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“And so, well… I was consulted when I went to have a drink with that girl.”


As expected, this administrator felt like an office worker, so Kuuga made a complicated face.

“In the end, I managed to approve your transfer to this world. Compared to that world, this world is fairly rough. After all, there’s something that causes magical phenomena called magic.”


It would be nice if Earth were a rough world…

“But it’s dangerous to welcome your soul as a human in this world. So I came up with the idea of welcoming you as the Divine Beast. For the time being, you’re under my management, and even if you have the power of God’s eyes that humans don’t have, I feel like the world will somehow accept it.”

“You mean this is to get rid of all the trouble.”

“…you can say it like that.”

No matter how much Kuuga prepared himself, it’s not easy to swallow being displaced from the world where he was born and raised. Kuuga’s expression was only a slight frown, but his too honest ears drooped down, but no one paid attention to it.

Of course, there’s no reason for Merdechalan not to notice it, as she silently watched until Kuuga fully digested the information.

Although he was silent and absorbed in his thoughts for a while, he suddenly felt something was strange and tilted his head. Something was wrong, or rather, didn’t fit――

“…right, I should be 17…. why is the oracle 30 years ago…?”

It should be after the birth of Kuuga that the administrator of that world started having troubles. When he realized that this world’s administrator gave the oracle many years before Kuuga was born, she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

“Even if I explain it, would you be all right?”

“…could it be…”

It’s like saying that if she told the truth, Kuuga would be shocked, so Kuuga had a bad feeling, and his face turned slightly blue.

Merdechalan nodded a little when Kuuga arrived at the answer.

“It’s exactly what you think.”

“…such, no way… 30 years have passed… is it?”


He wanted out as words, uncaring for his feelings, affirmed his thoughts. Kuuga muttered, “I didn’t know…” and slumped down as if weakened.

“You’re asleep, so you probably didn’t realize it. It took me 30 years to move your human body to this world and transform it into a Divine Beast. If there was a body prepared and I only had to move the soul, it would not have taken so long…”

“Then why did you bring my body?”

“If you pass through with just your soul, you’ll be proved dead in that world. But because I brought you with me, you would only be treated as missing.”

“…? Isn’t that similar? I can’t be found in any case.”

He’s supposed to be assumed dead after 7 years of disappearance. He tilted his head, seeing that there’s no difference so far, but Merdechalan shook her head at his misunderstanding.

“Are you unaware of how much influence you have? Have you ever wondered how many will try to follow you when your death was clear? Even when you went missing, there was much fuss.”


Recalling his friend’s faces in the previous world, Kuuga silently thought about what would happen if he died. It’s painful that they’d be worried, but he thought it’s better than them following after him.

“Because your life and death is not clear, they also stopped.”

“…did 30 years also pass in that world?”

“That’s right. They’re already parents. Rest assured, no one died.”

“…I see.”

He could never go back to the original world. He somehow knew it, but it’s only now that he accepted that.

Squeezing his hand on his lap, Kuuga managed to hold back his rising emotions. He could be sad later, so he had to ask what he could now.

“What is a Divine Beast? What was I meant to do?”

“Hmm, you’re right… There’s a Divine Beast for a reason. It’s common sense in this world why the person chosen by the Divine Beast became king. This is something that can never be changed. Unlike the national law, it’s imprinted on the soul of the creatures that live in this world.”

Hmm, he shouldn’t have complained about something that had become common sense. He didn’t know much about himself, but he instinctively knew that he wouldn’t be overturned.

Still, there’s no reason not to kill the king, and it seemed like someone felt uncomfortable about that common sense and him choosing the king, so they later aimed at Gadillas’ life.

“You enjoy a longer life than a normal human being, and you have no other role than choosing a king, so why not live happily?”


“You look dissatisfied, but it’s true. Some people read a bit too deeply into things to have a sense of mission, but in reality, it’s like winning a lottery.”

“…so how do you decide the country in which the Divine Beast appears?”

“I can’t tell you anything. It’s simply God’s intuition. This works quite well, so it’s okay.”

Somehow, he felt that he’d come to understand the reason why this world was roughly made. It’s rough because of the administrator.

“Did you decide the king?”

“What are you saying? You chose it, right?”

“I was so worried because I just contracted to someone without knowing anything. Aren’t you the one who was keeping an eye out?”

“…no, I’m just trying to make people who look good to you look that way. Because this is the Divine Beast’s sole purpose, the idea of harming the world is nonexistent even if you are a former human. As long as they had good compatibility with the Divine Beast, it wouldn’t be a foolish king. That’s why the Divine Beast was given the role of choosing a king.”

“…so that’s why I chose Gadi…”

Kuuga muttered in a complicated mood, feeling happy, and also pressured. However, he’s glad to find out that his feelings towards Gadillas were not manipulated.

When he reached out to the teacup to take a break and calm down, it seemed like he unconsciously emptied it. When Merdechalan noticed, she snapped her fingers, and tea instantly appeared in the cup.

It’s not freshly brewed, but slightly cooled down to a temperature that made it easy to drink. Kuuga enjoyed the fact that the tea he wasn’t particular about was convenient to drink.

“It was surprising that you chose that child… ah, but yeah… I wonder if it would have been better that you grow up in this world’s culture…”

“Is that related to Gadi’s problem? I was always worried because no one talked about it.”

“That’s not something I should say. Somehow, do some research yourself.”

Since she knew, he tried asking her about the situation, but when she refused, Kuuga dropped his head.

“The only thing I can say is that it’s not the world’s reason for that.”

“What do you mean?”

“You will know when that happens.”

He didn’t really understand what Merdechalan said, but it seemed like she didn’t want to tell him the details.

Judging that pursuing this topic was useless, Kuuga considered his next question.

“Is it true that control over my magical power is sealed?”

“Yes. To be precise, it seals your control over magical power and the power to become humanoid.”


If he could use magic and become humanoid, he should be able to help Gadillas more. When he frowned that God had sealed his power, Merdechalan wrinkled her brows as if it should be the other way around.

“Sealing it didn’t mean I didn’t like you. Your power is just too strong.”

“…too strong?”

“I have said that you’re a Divine Beast, so you have that power, but if you can use magic or humanize, it’s a little too strong. Furthermore, your power has evolved as a result of being transformed into a Divine Beast… I was very anxious at you suddenly putting all your energy into it.”

“What do you mean evolved?”

“Didn’t you use it in the church? The power of a water mirror. That was a power that wasn’t there when you were in that world, right?”

“Isn’t that the function of that fountain pool!?”

Kuuga widened his eyes when he was informed that the fountain pool’s function, which allowed him some amusement when he had no choice but to spend his free time in the church for 10 days, was his ability.

At Kuuga’s state, Merdechalan made a disgusted look and muttered, “There’s no way such a horrible function would exist.”

“The power to see what you want without anyone realizing it was also part of God’s eyes… then I turned you into the Divine Beast.”

“…I-I see…”

“When I realized that, I had already made you into a Divine Beast, so I hurriedly sealed off some of that power.”

“…that means, by accident, that guy…”



Even if his power unexpectedly evolved, it’s easy to understand if his original power was strong. Still, if his power as a Divine Beast were added, it would be further strengthened.

He thought this wasn’t bad, but when he saw the beautiful girl suddenly turn into a young man, Kuuga averted his gaze in a hurry.

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