ACDWL 039: Return of the Legend

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─Rodo’s side─


Yelling reached my ears and when Kou made me go to the healing room, a soldier from the Sixth Corps, who lost his arm, was being suppressed by two healers.

Without limbs, it’s difficult to return to work as a soldier.

I’m an Akinist, so if I lose one of my limbs, I can’t quit being a soldier.

The man was in a state of confusion, probably because he’s from a pain-sensitive race.

Kou healed him and restored his arm.

Leaving no trace of the injury.

Yet, his rampaging state didn’t go away.

“What are you rampaging about? Didn’t your injury heal?”

He didn’t even notice that he’d been healed…

Can’t he understand when he felt no pain already?

This man seemed unsuitable to being a soldier.

The two healers also coldly looked at him.

They can’t afford to spend time and resources on him alone.


Meanwhile, Kou approached him.

It’s dangerous to approach a rampaging man.

But before I could pull them apart, Kou stroked the man’s head.

Perhaps because of that, the man looked at Kou.

“Hand, look, did.” (Look at your hand.)

At Kou’s words, he dreadfully looked at his arm──

“…I have a hand!”

He screamed in astonishment.

Meanwhile, Kou went to the bed next to his.

“Injury, healed. …cheer up, okay? Painful, right? …but, now, all right. Worry, no need. Hand, here, exist.” (Your injury is healed, so cheer up okay? It’s painful, right? But it’s alright now. You don’t need to worry anymore. You have your hand here.)

While stroking the man’s head, he said those gentle words.

“All right. No problem, continue, can. Scary, then, stop, can.” (It’s all right. There’s no problem if you want to continue. If it’s scary, then stop.)

Kou, who gently stroke the tearful soldier in the head had a benevolent appearance, reminding me of the return of the legendary “Erideya (erideiya)”.

A healer who thought of others and treated everyone kindly.

Everyone who had no mates wanted to have the healer as a companion…

But Kou is not Erideya, he’s my mate.

I know we’re attracting attention from the people around us, but I’m not going to give him to anyone.

Even so──

“…thank you.”

Kou didn’t refuse the impressed man who hugged him and just stroked his head.

“Do your best, okay? Good boy, good boy.”

While saying words like that.

He didn’t look reluctant, didn’t try to escape, and treated him kindly.

…I’m his mate.


“Don’t touch Kou!”

It exceeded the limit of my patience and I forcibly pulled off the man’s arm.

He seemed panicked and apologized, but my anger didn’t subside.

The man was expelled from the healing room because he wasn’t injured anymore.

The same could be said for Kou who had finished healing.

There are still injured people, but he couldn’t do anything for them.


After a while, Renneiga and the others came back.

Seeing their surprise at seeing the man whose arm was restored, they should have known that the man had been attacked.

Kou was waving but no one is responding.

They seemed surprised at finding out that Kou healed the man.

The man went in front of Kou and bowed his head.

“Thank you. Thanks to you, I can continue to work. I thought Erideya-sama returned!”

To say something like comparing Kou to someone…!

“Work, do your best.”

He didn’t seem to understand what the man said, so Kou just said that with a smile.

Seeing the man’s loose face, my anger grew.

I want to isolate Kou so that no one can see him.


“He’s becoming increasingly unique.”

Renneiga’s words are frustrating because I also think so.

As the number one magic power holder in Marihect, he exerts his unique power as a magician and can perform unique healing, which is different from a healer.

He learned the language and can read and write in just a few days.

Although he’s young, he is beautiful and bewitching.

And also benevolent…

Even if they knew he’s my mate, looks like some people will still try to reach out.

Even so, we can get married a month later at the very latest.

I want to have a big wedding, so if I prepare early, it’ll take another month.

In other words, no matter how urgent it might be, it’d take two months.

I wanted to hit the me who thought I should think about it when Kou was 100 years old.

…well, it can’t be helped.

It’s only recently that Kou agreed to it.

If I hurried him, I might be hated by Kou, so maybe this was the best time.

…but I want to monopolize him as soon as possible.

He didn’t like being close to people so I was somewhat relieved.

Now I want to curse my previous self.


We went to the cafeteria to have lunch.

Kou was supposed to go down, but I made him sit on my lap all the time.

Even when he finished eating and wanted to be taken down.

After lunch, I don’t want to let him go even when patrolling, so I fixed Kou’s body to mine with a string-shaped cloth.

All I have to do is protect Kou.

I have Kou fixed to my body, so it’s not hard to move.

And we continued the subjugation with just my sword.


Suddenly, I noticed Kou was being quiet. When I looked down, I saw Kou’s pale complexion.

He didn’t seem scared of monsters before.

What happened?


“…cut, no. Blood, come out.”

Apparently, it’s unpleasant to see the blood of monsters.

By the way, even in the healing room, he was crying in front of a person who was bleeding a lot.

Is he not good with blood?


The patrol ended, and though it’s early for dinner, we returned to the barracks.

Then took a bath with nobody in there.

It’s not the time to heat the water, but Kou’s magic can solve it.

He didn’t want to go in with a lot of people after seeing that dirty hot water.

He’d wash by himself and all I can do to help is pouring the hot water.

We’d usually bathe like that.

But today──


“Kou, alone, wash.” (I’ll wash by myself.)

He humanized and scooped the water himself to wash off the bubbles.


I have nothing to do.

It took a lot of effort to suppress my desire to touch that soft body next to mine.

Hot water flowed over smooth skin.

That’s all that happened, but it had incredible sex appeal.

Kou washed his body without noticing me.

“Ryodo, wash, no?” (Aren’t you going to wash?)

I forgot to wash and he asked me, who was staring at Kou, with a tilted head.

Don’t you know why I’m watching?

Kou looked at me for a while, then──

“Ryodo, back, wash, did also, fine?” (Can I also wash your back?)

Glittering eyes are directed at me, just like when he asked if he can pet me.

With those eyes, would anyone reject him?

It stimulated my desires, but I wanted to listen to Kou’s request more than that.


I don’t think the humanized Kou has much power.

Given his thinness, it’s not strange that he’s weak.

Is it because he looked young before he became an adult that it stimulated my protective desires?

Or is it because he’s my mate?

Or is it because he’s Kou?

“Wash, finished.”

Kou looked at my face.

The distance was so close that my heart beat faster.

As expected, I’d lose my reason with this figure of his.


As we soaked in the bathtub, he sat on my lap and leaned against my body.

For Kou, it’s the usual…

But I have a stiff body.

That place became needlessly energetic.

Perhaps he didn’t notice since Kou wasn’t wary and entrusted me with his body.

I can’t stand it because I want to suck that neck.

I want to taste and feel that skin.

I want to see Kou’s body.

My reason fluctuated too much that it looked like I might become a beast.

I would never attack him in the form of an Akinist though.

I shook my head to drive away those desires.


Kou, who left his back to me, moved steadily to a position where he can hug me.

His arms went around my neck, and both feet were next to mine.

…I thought I had stopped breathing.


He wouldn’t often spoil me like this, so what happened?

“…Kou, big, become, no? Hate?” (Do you hate it when I became big?)

“Hate, no!”

Seems like he thought my stiff body meant I don’t like it.

“…really, Kou, this. Small, Kou, really, wrong…now, Kou…hate?” (Do you really not hate me being in this form?)

He made a sad face and my chest hurt.

It’s a fact that I avoided him because my reason was shaken.

It seems like that hurt Kou.


“Hate, wrong. Rodo, likes Kou.” (I don’t hate it, I really like Kou.)

Then I hugged him.

I can’t say I avoided him since I might attack him.

“Big, Kou, likes? Small, Kou, more?” (So you like me being big, but you like me being small more, right?)

“Yes, like.”

I wanted him to grow up quickly.

Otherwise, we can’t get married.

Kou said we’d marry if he’s grown up.


“…I see.”

That grown-up smile was so beautiful and bewitching.

I’m glad my mate is Kou.

I think so from the bottom of my heart.


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 38: Out Of Character
ACDWL 040: A Well-Made Body

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  1. Btw I’m just thinking of this now but… seeing as Kou has no problem memorizing vocabulary, isn’t it weird that his grammar on the other hand isn’t improving at all?? XD after hearing the language all the time, you’d normally first pick up on a few short sentences with correct grammar, then slowly expand to longer ones. I’m not sure if I just forgot but I don’t recall his complete sentences increasing at all, they seem almost non-existent 😂😂
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