FG 003: Which Is False And Which Is True

FG 002: Collective Pitholes
FG 004: Buddy Love

Amidst the laughter of the class, Doubao was impressed by Xu Ping Qiu’s bearing. Turning around to look at Yu Zui, he then said: “Yu’er, that old man seems to know his stuff.”

“If he didn’t, how can he fool us?” Yu Zui said with a smile.

“What do you mean fool? Other people can’t guess all of that.” Doubao said with an expression completely impressed by Xu Ping Qiu.

“Stupid, that Jie Bing bathes everyday in cologne and always show off his money. You can tell by looking at his clothes that he’s the second generation of a rich family. Is there even a need to guess?” Yu Zui said, not taking the matter seriously.

This guy was accustomed to acting cool and powerful, never believing in the organization, but Doubao didn’t agree with him and ignored him. Looking at the eloquent chief on the podium, Doubao was amazed at how he was so accurate that the usually arrogant Jie Bing, who usually looked down on them, was embarrassed. This level of skill to know people at a glance really fascinated the little cadets who hadn’t interacted with society.

Xu Ping Qiu saw that Jie Bing was embarrassed and explained with a smile: “Please sit down, classmate Jie Bing. I am not targeting you. In fact, having such a superior family background should be the envy of most people.”

With those words, he comforted Jie Bing and gave him some face. When he sat down, Xu Ping Qiu turned around and said: “In Sherlock Holmes’ cases, the most used skill is judging a person’s behavior pattern through details. The reason why Sherlock holmes became popular all over the world is not because of how wonderful the case is, but because what he described is something an ordinary person can do… However, it’s something often ignored by ordinary people. Pick up these details and one day, you will find that you can be Sherlock Holmes, and maybe even better than him.”

That voice wasn’t loud, but it echoed in the hearts of the group of rookies below. An Jialu was scared at first, but then became astounded. She was amazed with the eyes of this old policeman, so she took the lead in applauding, which was followed by two and three people, until loud applause rang in the classroom. In this way, she forgot about the pit questions, only thinking that being able to tell a person’s behavior in one glance deserved some applause.

Xu Ping Qiu saw one person who didn’t applaud. The one in the back row sat lazily but with an upright back while playing with a pen in his hand. The cadet turned the pen smoothly, spinning it around his thumb. That was a sign of utter boredom, so he was slightly surprised. He tried to remember that face, but that face was really hard to register. It’s not ugly, but it’s also not handsome. It belonged to the kind of roadside chinese cabbage variety that could be ignored at a glance.

Then he turned around, calling out to his deskmate and agitating him.

“Then, to those who are interested in joining the elite competition, please register now. Get the form and hand it in before class in the afternoon. We will stay here for three to five days. When we leave, I will take away all the elites from the police school. In the future, a well-known iron police team will be built.”

Applause rang. The words special team always boost morale. Chief Shi just stepped forward, when many cadets rushed to grab the forms. An Jialu, who was three rows from the front, asked the petulant Jie Bing: “Will you sign up?”

“I will if you will.” Jie Bing said, giving out a condition.

“Of course I will.” An Jialu got up, so Jie Bing also got up. Of course, he had to sign up.

With such enthusiasm, Xu Ping Qiu looked particularly proud while standing beside his old classmate and Principal Wang. Principal Wang Lan casually said: “Ping Qiu, you have their personal information, so you can just pick it up. Why do you have to excite them this much? If you failed, aren’t you deliberately dampening the children’s morale?”

“The data can’t reflect their true quality.” Xu Ping Qiu shook his head.

“What kind of person do you want to pick? Rather, their instructor is here, so can’t you just ask him?” Director Jiang said.

“I’m looking for someone who has unlimited potential to tap. Is there any?” Xu Ping Qiu craftily asked.

“I do not know, so you can choose.” The instructor just smiled.

The group of people was leaving the room with a smile. When Xu Ping Qiu turned around, he saw the students coming up to grab the forms. He deliberately searched for the bored student, who was talking to his classmate. Then he saw him still talking there with that indifferent look, as if this situation had nothing to do with him.

“What’s the name of the one sitting in the back left corner?” Xu Ping Qiu asked the instructor, and when the instructor looked back, he also answered casually: “He’s called Yu Zui.”

“Further guilt? Oh, so he’s that Yu Zui. When I saw the list, I didn’t believe that it’s a real person’s name.” Xu Ping Qiu felt it strange. “Yu Zui (Further Guilt)” was a legal concept that meant concealing an unreported crime.

“It’s his real name. His surname is Yu, and his name is Zui. Director Xu, please.” The instructor eagerly stretched out his hands to let him pass first, and Xu Ping Qiu left.

Section Chief Shi was left behind to hand out forms. He had sent out seven or eight already when he looked up, and saw that An Jialu was standing beside him. He asked strangely: “What’s wrong, classmate An?”

“Is Chief Xu really as godly as the rumors? I have read his reports and internal information, and even know that he’s called King of Police in private.” An Jialu said, her tone filled with envy. Girls were always easily infected by the deeds of heroes, not to mention a peer. When she said that, she was surrounded by a dozen cadets who immediately started gossiping. They asked about the perverted murderers, about the cross-provincial drug trafficking cases, about the bombings in the Changgang Workers Zone. They were very interested in those cases that were like stories from a fantasy.

“Hey, hey, classmates, classmates, discipline, ah. The facts of the case cannot be disclosed to the outside. When you become a criminal police officer, check it out on the intranet. Well then… who else will sign up?” Section Chief Shi was a bit dumbfounded by the students’ enthusiasm and managed to trick them. Unfortunately, An Jialu wouldn’t let go and asked: “Then what about just now?”

“Just now?”

“How did Chief Xu see at a glance that Jie Bing has a special liking for art and appreciates them?”

“Yes, ah. Section Chief Shi, did you know that his dad opened an auction house and that it was related to art?”

“That’s right. I don’t like cigarrettes and alcohol, but can that be easily seen?”

“The other things we can tell, like, how can we not see that he still wasn’t accepted by Jialu?”

The students babbled around Section Chief Shi, and there was a lot of noise. A few girls even deliberately teased An Jialu and insisted on mentioning this. But listening to them, these rookies were really impressed by Xu Ping Qiu’s eyes. At this time, Jie Bing stood next to Section Chief Shi, and the doubts from the students seemed to make him proud. He was indeed from a good family. Section Chief Shi smiled and said: “Do you think this is amazing?”

“Yeah, it’s really amazing.” An Jialu smilingly replied.

“I can also be that godly. Do you believe it?” Section Chief Shi smiled and said: “Look, Jie Bing’s shirt collar is very clean, and his fingers and nails are properly trimmed. With just a glance, you can tell his lifestyle habits.”

“How about the smoking and drinking?” A boy asked.

“Do you think that someone who pays so much attention to his life habits will have bad habits?”

“What about his literary taste? How can you tell?” A girl asked.

“Looking at the IPAD on his desk, even the cover is carefully selected with artistic paintings. Without any appreciation to art, he wouldn’t be so choosy regarding this.” Section Chief Shi pointed to the tablet on the table of Jie Bing with a smile. Looking back at Jie Bing’s embarrassment, he was a little proud and added: “Look at the watch he’s wearing. It’s a high-end sports watch, and look at the brand on his shirt. If you can’t guess his family background, then we, as criminal policement, are too stupid. My work is mostly internal. If it was a real criminal police, just one look at you would make them realize your general personal tendencies… who else want to sign up?”

Section Chief Shi gave everyone a very simple answer. Seeing the slightly disappointed expressions on the students, he smiled. No matter how godly the process was, knowing the answer made it disappointing. He then shouted while waving the few forms left. At this moment, someone had a fierce ideological struggle, before raising his hand. Then he… rushed over and took one. It was a fat boy who looked a little confused. The Section Chief had to admire that fierce ideological struggle as the boy finally decided on the last minute. It was also the last form. When Section Chief Shi left the classroom with a smile, there were already shouts from the inside. The clearest sentence he heard was:

“Mouse, can you even run past five kilometers? Why are you competing with the elites?”

Then there was a roar of laughter and jeers. This situation also reminded Section Chief Shi of his days in the police academy. Those weird nicknames would strangely fit them, and they’d be able to smile at it in time. He then closed the door and shut off the noise from the classroom.

FG 002: Collective Pitholes
FG 004: Buddy Love

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