35: Riding Training

34: Mysterious Marathon
36: Human-like Divine Beast-sama

Kuuga then returned to the office with Edallion, who was tired but still boasted to Gadillas in a good mood when he recovered.

“Hoh? Did you get on even though I haven’t got on him yet?”

“Eh, no, I mean, Kuuga-sama did…”

[Waa, I thought Gadillas would be my first time, but I wanted to comfort Edallion…]

“Use the dictionary.”

Kuuga appealed with words that would make people misunderstand, but fortunately, it wasn’t transmitted to anyone.

Since the dictionary was placed in front of him, he said, “I wanted to comfort Edallion, who gave up becoming a Dragon Knight,” and “I asked if Gadillas would like to ride on me that first day but it wasn’t transmitted”.

When Gadillas knew that Kuuga asked him first, but it wasn’t transmitted properly, his mood recovered slightly.

“Uros, prepare a saddle. Add riding training to the morning training.”

“It’s not the same thing as a horse. It would need adjustments each time so a trial product would be prepared, but..”

“You’re probably right. Call a craftsman for now.”


Somehow, it became important.

Gadillas’ morning training took a back seat when he became king, and it’s only recently that he started again. Kuuga looked at Gadillas, who honestly swung his sword and sometimes made it more complicated by stimulating a battle. It seemed like the riding training would be added there.

An unfortunate craftsman was immediately called to the castle to make the saddle and adjust it accordingly. While looking frightened, he measured Kuuga’s waist, neck, and shoulder-length from the ground before being forced to make a trial product.

Furthermore, since Gadillas wanted to use it early morning tomorrow, the craftsman was told to make a trial today, which left him in tears. Kuuga felt like he did something bad.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Early morning of the next day, Kuuga humanized before being saddled with the trial product. It was a saddle and a dog harness. The craftsman handed it over while complaining in tears that he could not guarantee its durability because he made it in a hurry.

Before they start the riding training, Kuuga wanted to tell Gadillas of his physical fitness. It also included some self-appeal.

“I’m confident that I can overtake the horse if I do my best, but I don’t know if Gadi can take it.”

“Don’t, it’s necessary to gradually raise the speed to know your limits.”

“I can jump quite a bit. However, I won’t be able know the highest since it’ll put a burden on Gadi.”

“You’re right.”

“…because I understand the language, I’m confident that I’ll be more useful than a horse.”

“…why do you have a sense of rivalry?”

The horse refused Kuuga on the first day. It was clearly beneath him, but somehow, his rivalry was growing. However, he didn’t say it because he knew that he’d be met with amazement when he tell such things to Gadillas.

After that, he started running and jumping little by little and started to see various things. Then Kuuga, who returned to a beast due to time running out, asked Gadillas to put on the saddle and harness.

“Are there any discomforts?”

[...it’s probably okay.]

Of course, it being wrapped around his body felt strange. However, it didn’t seem to hinder his movements and there was no pain, so he shook his head.

This time, there’s also a stirrup, so Kuuga was standing when Gadillas straddled him.

“It’s strange that I have a lower line of sight than on a horse.”

[...I can’t compete with the height...]

“Well, I’m getting used to it. Alright, try walking slowly.”

[Got it.]

The place was the training camp of dragons he visited yesterday. Since it’s still early in the morning, nobody was there when Kuuga slowly started walking in the large area.

Kuuga proceeded while taking care not to overload Gadillas as much as possible with the way he walked with Edallion yesterday.

“It doesn’t shake as much. I feel fine, so maybe a bit faster.”


This time, he was instructed to run with a trotting speed. It’s about as fast as the marathon with Edallion.

Kuuga thought that he could afford it because he had both the saddle and the harness, and Gadillas also said, “maybe a bit faster” so he probably had the same idea.

The faster he ran, the greater the burden on Gadillas, who was riding him, but it seemed to be fine since he’s training regularly and he had ample riding skills. Kuuga was also happy to hear his satisfied voice.

Since it was a saddle made in a rush, Gadillas, who actually used it, ordered an adjustment to the craftsman and the day ended.

34: Mysterious Marathon
36: Human-like Divine Beast-sama

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