31: A Beautiful and Strange Man

30: Magic Stone
32: Kuuga's Confession

The next day was finally Gadillas’ coronation. It’s finally here.

Next to Gadillas, dressed in formal attire, was the moody Kuuga, who had a necklace covered in jewels wrapped around his neck.

The late king’s Queen was a little away from the castle while the concubines lived in the temple. The former king, who had just moved away because his work was finished, was dragged out and sat on the throne. He also had an unpleasant face.

Gadillas, who kneeled to be crowned, seemed unmotivated while everyone around tried their best to create a solemn atmosphere as if threatened. It was quite a pitiful scene.

While he was watching the situation of the former king and Gadillas, Kuuga could not say that he’s in a bad mood, so he just watched over while being irritated.

“I leave the rest to you, Gadillas.”

I won’t work anymore! With eyes heavily implying those words, Gadillas appropriately replied by saying, “please retire with peace of mind.”

This parent and child were the same.

The coronation was completed, and Gadillas became the king in the true sense.

When Gadillas went out to the hallway with Kuuga, the nobles were waiting for him to congratulate one after another. Gadillas calmly dealt with them while patting Kuuga’s head. If he saw Kuuga frown, that meant those people had malicious thoughts behind their smiles.

Gadillas, who had always been on the lookout for everything around himself, was able to relax in the presence of Kuuga, who was alert to any person whom Gadillas should be wary of.

He didn’t put it to words, but him stroking Kuuga’s body implied his gratitude. Understanding that everyone around him was afraid of Kuuga, Kuuga also rubbed against Gadillas to restrain him.

“Your Majesty, congratulations.”

What appeared was a man with swaying blue hair and a neutral face. Kuuga was also familiar with this man since he was also at the ritual.

However, he didn’t have an impression and only thought of him as familiar. At that time, Kuuga was concentrating on Gadillas, so the other people were at the level of only remembering their faces.

“So, it’s Sonileus.”

“We haven’t met since the day of the ritual.”

A man with a pretty face. Although he’s delicate, he wouldn’t be mistaken for a woman because of his masculine figure though some men around them were blushing.

Kuuga stared at Sonileus while tilting his head. He wasn’t fascinated. It’s just that this man was weird.

The slightly drooping corners on the eyes created a sweet atmosphere, and the gentle smiling expression was also wonderful. Moreover, it’s not an act. A man who had the faith of the masses, this was the evaluation seen by Kuuga.

Still, Kuuga felt something was unusual. The other man certainly seemed to be congratulating Gadillas and smiled naturally, but he still felt anxiety that couldn’t be expressed.

It’s the first time he’d ever felt so confused. Even though Kuuga’s eyes saw people as good or bad, he could only discern this man halfway.

Gadillas noticed Kuuga’s confusion and made a strange expression. Following his line of sight, Sonileus also looked at Kuuga.

“It’s been a while, Divine Beast-sama.”


Although he looked like a good person from Kuuga’s perspective, this strange sensation interfered with Kuuga’s response.

It seemed like Gadillas didn’t know how to respond to Kuuga’s unclear reaction.

“Ah, right. I’m sorry, I’m a little busy right now, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“Have you come all this way just to say congratulations?”

Fufu, sometimes, I also need to take a break. See you later.”

Sonileus left in a hurry when a man, who seemed to be a subordinate waiting behind him, called out to Sonileus with a small voice. Was it because he was so busy that he hadn’t seen him until now?

Looking at his leaving back, Kuuga tilted his head while Gadillas told him that Sonileus was a magic tool researcher. He’s a genius and seemed to have developed many new magic tools until now, so he was very popular and had high expectations. It seemed like he’s too busy because of that.

And Gadillas, with a small voice, muttered that he thought he would be chosen as king.

[...can a king rule the people with just good faith from the masses? It’s not like it’s always good for the people.]

“Well, let’s go.”

With a wry smile that it wasn’t transmitted, Kuuga stuck to Gadillas’ side and started moving.

They had no plans for a parade or a party, so immediately after changing clothes, he headed to the office with Gadillas when Luon appeared from the front. He looked excited, but what happened?

“Your Majesty, congratulations.”


“By the way, I heard that Kuuga-sama is making magic stones. Is that true?”

Gadillas nodded to Luon, who immediately entered the main subject because he didn’t care about anything else. Luon’s gaze poured over the bag hanging over Kuuga’s neck.

“Can I see it?”

“I don’t mind, but he only started yesterday.”

They’d never seen Luon so excited. Through Gadillas’ subtle words, Luon knelt in front of Kuuga and took out a magic ore from his bag.

“…this, did you really start yesterday?”

“Hn? …the colors are starting to change.”

Looking at Luon’s hand, where the two men were looking at, he certainly felt like the magic ore was slightly pink.

He heard that magic stones that have accumulated magical power would turn a bright red color, so colorless and transparent magical ores would gradually turn red when they absorbed magical power. However, it usually took years before a magic stone was created.

Given that, it’s certainly surprising that there’s a noticeable level of change in just one day.

“It might turn into a magic stone in 10 days. This is fantastic. You can significantly reduce the magic stone budget used in the castle.”

It seemed like he’d sniffed out gold. As expected of Luon.

But please don’t look at him like he saw a money tree.

“Your Majesty, you know about the barrier magic stones that surround Lagour.”

“Ah, that giant magic stone. I’m sure it still had another year.”

“Yes. However, the cost of purchasing a magic stone of that size is allocated and budgeted every year…”

“…do you mean to say that if Kuuga could make a magic stone of that size, the accumulated funds would be freed?”

“That’s exactly right. It’s quite large, you know.”

He thought that the story would proceed without his permission, but since Kuuga didn’t have any particular complaints, he was silent, so he shouldn’t be opposed. However, he thought that it’s inconvenient to carry around if it became a big stone.

“It’s not urgent considering this absorption rate. You can leave it in the bedroom.”

“I’ll arrange it immediately! Excuse me!”

The moment he got approval, Luon stood up and said his greetings, then walked away. He ran so fast that they could tell he’s in a good mood even from behind. Kuuga knew that he’d become noisy when it came to money but would do anything if it could help the country. This was the first time he’d seen him like this.

“He’s a surprisingly funny guy.”


30: Magic Stone
32: Kuuga's Confession

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