30: Magic Stone

29: As Expected, 3 Minutes Is Too Short
31: A Beautiful and Strange Man

Using a dictionary, Kuuga explained that he could only become humanoid for 3 minutes a day with 1 minute added every day afterward. Gadillas was convinced and muttered that it was “too short.”

After seeing that Kuuga wouldn’t have the time to wear something, Uros immediately prepared something like a gown. All he had to do was put it on and tie the cord around the waist. It’s quite easy.

If possible, he wanted to tell them what he talked about with Merdechalan verbally, but that’s impossible this time.

So Kuuga used a dictionary to say that he’s the only one who could “see-through” people and explained that it took 30 years because he’s a more powerful Divine Beast than usual. It’s actually the amount of time Kuuga was transformed into a Divine Beast, but Kuuga didn’t know if it’s good to tell them that.

Kuuga was not the one sought after in this world. Rather, it could be said that he brought troublesome things.

He didn’t want to tell Gadillas such a story without using his own mouth.

When he tried the water mirror power in the bathroom, he was astonished that it really happened. However, the water’s surface was so wide that it’s hard to see as if he’s in the front row of a movie theater. He thought it’s okay to use water on a tray.

By the way, even though he was using the water mirror power, it didn’t seem to be visible to Gadillas. It seemed like Kuuga’s eyes were the only ones meant to see through the water’s surface, not the image being projected on the surface. That’s what it meant to have God’s eyes.

Since it’s not a power that used this world’s magical power, it’s a rather cowardly power that couldn’t be detected by magical power. He became scared of himself.

Determined to use this power as little as possible, Kuuga laid himself in his fixed position on the bed. Gadillas, with a sleepy face, immediately put his head on his belly.



“From now on, sleepovers are prohibited.”

[…got it.]

Looking at Gadillas’ condition, Kuuga also thought it’s his fault, so he didn’t argue.

He didn’t know if the other person waited without sleeping or couldn’t sleep at all, but it didn’t matter because whichever it was, Kuuga was happy.

[It’s all right. I won’t go anywhere without you.]

Despite rubbing against Gadillas’ cheek and telling him that, the other man wouldn’t understand. Realizing that Kuuga was saying something, Gadillas gazed at Kuuga as if he was thinking about something.

“Can you speak again tomorrow?”


“…even if it’s only 1 minute longer, I suppose it’s better than nothing…”

Then Gadillas closed his eyes as if he wanted tomorrow to come earlier. Feeling Gadillas’ wish to talk to him, Kuuga felt warm and laughed a little.

Kuuga closed his eyes while rolling his body to wrap around Gadillas’ head.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“So, if you wait another 30 days, the magic control seal will be released?”

“I’m not sure which and to what extent it will be released, but some will be released in 30 days.”

“Hmm. Until then, it’d be a waste to learn magic control.”

The next day, Koran, who knew about the situation, was also present, and Kuuga became humanoid to explain the seal’s story. He didn’t have much time, so he only briefly explained why he was sealed.

For some reason, Koran, who brought the Lulun flower pot today, was troubled at seeing the flower dance wildly. It seemed like he thought it’s a waste that his magical power was flowing out just like that.

“Isn’t there a device that collects the magical power in the air like that flower?”

If they wanted to utilize Kuuga’s power at the moment, they needed such a device.

“…oh, that’s right. A magic stone.”

“Magic stone? …”

His humanization was broken in the middle of talking, and Kuuga returned to his appearance as a beast. That’s his limit for today.

Gadillas stroked the head of Kuuga, who had dropped his ears because it was over and sought comfort from Gadillas.

Koran showed a surprised look for a moment, but as he was told earlier, Kuuga only had 4 minutes, so he immediately regained senses and continued the topic.

“Did you know about magic tools? There are two types, one was the type in which a person casts magical power to activate it, and the other is the type in which a magical stone constantly supplies magical power to activate it.”

[Is that like a magical battery?]

“The magic stone is an ore that’s made by absorbing magical power. It can be collected from places where magical power accumulates.”

“Isn’t it possible that Kuuga could make a magic stone if he carried a magic ore that wasn’t a magic stone yet?”

Koran nodded when asked by Gadillas.

It took some years to make a magic stone, but in the place where the magic stone collected the strong magical power in the air, the Lulun flowers wouldn’t move so much. Koran suggested that if the magic ore absorbed the magical power draining out of Kuuga, magic stones could be made much faster than usual.

Magic stones were very precious, and the amount collected was not large. If it could be made, it’d be a great profit.

“Would you like to carry some magic ore with you?”

[You’re right. Anyway, it’s dripping out, so why not give it a try?]

It seemed like things called magic ores could be collected fairly easily. Then, he thought that he should get a large amount of it to absorb his magical power. Still, if he had too much, the magical power would be absorbed too much, and the ones in the air would be thinner, so the time required to make a magic stone will increase to decades.

Although he was impressed with how much magical power it sucked, they put a Lulun flower in front of him to test if Kuuga’s draining magical power was really absorbed, then they lowered something like a tote bag around his neck and put magic ores there.

The magic ore looked like a transparent crystal and about 10 cm in size.

While paying attention to the movement of the Lulun flower, they put 5 or 6 in the bag before the Lulun flower became noticeably slower.

As a result, the Lulun flowers stopped moving after eight ores, so the magical power that Kuuga was shedding got properly absorbed.

Kuuga, who was glad that his useless magical power might be useful, often watched the state of the magic ore he’s raising and smiled while being watched with warm gazes from all around.

29: As Expected, 3 Minutes Is Too Short
31: A Beautiful and Strange Man

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  1. 1 minuit a day added it’ll take about 4 years to get to hold the human form for 24hr. Hopefully he gets the full unlock of that at the end of the month.

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