FG 002: Collective Pitholes

FG 003: Which Is False And Which Is True

“Yu’er, it’s C, right?” Dou Bao asked Yu Zui in a low voice. The other boy didn’t react, but he heard the answer being whispered in the front row.

“No.” Yu Zui shook his head.

“Stop pretending as if you know the answer. Who do you think is the real murderer?” Dou Bao sarcastically said.

“I’m not talking about the answer.” Yu Zui smiled, then whispered to the other boy’s ear: “I mean, if someone sent by the organization let someone of your IQ be able to guess, their standards are quite lacking.”

Those cutting remarks made Dou Bao angry. After rolling his pea sized eyes, he swore fiercely: “Cheap person!”

“Rotten goods.” Yu Zui smiled and scolded him back good naturedly.

While the two were bickering, Xu Ping Qiu had already looked at the eleven or twelve who stood up. He smiled and encouraged them: “Remarkably brave. Then you can answer my question at the same time. My question is:”

He deliberately paused, and just when everyone felt that the answer was obvious, Xu Ping Qiu smiled, then changed the subject: “How many conditions did I give? Three seconds, answer.”

The boys who stood up went ‘uh uh’ a few times, with eyes bulging and throat choking. Their chins fell to the ground as they swallowed the words about to fall from their lips. Seconds passed, and no one answered. The students who didn’t stand made a pfft and laughed.

The logic question was meant to guess the murderer, so who would count the conditions said just now? It’s obviously a pit.

When laughter broke out, a boy blurted out: “Five.”

“You sure? Why not six?” Xu Ping Qiu smiled while deceiving him. The handsome boy was really not sure as he scratched his cheeks and thought hard. However, he was disturbed by the situation that his thinking couldn’t keep up. When he wanted to talk again, Xu Ping Qiu waved his hand: “Too slow. I’ll cancel your right to answer. Please sit down.”

Under the limelight, he awkwardly sat, and the laughter became louder among his classmates. Such a simple question, but no one thought it was a pit that would bury so many people. However, the atmosphere had become more harmonious. The old, sly criminal policeman had a gleam in his eyes, looking a bit cuter than the straight-faced instructors.

The most surprised person was Dou Bao in the back row. He gave Yu Zui a strange look. This guy with many cunning plots had actually realized the trick behind the question. However, he didn’t want him to be too proud, so even though he wanted to ask, he turned his head and ignored the other boy.

In the podium, Xu Ping Qiu hadn’t moved and still had that smile on his face. But the students below him moved, some laughing at the others who made a fool of themselves, some discussing the real answer to the question just now, and more were whispering. They talked about the conditions in a low voice, and even more about the free residence and housing they’d get after being selected.

The beautiful girl in the third row glanced at the boy who made a fool of himself from the same table, and said with a sneer in her eyes: “Jie Bing, that was stupid.”

“It’s not that I’m too stupid, this old policeman is just too cunning. If it were you, you won’t be able to answer either.” The boy couldn’t accept it, but he did suffer a major setback because of his negligence.

“Why can’t I answer? It’s six.” The girl counted but only at that moment.

“Lulu, don’t answer after it already happened.” Jie Bing said with a smile. When he smiled, his handsomeness was even more compelling.

The teachers standing in front of the classroom also smiled. These people weren’t rookies who didn’t know the sky and the earth. They’re happy to see the cadets’ frustration. The problem in quality nowadays was that they all came from superior living conditions. What they’re missing was this frustration. The only one surprised was the instructor in this department. The students’ failure to answer one question made him a little scared. He unnaturally looked back at President Wang and Director Jiang. The Director seemed to have seen through his mind and whispered: “It’s not your fault. Chief Xu could grasp the thoughts of even the most perverted murderers. Most people can’t keep up with his thinking.”

The other teachers and section chief next to them all smiled. Determining whether it’s praise or criticism was really hard to judge.

After a pause, Xu Ping Qiu once again saw the mischievous smile on the boy in the back row. It seemed incompatible with the lively atmosphere of the classroom at this moment. The boy seemed to have no intention of join anytime soon. After more than a dozen students were buried in the pit, Xu Ping Qiu saw that they had almost calmed down. Clapping his hands for silence, he said: “I’ll give everyone another chance. Regarding the logic question just now, who wants to try to answer?”

The students looked at each other, then three students stood up. Guessing the correct answer was not difficult since many people had already guessed it, so it’s no longer tricky. Now that some people had even given the number of conditions, would they even face any difficult problems?

After a pause, three more stood up. The boy who just ate a loss beside the beautiful female cadet was not convinced and stood up again.

“Good, your courage is still commendable… yo, a heroine stood up. How about ladies first for this question?” Xu Ping Qiu saw the girl and said so with a smile. When she stood up, he found that this girl was tall. She definitely wouldn’t bring peace to the country and the people. In a few years, he’s afraid she’d bring disaster to the country and its people. When he said so, the girl below her raised a fist to cheer, and quietly shouted: “Xiao An, you can do it…”

Good fan base. It seemed like this girl was the revered leader of many people. When she stood up, her face was filled with pride.

“Your last name is An… then it should be An JiaLu.” Xu Ping Qiu suddenly asked.

“Chief Xu, do you know me?” The girl blinked her beautiful eyes, not at all surprised, but rather excited.

“No, but I have seen the class list, and your the only one with the last name An of this class.” Xu Ping Qiu smiled, causing laughter from below. The beautiful woman, who was so proud, was unexpectedly struck by Xu Ping Qiu. An JiaLu became unhappy. She replied somewhat rebelliously: “Chief Xu should ask the question. Are you going to ask me who the murderer is? Or who told the truth? Or is it the number of conditions again?”

The confusing nature of the logic question was in ABCD. The truth teller and the real murderer was not the same person, and An JiaLu had a clear idea of who was who in her mind.

“You’re confident. I hope you’ll be as confident when answering. My question is…” Xu Ping Qiu stalled for a while, and a smile came out with the question: “Regarding the people who struggled with my question and couldn’t answer, plus the ones standing right now and including you, how many are there?”

An JiaLu’s eyes bulged. The answers she’d prepared were all swallowed back, almost choking her.

Too perverted. It’s actually very dark under such a big light. An JiaLu had been thinking of the answer all along, but didn’t think it would be a pit question again. She was shocked.

Pfft, someone laughed. An JiaLu was not sure how many had stood up before as she counted the people standing right now. At her hesitation, the laughter grew even worse.

There had been many who stood up before and they’re all over the classroom. Was it 12 or 13? No one was sure and An JiaLu’s face flushed with shame.

“Three seconds, whoever knows it should speak out.” Xu Ping Qiu pointed to the boys who stood up. Regarding this darkest under the lamp issue, who’d dare speak nonsense. After a pause, Xu Ping Qiu was not at all disappointed as he waved his hand: “Please sit down. Your right to answer questions has been taken away.”

Righteously angry, they sat down. Seeing that the girl named An JiaLu was so angry that her chest rose and fell, only those who dared not test the water could laugh at this time. When the laughter got worse, the boy next to the girl was not convinced. When he stood up with a loud sound, it scared Xu Ping Qiu to jump. The boy panting in anger had no trace of politeness as he bluntly said: “Chief Xu, I think you’re deliberately embarrassing us.”

All of a sudden, the room went quiet. This handsome boy, Jie Bing, was one of An JiaLu’s suitors and they were very close. However, seeing him help her even on this occassion, the others had to admire his courage.

“Oh, really?” Xu Ping Qiu smiled, then disapprovingly said: “Then for my question, do you find it difficult?”

“No, it’s not a difficult question, but this… is deliberately deviating from the topic, which is the reasoning problem.” Jie Being couldn’t accept it and said so.

“The first sentence I said was: Please pay attention to the conditions. The first requirement of being a criminal policeman is to be meticulous. If you only focus on one goal and ignore the simple elements, this is the so-called thinking blind spot. If you fell into the same pit for the second time, that’s called force of habit thinking. If you can’t overcome the blind spot and force of habit, you’ll make detours in the future while working.” Xu Ping Qiu said, but he still couldn’t convince the boy, so he continued: “Do you like watching Conan and Holmes?”

“Huh?” The boy suddenly raised his head, finding it strange. With this expression, he most likely did.

“The answer to my question just now is not difficult. Assuming D tells the truth, the other three conditions can be established at the same time, so it can be judged that C is the real murderer… but these are not what I tested. It’s your attention to detail and observation. You can blame me for deviating, but you can’t blame me for the problem being too difficult, right?” Xu Ping Qiu smiled and saw the students below were embarrassed. However, he saw that there’s still an unconvinced expression on Jie Bing’s face, so he said: “Student Jie Bing, let’s continue the question from before. I’ll be Sherlock Holmes and how about I inspect you?”

Jie Bing was in disbelief and a bit stunned. He’s not sure if this old policeman was bragging or really had the skills. He froze, and Xu Ping Qiu whispered before he could reply.

“…you’re personal life habits are very good and you love cleanliness; one or two of your parents are civil servants, I think it should be above the Department level; your family is very superior with an annual income of at least 300,000 yuan, even more; you have no addiction to smoking or drinking; you don’t get along well with your classmates and it should be because of you being highbrow; the literary sense in you is very strong, so I think you’re fond of painting and appreciate that sort of thing… don’t be so doubtful. I haven’t read your profile, I just read the class list. Are you wondering how I can guess so much?”

When Xu Ping Qiu sprayed out a few judgments like a machine gun, the cadets in the room was suppressed all of a sudden. All of them were whispering, wondering how he could guess so much details. Jie Bing’s handsome face was a bit embarrassed. He felt like he’d been stripped naked and he hesitated. Unexpectedly, Xu Ping Qiu went and said something stronger, straight forwardly saying: “If I could add one more. I can see from the details that you’re chasing a girl but haven’t caught up yet, right?”

The whole class laughed. An JiaLu couldn’t hold it in anymore, after stroking her forehead and covering her face, she giggled embarrassingly. At this time, even the instructor was surprised. The man had guessed almost as much as he knew as the class’ teacher…

FG 003: Which Is False And Which Is True

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