RTBAS 083: Making Trouble

RTBAS 082: Xiao Guifei's Past
RTBAS 084: Tribunal Hearing

Aiya, you finally woke up. I say, you’re really the same person, you either kill or smash people, can’t you have a better temper? Always being angry will make you uglier.” Xiao Ting preached while walking.

This person is the woman in black whom she dug from the weeds when she got lost last night.

At that time, this woman almost killed her before fainting. Xiao Ting then pitied her and brought her back to Yaochi Palace.

The woman is awake now.

“By the way, who are you?” Xiao Ting just sat down when she suddenly thought of this question and asked casually.

Hong Shao and Lu You looked speechless. In a place like the Palace, their family’s wangfei dared to pick up people and bring them back.

At first glance, they knew this woman not good.

The two looked at each other and seeing the woman not talking, Lu You stepped forward and whispered: “Wangfei, this woman is a stranger, so let’s tell wangye about this matter!”

Xiao Ting blinked, a little puzzled, “No, wangye is very busy.” He’s busy taking care of his Emperor Brother, so there’s no time to care for her.

Xiao Ting looked at the woman in black and asked: “Then why did you appear there, and what king of place is that?”

“No comment, hand me over if you have the ability.” The black-clothed woman showed frost on her face. Even if she knew she would die at any time, she didn’t have the slightest cowardice and spoke harshly.

Xiao Ting wasn’t angry, but she had a headache. She turned her head to look at Lu You, showing a flattering smile.

Lu You knew that her wangfei was at her wit’s end.

She didn’t expect to encounter this when saving people.

So Lu You stepped forward and asked in a moderately questioning tone, “It’s a capital crime to break into the Palace without permission. Our wangfei kindly saved you. If you have a conscience, leave immediately and don’t cause trouble to our wangfei.”

“Of course, the premise is if you can leave safely.”

Hearing this, the black-clothed woman remained unmoved, then asked in a cold voice: “Are you really letting me go?”

She seemed to be asking Lu You, but she looked at Xiao Ting.

However, Xiao Ting didn’t even look at the woman in black, looking indifferent.

The black-clothed woman could only look at Lu You, and Lu You nodded and said yes, representing Xiao Ting.

“Then return my things to me.” The woman in black stretched out her hand and looked at Xiao Ting again.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Ting pulled out a sheepskin roll from her sleeve and threw it over. The woman in black immediately took it. After taking a glance, she immediately tucked it into her arms, then turned around without saying a word.

Wangfei, you’ll really let her go? This is the Palace, and that woman is not a good person at first glance.” Hong Shao asked Xiao Ting with some guilty conscience, always feeling that something would definitely happen.

Xiao Ting hadn’t spoken yet when Lu You knocked on Hong Shao’s forehead and said, “You, when will you use your brain?”

“What’s wrong with mine?” Although Hong Shao muttered dissatisfiedly, she still let Lu You speak, because she also didn’t understand.

“What’s wrong?” Lu You asked the palace maid to bring in the two little masters, glanced at Hong Shao then said: “Wangfei did this naturally to get rid of the girl. The Imperial Palace has not lifted the ban. If someone bumps into her and she’s found in Yaochi Palace, wouldn’t it cause trouble for Guifei and wangfei?”

Hong Shao was not convinced, “You also said that’s if she could get out of the Palace at all. If she’s caught, wouldn’t it be more dangerous if she said that Guifei and wangfei took her in?”

“In this Palace, there are so many deceitful things. The Guifei has been the favorite in the Palace for many years. She could just say it’s just a little thief, right?”

Hong Shao understood now, and at the same time, she had to admire Lu You’s mind. She couldn’t think of so much.

Looking at her wangfei, Hong Shao felt that her wangfei had learned some tricks, although she used to be straightforward.

Surprised by the suspicious worship from Hong Shao, Xiao Ting hurriedly picked up a teacup to cover it up.

Don’t joke around, she also didn’t understand what Lu You said, okay?

Everything’s a mess, so she didn’t think much.

She just thought that since that girl didn’t like it here, she should leave. Anyway, she’s not in the mood to care about her now.

She didn’t even care where she went.

As for what to do with Aunt Guifei?

At this time, Chu Yun and Xiao Xin walked in from a side door. Xiao Xin blinked his big eyes and said: “Sister, I heard that the person you picked up left!”

Chu Yun snorted coldly, turned her head arrogantly, and walked across Xiao Ting. She solemnly climbed the high chair and sat opposite her.

“There’s truly a master for any kind of maid. Hong Shao, you’re so stupid that you could die.”

Obviously, Chu Yun and Xiao Xin heard their conversation. Everyone knew that Chu Yun was cursing Xiao Ting.

Naturally, this dissatisfied Hong Shao, but she didn’t dare talk back to Chu Yun. Don’t joke around, in the entire Jiu Wangfu, except for the wangfei who’s not afraid of him, even she wanted to hide every time she saw him.

As a result, she could only smile ingratiatingly.

In addition to the masters and servants of Jiu Wangfu, there are also maids from the Yaochi Palace staying here.

They were all close servants of the Guifei and naturally knew that Xiao Ting’s relationship with Jiu Wangfu‘s heir son was not very good.

It’s just that Jiu Wangfei still didn’t show any temper so they continued to serve them.

It’s good that this person is simple-minded.

Lu You stepped forward and hugged Xiao Xin, then sat down next to Xiao Ting. She then asked, “Wangfei, what you threw to that girl just now seems to be a map.”

“It looks important.”

Xiao Ting nodded and said while grinning, “You’re still the smartest.”

“Didn’t wangfei check what it was? There’s no such thing in this Palace.” Lu You was a little embarrassed to be praised, but still said what’s on her mind.

As soon as Xiao Ting was about to say something, she heard a string of eager footsteps outside, accompanied by the sound of iron swords clanging.

It went from far to near, and at the same time, someone was shouting commands.

“Everyone in Yaochi Palace, immediately go and wait outside the main hall!”

At the same time as receiving the order, all the palace doors were opened, including the place where Xiao Ting and the others stayed.

“Everyone, go to the main hall immediately.”

The visitor wore iron armor over his clothes, his piercing eyes staring at everyone. His back straight and his voice like a great bell. Just looking at him was scary.

Wearing armor in the Imperial City meant he’s an Imperial Guard.

“Who are you? You dare to order this heir son?”

Here, Xiao Ting hadn’t spoken yet, when Chu Yun got angry and jumped off the chair. She stood proudly in place and glanced askance at him.

She wasn’t happy being left in the palace and sleeping in other people’s places. This person didn’t have eyes and dared to scold her, so she naturally wasn’t in a good mood.

The visitor recognized Chu Yun and didn’t react for a moment. He immediately became business-like and said, “This young one is just following orders, please cooperate, heir son Yun and Jiu Wangfei.

Chu Yun’s face went very ugly. Although she didn’t go in and out of the Palace often, she’s still a master of this place. Now, a small guard dared to talk to her like this, she felt ashamed right now.

Just as she was about to speak, she heard Xiao Ting say something.

“Cooperate. Cooperate, your sister.”

Xiao Ting smiled like a flower, but her mouth was dirty, “What else do you want us to do? On whose order is it?”

“Replying to Jiu Wangfei, it’s naturally His Majesty.” The man cupped his hands to show his respect for the current Emperor.

“Hehe…” Xiao Ting showed a smile, then looked at Chu Yun and said, “Xiao Yun, did you hear what he said?”

Chu Yun blinked, then suddenly recovered and solemnly said: “No.”

“Hehe, this consort didn’t hear it either.” Xiao Ting blinked, then continued: “Hong Shao, Lu You, this bastard trespassed into this consort’s room and was rude to the heir son. Someone come and take him down for this consort. Give him fifty boards.”

“Yes.” Hong Shao would always carry out Xiao Ting’s orders without consideration and unconditionally. So, she looked around and saw that here wasn’t Jiu Wangfu, and they had no people here. So, she courageously picked up the stool next to her and approached the guard.

When the man heard Xiao Ting’s words, he knew it wasn’t good, but he didn’t realize that there’d be such a troublesome maid. It’s too late to retreat when he recovered, and could only block it with his arm.

With a bang, the four-legged chair shattered into pieces. This dumbfounded Hong Shao and she looked back at Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting immediately stepped forward, pulled Hong Shao over, and said, “You dare hit my people. You simply don’t take the people from my Jiu Wangfu in your eyes.”

She looked at Hong Shao’s somewhat red and swollen arms (when the chair shattered just now, she was injured by the rebound force), then coldly said: “It should be the other way around. This consort will not go out today. Do you dare do anything to this consort?”

The air in the room was deadlocked, and the guards didn’t dare do anything at will. Although it was an order from the Emperor, Jiu Wangfei and heir son Yun couldn’t be offended.

After a while, Jiu Wangye came over in person, and Xiao Ting changed when she saw him show up.

The guards were just about to speak.

But then saw that Xiao Ting, the Jiu Wangfei, who had just been “Lao Tzu is the number one rogue in the world”, is now like a bird, walking like a cat toward Jiu Wangye.

She almost snuggled up to Jiu Wangye, her voice so sweet you could die from the greasiness, but full of grievances, “Wangye, you are here. They, they bullied this consort…”

Then she cried first as if these people did something horrible to her.

The guards, one by one, were all at a loss. Who could tell them if the Jiu Wangfei in front of them was fake?

Right, she must be a fake.

Where’s the rumored Sixth Miss Xiao, who is not afraid of the heavens, and that majestic appearance of daring to resist the Emperor’s orders just now? Who is this pretentious and complaining woman?

Besides, she’s the one bullying others, but now she’s making bogus accusations.

“What’s the matter?” Jiu Wangye knew what was going on after hearing the report.

Before the young guard had the time to speak, Lu You suddenly walked out and knelt with a thump.

When she raised her head again, she was full of tears, “Wangye, this servant will say what happened.”

Wangfei let this servant go out to see what happened, but this sir kicked the door of the room without any notice, and was very rude to wangfei. Heir son argued with him, but he didn’t even give face to heir son, saying that he’s moving on the Emperor’s orders.”

“Young heir son was too angry, and he was about to go forward and argue with him, but this sir actually picked up the chair next to him and smashed it on the ground as a warning. It injured Hong Shao when she protected the young heir son. Seeing this, wangfei was very angry, so she took the posture of letting the servants call for wangye while she distracted them. God has eyes, and you finally came. You must seek justice for wangfei and heir son, ah!”

RTBAS 082: Xiao Guifei's Past
RTBAS 084: Tribunal Hearing

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