RTBAS 082: Xiao Guifei’s Past

RTBAS 081: Xiao Guifei Is Missing
RTBAS 083: Making Trouble

Upon hearing Xiao Ting’s words and although Xu Zhi knew what Xiao Ting meant, he was still dumbfounded by the ambiguity in her words.

Could this girl speak human words?

Those who didn’t know would think she’s eager for the Guifei to die.

And Emperor, what does this have to do with him?

When did he say that Xiao Guifei died? It’s because they jumped to conclusions and had problems with their perceptions, okay?

“Emperor, please forgive this one. Jiu Wangfei, please forgive this one.”

At the moment, what else could he say?

Xiao Guifei was carried into YaoChi Palace, and the imperial physicians were soon gathered here.

The Emperor just came out of the inner rooms much calmer, “Ninth Brother, let’s talk about it. What’s going on?”

Jiu Wangye said in a deep voice: “Didn’t the Emperor see it for himself?”

“What am I supposed to see?”

The Emperor’s face was very angry. He had obviously thought of it.

Jiu Wangye ignored him. His gaze swept towards the inner room and saw a figure walking back and forth behind the beaded curtains.

The Emperor’s face became even more ugly. What’s so good about that silly little girl?

“YuChi XinHan, you say it.”

The corpse-like YuChi XinHan wanted to cry without tears. If he had known, he wouldn’t have gone back to the Palace.

Truly man proposes but God disposes, ah.

“That, Emperor, it’s like this. This subordinate received an order and departed from the Imperial Capital two days ago. After eight horses died and ten catties lost…”

YuChi XinHan became more and more energetic when he spoke. He couldn’t wait to talk about all the things he suffered. He hadn’t finished complaining yet when he was interrupted.

“Get to the point.”

The Emperor’s face became darker for a few degrees again. He’s already so worried, why are these people by his side so unreliable!

The Emperor’s voice deepened, and YuChi XinHan immediately fell silent. He didn’t have the surname Chu and didn’t have Jiu Wangye’s close bond with the Emperor, so he recounted what happened just now.

It turned out that to catch up with the Emperor’s birthday banquet, YuChi XinHan rushed back last night without stopping or sleeping after getting the answer that Jiu Wangye wanted.

He thought there’d be a reward, but didn’t expect to come back at an untimely moment. There’s martial law inside and outside the Palace, and he couldn’t get in at all.

So he had to sleep outside the Palace gate for one night. If Jiu Wangye didn’t appear then, he might be laying on the ground outside.

To attract Jiu Wangye‘s attention, he pointed to a group of palace maids and said that there were fugitives among them. However, because of his mischief, it not only bothered Jiu Wangye who passed by but also found Xiao Guifei, who was about to get out of the Palace.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know the situation and went straight to pay his respects. Xiao Guifei was so angry that without speaking, she fainted.

So at this moment, he was taken by Jiu Wangye to plead for mercy.

As for why Xiao Guifei wanted to pretend to be a palace maid, maybe it’s because of something interesting that happened these few days.

After listening, the Emperor didn’t speak for a long time…

In the inner room of YaoChi Palace, the Imperial Physicians battled over taking the pulse. After that, they wrote a bunch of medications. Xiao Ting saw them whispering and felt unhappy.

Seeing more and more orders being sent out that almost piled up into a mountain, her face was completely dark.

“I say, old man, you prescribed so many medicines, are you sure she won’t die if she took it?”

Xiao Ting grabbed one and saw that all blank spaces were filled out. Looking at the others, all of them are the same.

So many medicines really won’t kill people?

“Haha…” The white-bearded physician stroked his beard, and happily said: “Jiu Wangfei is joking.”

“This consort isn’t joking. This medication has three parts poison. Don’t you know such a simple truth?”

Xiao Ting felt that they were bullying her for her ignorance.

“Uh.” Xiao Ting looked so serious that it made the other physicians at a loss.

Since ancient times, diagnosing the pulse for the Imperial family has been mainly based on temperature adjustment. Tonics are used more often, so the body wouldn’t get any worse.

Xiao Guifei has been in the harem for so many years, so naturally, she has her own Imperial Physician. Physician Wei stepped forward and said: “Jiu Wangfei, don’t worry. Guifei is well, just a little frightened. She just needs to rest for a while.”

Xiao Ting glanced askance at him, then said: “If you’re telling the truth, it’s fine then. You all go out!”

After the educated physicians retreated, Xiao Ting hurried to the bed. Suddenly, Xiao Guifei‘s beautiful eyes opened, and she urgently said in a low voice: “Don’t ask anything, just listen to Aunt.”

Xiao Ting drove away the Imperial Physicians just now after seeing the wink from Xiao Guifei.

Xiao Ting nodded.

“The Xiao family’s affairs have nothing to do with you from now on. You have to be just Jiu Wangfei, do you hear me?”

“Aunt, what happened?” Xiao Ting felt Xiao Guifei‘s urgency, so she couldn’t help asking.

But Xiao Guifei didn’t answer her at all. She grabbed her wrist and solemnly told her, “Remember, you are Jiu Wangfei. Take care of Xiao Xin, and you’re not allowed to intervene in other matters.”

“No matter what happens to the Xiao family, it has nothing to do with you, do you understand?”

This worried Xiao Ting. Why did she feel like her aunt was talking about her funeral? An ominous feeling lingered in her heart, and it wouldn’t dissipate.

“Aunt, make it clear. What’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Ting wanted to ask more when she heard the sound of the bead curtain from behind her.

Xiao Guifei had already retracted her hand and sat up. The Emperor walked over but didn’t approach, just looking at Xiao Guifei with a complicated expression.

Xiao Ting didn’t understand the expression in her eyes and just felt it’s a little weird.

“Aunt…” She approached Xiao Guifei subconsciously.

At this moment, Xiao Guifei, even after just waking up, was still outstanding. Even if she’s wearing a palace maid’s attire, she still couldn’t conceal her world-famous appearance and her smile that was full of style and charm.

“Ting’er, go down first!”

With such ordinary words, Xiao Ting felt more and more uneasy. She didn’t want to leave Xiao Guifei, and was even wary of the Emperor.

“Be obedient.”

Xiao Guifei patted her hand, her eyes extremely gentle.

Xiao Ting could only withdraw in the end.

For a long time, there was silence in the Palace, until a sneer came. Xiao Guifei gracefully walked up to the Emperor.

As usual, with that curvy figure and moving voice, she held the Emperor’s arm and greeted him.

“The Emperor can ask anything you want. This consort will not hide from you.”

Xiao Guifei stepped on the carpet with her jade feet and personally stepped forward to make a pot of tea for the Emperor. The steam rose and curled up between the two.

Like an invisible wall that cut off the love between them.

The Emperor looked at Xiao Guifei for a long while, seeming to want to see through her, but finally had to withdraw and say: “As beloved consort said, is there really something to hide from me?”

Xiao Guifei was still smiling. Her coquettish voice remained, but he couldn’t hear her past gentleness, “Presumably, Ninth Brother should have already obtained the evidence.”

“Yes, I have loved a man in my life, but unfortunately, it wasn’t you!”

Her eyes were clear and cold. She still smiled so charmingly and affectionately, which was a contradiction, and she called herself “I”.

She’s still smiling.

The Emperor was furious, “Who is he?”

“Who is he? Does it matter to you, Emperor?” Xiao Guifei poured the boiled water, made a cup for the Emperor then handed it over.

The Emperor didn’t answer and just coldly looked at her.

Xiao Guifei silently smiled, placed the teacup in front of the Emperor, then took a seat.

She poured a cup for herself, “He’s dead.”

“I know that he’s dead. If not, you wouldn’t enter the Palace with peace of mind.” The Emperor snorted coldly. “You have kept this from me for so many years, it’s really well-intentioned ah!”

Xiao Guifei didn’t explain much, “I’m not hiding it from the Emperor, I just don’t think it’s necessary.”

“If it’s not necessary, why do you want to leave the Palace?”

“To not give birth to my child, you framed a palace maid and forced an old mama to death. You would rather be infertile for life.”

“You know, you know how much I wanted a child with you. Why are you so cruel?”

Faced with such a strong accusation, Xiao Guifei’s eyes didn’t even change. She still smiled and said: “The Emperor truly treats me well. I will never forget it, but…”

In the main hall, Xiao Ting walked back and forth, looking at the inner room, but couldn’t hear nor see anything.

She asked what happened to Jiu Wangye, but her cheap husband ignored her.

She had a sour face and looked like she’d hack someone to pieces.

“Xu Zhi, you tell this consort, what happened?”

Xu Zhi looked at his nose, and his nose looks at his heart. He stood upright like a stone statue, standing in place with a saber.

He didn’t say a word. Don’t joke around, he wouldn’t have a long life if he did.

At this time, Hong Shao finally found this place after repeatedly asking.

Wangfei, that girl is awake.” She first greeted Jiu Wangye and then whispered to Xiao Ting.

She thought she was being quiet, but she didn’t know that her words had already fallen into the ears of those who cared.

Therefore, before Xiao Ting spoke, Jiu Wangye‘s faint voice floated over, “What girl? Who is it?”

Xiao Ting angrily turned her head and glared at him, “Don’t you manage me.”

After speaking, she took another look at the inner room. Thinking that there won’t be news for a while, she went to see the woman she picked up.

At a side room of YaoChi Palace, Xiao Xin was sitting on the steps, holding his chin reminiscent of his sister. Seeing Xiao Ting come over, he quickly ran over with his short legs.

“Sister, how is Aunt? Xiao Shi heard that she was injured. Can Xiao Shi visit her?”

The little man pulled Xiao Ting’s sleeve with a worried expression.

Xiao Ting smiled at him and said, “Aunt and the Emperor are together, so Xiao Shi can’t go there. After these obnoxious guys are gone, sister will take you to see Aunt again, okay?”

“Then, okay!” Xiao Xin reluctantly agreed.

Lu You hurriedly walked over, “Wangfei, go and have a look. The girl you brought back woke up and wants to leave.”

“Leave? This is the Palace. Is this a place where she can come and go as she pleases?”

Xiao Ting snorted and walked forward first.

As soon as she entered the door, she realized why all the palace maids were guarding outside and didn’t dare enter.

The girl in black was obviously not weak in martial arts, but at this moment, she’s like a shrew who didn’t understand any martial arts, hitting whatever she grabbed and throwing whatever she got.

“Why did you become crazy?”

As soon as Xiao Ting stepped in, she felt a cool breeze on her head. She hurriedly stepped back and closed the door, then heard something slam on the door, before opening it again.

She then strode inside.

“You are XIao Ting, the Jiu Wangfei.”

RTBAS 081: Xiao Guifei Is Missing
RTBAS 083: Making Trouble

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