28: Asking God 3

27: Asking God 2
29: As Expected, 3 Minutes Is Too Short

“T-then that means… I can’t be humanoid or use magic?”

“You can now. I’ll release it little by little as the world gets used to you. It’s dangerous to release it all at once, but it’s okay once you get used to it little by little.”

“Is it like piercing a hole?”

“…you have quite a unique analogy.”

He thought it’s easy to understand that way.

“Can you release anything now?”

“See here; you’re only 30 years old right now! It’s too early! Why did you think I didn’t give you any knowledge! It’s to buy time!”

“Even just a little?”

“You’re surprisingly… haaa. It can’t be helped, then just a little. Which do you want, becoming humanoid or magical power?”


To Kuuga’s reply, Merdechalan showed a slightly unexpected look. She thought he’d be more anxious but Kuuga wanted to be able to talk to people more than the magic he had never used. Even so, it’s still hard to give up magic.

“I understand. Then I’ll release it a bit so that you can become humanoid. Once a day for 3 minutes.”

“3 minutes!? …t-then, give me a voice.”

“This is the limit at this stage… well, I’ll increase the time limit by one minute every day. More than that is impossible…. don’t look like an abandoned puppy.”

“…I understand.”

“You’re surprisingly pushy…”

No matter how much, 3 minutes was too short. He tried to increase it to at least how much time he needed to make cup noodles, but he could only draw out the condition that it’d increase 1 minute every day.

However, he’s glad that he could have something even when he thought she wouldn’t release anything. Now he could talk to Gadillas even just a little bit.

“How can I become a humanoid?”

“If you focus on the mark on your forehead and imagine yourself as a human, you can become a person. If you’re worried, do you want to practice? Though your quota for today will be gone.”

“No, it’s good.”

Kuuga shook his head since he had to go back and talk today. Explaining shouldn’t be that difficult, so it’s manageable.

“I wonder if that’s the end of all the things you want to ask?”

“No wait, there’s the thing about a Divine Beast that also appeared in the neighboring country…”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Did you give them a Divine Beast without any conditions? Yet you imposed conditions on Ragra, wasn’t that unfair?”

Remembering Gadillas’ situation, he hurriedly asked Merdechalan, who had began to enter the house and looked as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“It’s certainly an unusual thing, but it’s not bad. I made it because it was leftover after I made you.”

“…left over?”

“The power to support this world is supplied in a certain amount every day, but it’s a little more than necessary because of the unexpected situation. So, if it isn’t used, it’s leftover, and I usually store it.”


“However, there’s a limit to how much it can be stored, so once it has accumulated to some extent, it uses that power to make a Divine Beast and throw it into the world.”

“…I see, so that’s the condition for Divine Beasts appearing… it’s like spending on travelling with a savings fund once every few years… so those are Divine Beasts…”

He felt very complicated. He really didn’t want to tell the people of this world about this truth.

“It’s that power that made your body a Divine Beast, but it seemed like you didn’t use much power in spite of the time it took, so there were quite a lot left. So I made another one for the time being and threw it in.”

Understood. After all, it suited this administrator’s rough style.

Kuuga sighed deeply at the many things that worried him.

“Sure, the conditions I gave Ragra might have been strict, but it’s because they got to have a powerful Divine Beast like you.”


“Haven’t I been saying that from a while ago? Divine Beasts don’t have the power of God’s eyes. I’m sealing off some power right now with my own powers but once I release you, I won’t be complaining.”

“I-I see…”

He was worried because he couldn’t humanize or use magic as a Divine Beast and might even fall from his position. It would be another story if everything was released.

However, he’s a little relieved that he had something to convince Gadillas.

“Oh yes, I have one piece of advice, because Jihak’s Divine Beast is a pure beast, unlike you.”

“Are there any problems?”

“Don’t treat it the same even though you think you’re the same. Someone who had lived for 17 years and a newborn child who had only been planted with the knowledge can’t be the same, right?”

“…is it because its character has not formed yet…”

“For a few years, it’ll only be interested in the king. Don’t get angry if it ignores you.”


While realizing that he was quite irregular as a Divine Beast, Kuuga nodded meekly.

“Well, it’s about time. I have a lot of work to do.”

With a tired face from talking so much and without listening to any reply, Merdechalan snapped her fingers. Then, the body of Kuuga was wrapped in light again, and his body became warmer.

When he noticed it, he was back to the familiar black beast in the past few days.

[...how long do I have to wait until the other seals are released?]

While jumping out of the chair, he was worried that he wouldn’t be understood in this form, but it seemed like the administrator heard his words.

“Wait 30 more days, and I’ll release it a little more.”

[Why not the whole thing?]

“I’ll release something in the next 30 days. Come again at that time.”

[I understand.]

“Then, I’ll send you to where you were before.”

Before being told how to get back from here, Kuuga glanced at Merdechalan, who was about to snap her fingers.

[Is there only one island at the end? What are the small floating islands I’ve been through before I got here?]

“It’s my hobby. Something like a home vegetable garden.”

[...I see.]

At that moment, Kuuga’s body disappeared with the sound of fingers snapping.

27: Asking God 2
29: As Expected, 3 Minutes Is Too Short

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