable of asking a master scholar for Xiao Shi under the Madam’s eyes.

“Well, my good girl, it’s not the same thing for Xin’er to live here, so just let him go back with Daddy!”

Xiao Zhan took Xiao Xin’s hand and asked his daughter kindly.

Hearing this, Xiao Xin immediately broke away from his hand and hid behind Xiao Ting. He timidly revealed a small head and tightly pulled on Xiao Ting’s clothes as he whispered: “Sister, Xiao Shi doesn’t want to go back.”

He didn’t like that home, nor his father. He only likes his sister.

Xiao Ting felt his nervousness and patted his little head. She said, “I won’t let you go back if you don’t want to. Stay with sister, okay?”

“Okay.” Only in front of Xiao Ting would Xiao Xin respond like a child with his small face upright.

When Xiao Zhan saw his good girl disagree, he had a headache.

Those two women were still waiting. How could he explain it to them when he went back?

“Dad, you’ve seen it too, Xiao Shi doesn’t like it there, so let him follow me!”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely be able to raise him.” Xiao Ting promised immediately when Xiao Zhan looked embarrassed.

Hong Shao beside him was busy serving tea and fruits to the Imperial Uncle.

Lu You felt the whole situation was a bit ridiculous. Wangfei really misunderstood the Master.

The Master didn’t even know how old his son was. It’s estimated that if wangfei hadn’t mentioned it, he wouldn’t remember that he had such a son. How could he be worried if Xiao Ting could raise him?

Most likely, it’s the old lady and the Madam who asked him to come.

At this moment, Lu You came to Xiao Ting’s side and said, “Wangfei, the young master is a descendant of the Xiao family. It’s not appropriate to stay in Jiu Wangfu and be raised by his sister.”

“Why? Isn’t it the same regardless of who raised him?” Xiao Ting was puzzled. She liked Xiao Shi very much.

Lu You explained to her, “The old lady and the Madam are still in the fu. If this was known to others, they will definitely become suspicious. Maybe they would say that they abused the young master, causing wangfei to pick him up.”

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded, “Isn’t that the truth?” When she went there last time, Xiao Shi was locked up and wasn’t fed, right?

“Oh.” She reacted instantly and looked at Xiao Zhan, “It turns out that Daddy is here to lobby for them.”

Xiao Ting slapped the table and stood up, “Daddy, did Grandmother and the Madam ask you to come?”

Facing his angry good girl, Imperial Uncle Xiao smiled wryly. He laughed and said, “That, that…”

Hmph, I was just wondering why you suddenly thought of Xiao Shi and why you suddenly wanted to visit Ting’er. I think you’re just afraid of that tigress and Grandmother.”

RTBAS 054: Overlord Clause
RTBAS 056: The Wangfu Was Attacked

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