12: Morning

11: Uproar at Night
13: Dog Loving Knight

“Why did he…! He betrayed us.”

“Calm down, he wouldn’t betray us… maybe there’s some misunderstanding or some other reason.”

“…how can you say that!? Why is Tsukimiya always… though I can’t deny that…”

“He is not someone who’d betray us for no reason. We were always together. Believe in him!”


“He wouldn’t leave because of banal reasons like greed or pleasure.”

“That… even when you’re in a similar situation… can you say the same…?”

“…I thought I just said that?”


“Calm down and check the situation. If he needed help, we have to help him.”

“…I understand. I’ll believe like Tsukimiya.”

“I think he would also say the same.”

“…that’s cunning, Tsukimiya.”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Kuuga had a nostalgic dream—a dream where everything went well just by being able to speak words.

Perhaps because of this dream, Kuuga thought that he was still human until the moment his consciousness slowly awakened, and he opened his eyes.

What he saw was Gadillas staring at the position where he slept. Perhaps he woke up when Gadillas opened his eyes.

[Good morning.]

“…Good morning.”


When he replied, Gadillas had a rare smile on his mouth as he muttered, “did I get it right?” That meant he didn’t really hear Kuuga say it.

Still, Kuuga was happy to be able to talk to Gadillas, so he rubbed himself on Gadillas’ cheek. Gadillas didn’t resist, maybe because his fur felt good as he stroked his neck with his hands.

“Ku, your tail is too annoying.”

[...I can’t help it...]

The tail, which expressed his emotions without permission, was flapping up the dust.

Apparently, Gadillas seemed to be the unusual type of having a good mood after waking up. Although it’s a slight change, his expression was soft, and he smiled a little.

For a while, Kuuga played with Gadillas on the bed, then the door was knocked, and Uros came in.

“Good morning, Your Majesty, Divine Beast-sama.”

Uros, who had a somewhat subtle look, approached the bed while greeting them. Kuuga, who was able to move because Gadillas got up, got out of bed and rubbed his head against Uros’ hand.

[Good morning, Uros.]

Uros, who seemed to understand that it was a greeting, patted him lightly while answering.

“About the woman last night, I’m trying to find her backer, but it seems like she didn’t look at the face of the person who instructed her, so it’s a bit difficult.”

“…but, if you look at the woman, it shouldn’t be a candidate.”

“…why is that?”

The ones trying to kill Gadills might be among the royal family members who were not selected in the ritual and were chagrined. Hence, both Kuuga and Uros tilted their heads to Gadillas, who confidently declared that.

Gadillas briefly glanced at Uros’ reaction then exhaled as if he had thought of something.

“Uros should have been taught this too.”

“What do you mean?”

“…the king who contracted with the Divine Beast is no longer a human. You should know that.”

“Yes. The chosen king will become a confidant to God and share life with the Divine Beast.”

Eh, is that so? Kuuga was surprised, but this didn’t seem to enter the other two’s sight.

“You also know that I can’t have children, right?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Do you know the reason?”


“It’s not because I became seedless.”

“…is that so?”

Uros thought that he couldn’t have a child because Gadillas was seedless. Gadillas stared at Uros, whose thoughts were written on his face, with a stern expression.

Kuuga was astounded by the information he’s learning for the first time.

“The essence of the king, who is close to God, is poisonous to humans. It seems that those who have been ejaculated on will die within a few days… this is something that the candidates are taught. Anyone could be chosen, so don’t make the mistake of assuming some things.”

“…I see, knowing this, Your Majesty wouldn’t mess with a woman… do you mean that you can’t use a hand like you did yesterday?”

“That’s right. On the contrary, this incident should be orchestrated by a guy who thought I was seedless like you did. So you don’t need to worry about it.”

“…hmm. I understand. I’ll tighten surveillance on the “childmaking team” of the previous generation. There might be contact with a suspicious person.

“…what’s with that name? It’s too blunt.”

What childmaking team!? Although Kuuga appeared surprised, he still wasn’t noticed.

“And for a while, I’ve decided to change the ones carrying the meals and clothes.”

“…what’s the current selection of people?”

“It hasn’t changed from the previous generation. Perhaps whoever the Divine Beast-sama chose, they had their hands underneath… honestly, we can’t trust anyone right now.”

Haa~, Gadillas, who sighed, murmured, “I see” to Uros then stepped out of bed.

“I can change my clothes by myself except for formal wear. Remove the guard knights for now… it would only disturb the Divine Beast.”

“…I agree. I’ve been informed about the Divine Beast, but I didn’t seem to have believed it much…”

“Just arrange it all over again.”

Kuuga now knew why Uros was so vigilant on the knights. Uros was wary because he didn’t know who to trust.

And because of such a situation, it happened that Gadillas’ life could be easily aimed at.

“But how do we choose…”

“We need to investigate one by one.”

“…it will take a considerable amount of time. I will think about that.”

After a brief discussion, Uros left the room to prepare breakfast. Gadillas sighed deeply, as if just getting up was tiring, and started changing clothes.

Kuuga had nothing to do, so he curled up in bed and observed Gadillas.

While they were discussing things, Kuuga realized that Uros and Gadillas kept looking sideways at him as if thinking about something. Perhaps they wanted to know how strong his ability to see through the servant’s innocence yesterday was and wondered if it could be used.

Maybe they didn’t mention it because they’re worried that it’s dangerous to make the proposal and couldn’t measure how much power Kuuga had and what he could understand.

Kuuga knew they’re just cautious, but they didn’t mention it, so Kuuga also couldn’t explain it.

Besides, Kuuga didn’t know much about this world, let alone the inside of this country. In the present situation where he could only know the other party’s essence, accurate advice couldn’t be given.

How could he learn somehow?

While his thoughts were spinning around, Uros came back with breakfast, and Kuuga stopped thinking.

11: Uproar at Night
13: Dog Loving Knight

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