32: Kuuga’s Confession

31: A Beautiful and Strange Man
33: Taking Measurements

That night, when they returned to the bedroom, a stupidly huge magic ore was already on the side table next to the bed. He heard it was a giant magic stone, but he didn’t think it was so big.

It’s at a size that’s difficult to carry around and approximately 20cm in length, 30cm in width, and 20cm in height. Given Kuuga’s current size and physical performance, he would be able to carry it as long as he had something where it could fit, but it’d definitely be a hassle.

While in the bedroom, the small magic ores he’s raising were moved to the corner of the room so that the huge magic ore could absorb most of his magical power. If it’s this big, it wouldn’t be possible to become a magic stone in a short time. However, Kuuga’s drained magical power was at a ridiculous level so that it would be completed much faster than a natural one.

In the first place, a magic stone of such an extraordinary size was not usually found. Due to its scarcity, size, and magical power, it required a huge amount of money to purchase. That’s why Luon ran up to them.

In Lagour, the capital city of Ragra, a big magic stone of this size was needed to support the large barrier that surrounded the whole city.

It seemed that the method of using multiple magic stones of a certain size was being considered, but it hadn’t been developed to a stage where it could be put into practical use. An amateur would easily think that it might only increase the supply source, but it’s not that simple.

Kuuga didn’t know it in detail, but magic power has a quality. Even if it’s the same size and the same amount of magic stone, the effect and durability would be different if the quality were different. It’s difficult to mix and use magic stones with different qualities at the same time. However, it’s more difficult to change one small magic stone frequently, or rather, this meant that the barrier couldn’t be established in the first place.

It seemed that the most magical power was consumed the moment the barrier was created, and after that, it’d gradually be consumed for maintainance. It meant that a small magic stone couldn’t even cover the first part.

As usual, Gadillas was explaining the country’s situation while he acted as a pillow when Gadillas suddenly muttered “ah.”

“You didn’t humanize today.”


He was busy and forgot that he was able to humanize for 5 minutes today.

Such a waste! He thought so and sat up to humanize, then Gadillas threw the sheets on Kuuga because there’s no gown nearby.

After sitting cross-legged on the bed while hiding his lower body on the sheets, Gadillas also raised his body to face each other.

“It’s five minutes today.”

“Is gradually getting longer better, or…”

“By the way…”


“You said that you didn’t name yourself and that you didn’t come down from the place where the Divine Beasts live. What did you mean?”

Regarding that topic, Kuuga wryly smiled at how he should explain it.

He didn’t have the courage to say everything without covering anything up, but he wanted Gadillas to know that he was once a human without saying that God abducted him. And since Gadillas was particularly alert to humans, Kuuga opened his mouth while being a bit nervous.

“…do you know that there’s a different world other than here?”

“A different world? Not the world where God lives?”

“Yes. A world where people live on another land, unlike here. I was born in a place where there is no magic, and science has advanced. So I was living as a human for 17 years. Of course, I was born out of my parents’ belly, and I didn’t know there was another world at that time.”

Gadillas glanced at him in surprise. The existence of another world must have been like a pipe dream, and he would never have thought that Kuuga was a human being.

“One day, when I woke up, I was in that church. For some reason, I have become the Divine Beast… I was already in that state.”

“I see, so that’s why you didn’t know anything. Is it the same as the Divine Beast of Jihak?”

“No, that’s a normal… original Divine Beast that was born as a Divine Beast. I had a special power, so it seems that I was made into a Divine Beast.”

“The power to see through people.”

“Yes. It’s too convenient and cowardly.”

“That’s true, but it’s just right for me.”

Gadillas answered in a light tone to the words he muttered while laughing at himself. Certainly, without this power, Gadillas would not have been able to figure out who he could believe. Anyone wouldn’t fully believe in someone without such absolute proof.

The compatibility between the Divine Beast and the king might be based on their personality, but even with that, his compatibility with Gadillas was outstanding. He’s suitable for a person with the character that wouldn’t apologize for the terrible power and wouldn’t try to abuse it.

Kuuga looked at Gadillas. He confessed that he was a former human, but he was relieved that the other man didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

It seemed like it was on his face, so Gadillas leaned over and asked, “what’s wrong.”

“…I was a little worried that if you knew I was originally human, you wouldn’t believe me.”

When Kuuga told the truth, Gadillas spilled a bitter laugh as he raised a brow and muttered “certainly” while a little astonished. Come to think of it, he never realized when he’d become so expressive.

“Maybe it was a while ago… but you seem to be okay.”


Kuuga was really happy.

“I said, don’t rub when your humanoid!”

“Ah, sorry. It’s just.”

It had become a habit. He then noticed that he’s rubbing his cheek on Gadillas’ shoulder. He’s dissatisfied with the fact that he couldn’t be patted as a humanoid.

No, wasn’t it okay since he could speak now? Kuuga had a complicated expression when he realized that he was too accepting of being treated like a dog daily.

Gadillas, looking at his drooping ears up close, raised his hand to pat Kuuga. When he realized it, Kuuga slightly looked up.


Kuuga’s body was wrapped in light. It was time out.

Silence fell between the disappointed Kuuga and Gadillas, who had his hand raised in the air. Gadillas thought about something while moving his hand to his head with an awkward face and scratched. When he sighed a little, this time, he put his hand on Kuuga’s head and patted it roughly.

“Let’s sleep for today.”

[...all right.]

31: A Beautiful and Strange Man
33: Taking Measurements

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