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After hearing this little girl’s words, the guards only felt that their eyes had been opened.

How could she tell nonsense with her eyes wide open?

What is creating something from nothing? This is it.

However, every detail was real, and they couldn’t refute it.

Besides them, Hong Shao felt that the world was mysterious after hearing it. She used to think that among the people she knew, Lu You was the most reliable.

At this moment, she felt that the most unreliable was Lu You.

Even she thought it was the truth after hearing it.

Wangye, please…” The guards felt that they couldn’t out talk this maid who had ten mouths and the ability to reverse black and white which was truly amazing, but he still wanted to explain. After all, Jiu Wangye is not an ordinary Imperial.

Unexpectedly, Jiu Wangye didn’t give him this opportunity at all.

“Anyone who entered this palace will immediately go to the Ministry of Justice to receive fifty military sticks after finishing their errands and retreating.”

Jiu Wangye didn’t even turn his head and directly ordered.

Hong Shao was still thinking about how to keep up with Lu You’s made-up story when she returned to her senses. Here she was still preparing, but when she heard Jiu Wangye‘s words,

her brain directly disconnected.

What’s going on?

The guards who heard this had two different feelings. Some were fortunate not to have gone inside, while others wished to cut their legs off and crawl out of this place as if they’d never come in.

Fifty military sticks are not the same as fifty boards. Wu wu, they were wrong. Which bastard said that Jiu Wangye was indifferent to Jiu Wangfei and treated her like a stranger?

Isn’t this a lie!

There’s also Jiu Wangye, the immortal who should have ignored all mundane things, but that’s all lies. Why lie to them who had never seen the world? This is obviously another wife-loving demon!

No wonder he’s brothers with the Emperor, wu wu, they’re so pitiful!

“Wow, so cool!” Xiao Ting exclaimed, “Wangye, I love you so much.”

When Xiao Ting said that, she rushed forward and hugged Jiu Wangye. Under his surprised eyes, this big master bubbly sent herself up.

Xiao Ting, who climbed on him, suddenly felt something wrong with the atmosphere. Looking back, she found that everyone was stunned stupidly in place.

“Hey, why do you guys look so stunned?” The people who came back to their senses were all 囧.

“Go out, go out.” Xiao Ting drove everyone out before looking at Jiu Wangye.

With a flattering smile, she raised her small face and asked cautiously: “Wangye, is there something wrong with Aunt Guifei?”

Jiu Wangye had already calmed down. After all, he had enough experience, and he knew that Xiao Ting had no other meaning.

“You cheated benwang to ask this?”

Now it’s Xiao Ting’s turn to 囧. It turned out that her plan had been seen through by Jiu Wangye a long time ago.

“Hmph, my aunt disappeared all night, and you brought her back, but you guys all looked wrong. Then the Emperor gave such an order. Can you tell me what happened to my aunt?”

Remembering what Xiao Guifei said to her before, Xiao Ting’s heart became more and more disturbed.

Jiu Wangye was silent for a while, then finally said, “Xiao Guifei wanted to take advantage of the chaos last night to get out of the Palace.”

“Get out of the Palace?” Xiao Ting was surprised, “Is Aunt not allowed to go out of the Palace?”

“Isn’t she a Guifei? Isn’t it possible to go back to her family?”

Xiao Ting said that since she still hadn’t figured out the rules of the Palace.

Jiu Wangye thought, is this girl focusing on the right thing?

Shouldn’t she be concerned at this moment? Xiao Guifei went out of the Palace without permission and committed a great sin, shouldn’t she wonder what she’s planning?

Why did her focus go beyond a hundred and eighty thousand miles?

“Is it really not possible?” Xiao Ting was still asking Jiu Wangye, her big eyes flashing cleverly, “Fortunately, this girl is not married to the Emperor, but to wangye.”

Jiu Wangye: “…”

What else could he say?

At this time, someone asked for instructions outside. The Emperor was looking for Jiu Wangye, so Jiu Wangye didn’t answer Xiao Ting. He simply turned around and walked out.

Xiao Ting followed behind Jiu Wangye, still struggling with this question.

It wasn’t until the two were taken to Yaochi Palace’s main hall that Xiao Ting realized the atmosphere was wrong.

En, it’s too quiet.

Just now, she was focused on Jiu Wangye, but only after turning around did she realize that the place was full of people.

The Emperor, the Empress Dowager, the Empress, and a few women and men she didn’t know. Zhao Hua was also there along with Jiangnan King’s fifth son…

There are too many people!

Xiao Guifei stood in the center of the hall, facing the most distinguished people.

“Aunt…” Xiao Ting subconsciously walked towards Xiao Guifei, but her arm was caught.

“Why are you pulling me for?” Xiao Ting turned around and found it was Jiu Wangye who caught her. However, Jiu Wangye didn’t pay attention to her. He held her collar and directly took her to the side, not letting her struggle.

“Hey hey hey, did you hear me, let go of me…”

Xiao Ting was still yelling. She didn’t notice the extreme dissatisfaction in the eyes of the Empress Dowager and the happiness in the eyes of some people.

“Say one more word, benwang will have no choice but to seal your voice.” Jiu Wangye glanced at her lightly, then let go.

Xiao Ting immediately stopped. She obediently sat next to Jiu Wangye with her mouth tightly closed and staring at Jiu Wangye with fierce eyes.

Issuing a silent complaint.

Perverted rascal, lunatic, if there’s a chance, she’ll definitely make a fortune, and then get rid of this guy to live a chic life.

“Everyone is almost here. The Emperor should talk about Xiao Guifei.” The Empress Dowager glared at Xiao Ting, then broke the silence of the solidified atmosphere.

The Emperor’s complicated gaze towards Xiao Guifei contained admiration and sympathy. It’s obviously the same face with the same smile and the same person, but he felt that everything was fake.

For so many years, the person he loved was fake.

Her heart is not on her body. If it weren’t for that person’s death, she would never have entered the Palace as his consort.

After viewing things through rose-tinted glasses, he realized there’s nothing behind it. However, since she was going to lie, she had to lie to him for a lifetime and confuse him for a lifetime. Why, why let others find out and let him know?

Xiao Guifei had long changed her clothes. She wore a watery blue dress and held her head high, her slender body undulating. She swayed each step she moved forward with her bare white jade feet, like a fairy descending to the mortal world.

“The Empress Mother does not have to force the Emperor, I will say it myself.”

The Empress Dowager secretly glared at the Emperor, then looked at Xiao Guifei again before saying, “After doing such a shameful thing, you still want to refute it? Okay, I want to hear what you have to say to defend yourself.”

Under these circumstances, the guilty person has no right to speak at all.

Xiao Guifei drew her sleeves and stood calmly. She faced the Emperor, and said word by word: “Emperor, for so many years, this consort has survived under your protection. For this, this consort is very grateful to you.”

Saying this, Xiao Guifei bent her knees slightly and gave a serious bow. The Emperor’s ass reflexively lifted, ready to help Xiao Guifei up.

But here, his ass just got up and his legs hadn’t straightened yet when the Empress Dowager snorted and pulled him back.

This shows that he truly dotes on Xiao Guifei.

Xiao Guifei didn’t even change her expression as she got up and continued: “In this world, the most difficult thing to control is not emotions, not human hearts, but feelings.”

“Are you telling me that for so many years, I have never treated you better than that dead man?”

Even though the Emperor said this for the second time, he was still very angry.

“This consort once swore, just for that beloved’s child and that beloved will this one willingly go to death.”

“Presumptuous.” When the Empress Dowager heard Xiao Guifei say these words, she felt relieved and heartbroken.

Relieved because the Emperor would definitely kill her now.

Heartbroken because the Emperor should be embarrassed in front of so many people.

But she couldn’t help it. Originally, she could have handled this matter privately, but to not let the mother and child feel suspicion towards each other, this hearing is to ensure that the Emperor will not protect this woman again.

She could only sacrifice the Emperor’s face and let him give up his obsession with this woman.

“Xiao LingYue, to not give birth to a prince, you first forced a maid to death, and then threatened Li-mama. You are truly bold. If it weren’t for Li-mama‘s early wisdom, she wouldn’t have left a blood book and the truth might never be revealed.”

“You first deceived the Emperor then killed the Emperor’s heir. Now that things are revealed, you want to escape from the Palace privately. Behind this case is a pile of human life. If you do this, where are the laws of the Empire? Where do you put the Emperor, who is dedicated to protecting you and respecting you?”

The Empress Dowager was full of heartache at the end, and she was a little out of breath.

The Emperor is her biological son, how could she not feel sorry for him? Although he pampered Xiao Guifei, she remained respectful and did nothing outrageous. Therefore, when Xiao Guifei and the Empress fought each other in the harem, she (ed) closed one eye.

After all, the Emperor likes her (x).

The Emperor looked ugly, and finally asked: “What else does Guifei have to say?”

At this moment, he still recognized Xiao Guifei as his consort, which just shows his deep affection.

Xiao Guifei shook her head and said, “LingYue has nothing more to say, Emperor, please decree a punishment!”

“You…” The Emperor furiously stood up.

The Empress held him by the side and said, “Emperor, everyone is watching!”

Xiao Ting was about to stand up in a hurry. Jiu Wangye raised his hand and tapped on her twice. Xiao Ting found herself speechless and couldn’t move.

Drats, is this the legendary acupuncture technique?

However, when she wanted to speak, her Aunt pleaded guilty. Everyone knew that such a crime would almost always end in a death penalty.

How can Aunt do this?

No, she didn’t believe that her Aunt did those things like forcing the death of Tao Zhi and then threatening Li-mama to be an accomplice. Then years later, she used Tao Zhi to make a fuss and planned to escape the Palace.

This doesn’t make sense at all, okay?

Why did Aunt admit to it?

She had to ask, she can’t just watch her Aunt die like this.

But this goddamn Jiu Wangye, this bastard, king your ass. No matter what happened, his eyes stayed on the ground, not even looking at her.

As if feeling Xiao Ting’s emotions, Jiu Wangye slowly turned his head and glanced at her. Although he didn’t speak, Xiao Ting unexpectedly understood the meaning in his eyes.

Keep calm, don’t get excited!

Excited, your sister!

RTBAS 083: Making Trouble
RTBAS 085: Exterminate Chu Clan's Rhythm

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