33: Taking Measurements

32: Kuuga's Confession
34: Mysterious Marathon

“Kuuga-sama, I would like to take your measurements, so could I use today’s portion?”


“It’s only for a short time right now, but eventually, you’ll be able to become a humanoid for a long time. I think that changing clothes is a hassle when you become a humanoid or return to your original shape, so I thought of making clothes that are easy to put on and take off.”


The clothes’ issue was that it took time to change into one and tear apart when he changed back.

Looking at Uros, who seemed eager to make clothes that considered that, Kuuga thought about it for a while before looking at Gadillas. When he asked Gadillas about that, Gadillas just nodded, so Kuuga also nodded and humanized for today.

“The time limit is 6 minutes.”

“Hurry up! Then, excuse me.”

Very few people knew that Kuuga could humanize, and without calling on any experts, only the people in this room could take his measurements. That’s why Lewis and Edallion moved at Uros’ signal.

“Kuuga-sama, raise your arms~.”

“Ah, I haven’t measured the shoulder width yet, so please wait a moment.”

“Eh, a-ah.”

“Kuuga-sama, please don’t move.”


It took a few people to measure since they’re in a hurry, but the teamwork of these three who were not experts was the worst.

While making a fuss, they still managed to finish the measurement in just 6 minutes, and he couldn’t do anything else before today’s quota was over.

With a paper where Kuuga’s body measurements were written, Uros left the office to request a clothing specialist. Despite being impressed at how much he could do, Kuuga was a bit concerned about giving him extra work.

Even though he was busy, he didn’t have to worry about his clothes, but when he told Gadillas about that with a dictionary, Gadillas only laughed a little.

“Don’t worry. We can hire enough new people with the money you earned.”

[You mean the magic stone? But I haven’t earned it yet...]

Gadillas denied it with a “that’s not it” when he realized what Kuuga muttered while touching the bag hanging on his neck with a forefoot.

“It’s just around me, but idiots who think of ridiculous things and useless guys that couldn’t be used have been eliminated. With the improved efficiency alone, the profits are different. That’s what I meant.”

[…so that’s it.]

“It’s a lot different just by trusting Luon… it’s amazing when I let him do it.”

[Ahh… because he loves this country and money...]

He was a person who loved earning money as well as being trusted by Kuuga, so they trusted that his top priority was for this country. Ordinarily, they could interfere in Luon’s way and make a lot of mistakes, but it seemed like Gadillas honestly trusted him to do it.

Luon was in good condition and had no complaints. The Luon, without any shackles, seemed to be able to exert his original potential.

It’s not possible to make such a judgment just because Kuuga said so. He thought it was credit due to Gadillas and Luon, but Gadillas said it’s Kuuga’s profit.

Kuuga, who was convinced, had nothing to do anymore, so he approached Lewis today to either study or take a walk. However, someone blocked Kuuga’s path today. ――it’s Edallion.

[What’s wrong?]

“Sometimes, I also want to take Kuuga-sama for a walk!”

“Oi, work.”

“I’ll leave Lewis!”


As usual, Gadillas gave a tsukkomi to Edallion, who was still carefree, but Edallion sacrificed Lewis. As expected, Lewis also had a startled look.

“I thought that I could play with Kuuga-sama, so I became the Commander of the Royal Guard Knights!”

“Ah, you’re right. Don’t whine anymore. Lewis, I’m sorry, but switch for today.”

Perhaps deciding that it would become a hassle, Gadillas accepted Edallion’s selfish request. Lewis had a pitiful face, but he nodded reluctantly for Edallion’s sake.

“Yay! Kuuga-sama, I’ll take you to my recommended place!”


Edallion, who lived like an adult child, hugged and cuddled Kuuga until he became a mess.

Gadillas was shaking his head and had a hand on his forehead as if he had a headache. Edallion being like this didn’t seem to fit the Commander role, but he’s still amazing in a fight…

After that, Kuuga decided to take a walk while being dragged by the excited Edallion.

32: Kuuga's Confession
34: Mysterious Marathon

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