ACDWL 040: A Well-Made Body

ACDWL 039: Return of the Legend
ACDWL 041: Beautiful and Excellent Kou

As expected, it’s easier to move in my original form.

Because I now have muscles, I can carry things and above all, my vision is different.

I’ve behaved childishly since I became a child, but Rodo forgave me.

Even when I returned to my original form, Rodo still pampered me.

Right now.

In the bath, I’m hugging Rodo.

I asked Rodo if I should have stayed small, but it’s apparently because he didn’t want to touch me.

Does that mean that he wanted to get married earlier?

But I want him to spoil me now.

I want to see Rodo spoiling me as an adult, not me as a child.

…I want to know that it’s different from the kindness meant for children.

Rodo is usually just a “guardian” to me.

So even though I’m afraid of being attacked, I don’t hate being touched because I want to see him as a man.

However, Rodo was stiff when I gave him my back.

He seemed to avoid me, which made me lonely.

So I wanted to return to my child form again, but when I did and turned around, Rodo looked disappointed.

I got used to having Rodo’s body temperature next to mine so I just asked for it.

(If we stay like this for a while, will I know Rodo’s feelings?)

Seems like it’s been decided that we’re getting married, but I don’t feel like his “mate” yet.

I heard that some mates don’t get married.

I still don’t know the common sense of this world.


“Kou, let’s get up soon.”

I found my head being patted.

I still want to stay like this, but I don’t want to upset him.

I nodded and turned back to my original form, then my body was lifted.

Rodo walked while holding me up.

(I shouldn’t like someone like this…)

Rodo certainly looked good.

But I should have liked a fine macho.

I thought a body with such a muscular and thick body was outrageous.

And yet, I don’t think like that with Rodo.

I think Ren and the others are just “foul”.


While I hug Rodo, he wiped my hair and body, then dressed me in Rodo’s spare clothes.

Am I the only one who feels like a child in this relationship?

Well, from Rodo’s perspective, who is 156 years old, I’m a kid who’d only lived for 18 years.

Are you just doing your best since I’m your mate?

Rodo is sweet to me, but not to others.

He’s even cold to his parents.

Even when I said I wanted to go see them, he wouldn’t allow me.

When I asked him if he didn’t like them, he replied that he just wasn’t interested in them.

…what does it meant to be uninterested in your parents?

It didn’t seem like they’re on bad terms, so I couldn’t understand.


Rodo, who walked with me in his arms, headed to our room instead of the cafeteria, probably because I robbed him of his clothes.

When we got back, he sat me down on the bed then changed his clothes.

That exposed body again.

Unlike mine, the brown skin had clear muscle lines.

Eight pack, not a six-pack.

I have some abs, but it’s not that clearly defined.

Since I entered college, I haven’t been exercising much.

Compared to Rodo, my body looked shabby.

(His back is also muscular.)

With those deep muscle valleys, I feel an urge to pinch it.


(By the way, why is my skin so white?)

It should have been tanned, but my skin right now looked like it didn’t tan.

It’s a color peculiar to the Asian race.

I had this color in my child’s form.

Certainly, I might have been like this in my childhood, but where did my tan for several years go?

Only that gave me a sense of discomfort.


“What’s up? Hand, hurt?”

Seems like he’s worried because I was looking at my hand.

“Hurts, no.”

When I shook my head, he looked relieved.

I want to say “it doesn’t hurt”, but I don’t think Rodo will understand, so I purposefully said, “hurts, no”.

It sounded bad, and I feel like I’ll never get better.

Should I listen to other people’s way of speaking?

The others used many honorifics for Rodo, so I’d like him to teach me honorifics soon.

Is it too early when I still couldn’t speak well?

Is it better to learn more words first?

I’m getting more and more familiar with Rodo, but not so much with other people.


Rodo, who changed his clothes, picked me up again and we headed for the cafeteria.

Rodo’s clothes are too big as expected.

So he seemed to have ordered the smallest ready-made outfit and shoes but it hasn’t arrived yet.

…although it’s the smallest, it’s still large for me.

(It’s inconvenient without shoes.)

Since I can’t walk on my own.

Is it because my body remembers that daily running routine that makes me want to run with this body?


When we arrived at the cafeteria, the people looked at us at the same time.

Even though this isn’t their first time seeing me in this form, why are they so stunned?

Is it because I’m wearing Rodo’s clothes?

…do they have to stare that much?


When I called out to those who were looking at me, they shook their heads in outright panic.

I don’t understand why they looked so panicked.


Ren said something, but I don’t understand.

If you use words I don’t know, there’s no way I can understand the meaning.

“Rodo, everyone, weird.”


When I involuntarily complained to Rodo, he smiled and said so.

Does Rodo know why everyone is being weird?

…well, I’m not that interested so I don’t care.

I don’t think I’ll understand even if they explained it now.


“Rodo, stomach, empty.” (Rodo, I’m hungry.)

“Meal, ask.” (I’ll get the meal.)

What Rodo said in a tongue twister should be about ordering food.

I want to be able to hear this when spoken quickly.

The things they don’t want to tell me are often said quickly.

I think it’s for my sake, but I feel alienated.

It gets pretty lonely.


Since I didn’t remove my arm around Rodo’s neck, I was put on his lap.

I can now reach the table without his help.

As expected, this body is the best.

I spent more than two months in a child’s body, so my strides are small and my vision too low so I have to look up at everyone.

I still have to look up, but I don’t have to bend my neck that much.

The dishes were lined up on the table and brought to my mouth.

Of course, by Rodo.

…I was spoiled for a long time so I can’t say I don’t like it now.

However, the line of sight from the surroundings is annoying.

It’s the first time I’ve been fed in this form, but I’ve been doing it many times when I was small, so I don’t understand why they’re looking.

It’s not that I suddenly got older.


(Anyway, something’s missing from the food in this world.)

Now that I’m back in this form, can I cook when we get home?

As expected, it’d be impossible to borrow the kitchen here.

…and even if I can, I still had to put on shoes first.

Besides, it might not be enough for me, but this might be to Rodo’s taste.

When I looked at him, he didn’t seem to like or hate it.

The most shocking thing was that Ren hated carrot-like vegetables.

It’s strange for a rabbit to hate carrots.

…he had the ears, but I know it’s different from the rabbits on Earth, still, I wanted him to at least like carrots.

Rodo ate quickly as if he didn’t taste anything then he’d smile and say “delicious” only when I fed him.

But other than that, he would have no other expression.

Am I the only one who felt like he’s “just eating to live” and this is more like a job to him?

…his words and actions would only become lively for me just to please me.

…is that why I’m so spoiled?

…or is that irrelevant?

As long as he likes someone, was he the type to spoil the other person?

ACDWL 039: Return of the Legend
ACDWL 041: Beautiful and Excellent Kou

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