ACDWL 044: Reporting to the Castle

ACDWL 043: Extra ─Rodokiaus' Conflict─
ACDWL 045: Third Corps Captain's Mate

─Rodo’s side─


I ordered Kou’s clothes and shoes, so he’ll be able to wear several clothes by tomorrow.

In that case, I have to go to the castle today to report.

But I decided to go there tomorrow when Kou’s clothes and shoes are ready.

I’m planning to take a day off today and spend some time with Kou.

But, in fact, it’s because Kou is reluctant to go.

He nodded reluctantly when I asked if he wanted to stay at home.

But I didn’t want to leave Kou.

When he said that he would go, I noticed that Kou had distant eyes, so I hugged him.

He’d occassionally have those eyes.

He’s probably reminiscing about “Niho”.

…as expected, do you want to go home?

Do you want to go back to your family and friends rather than stay on my side?

But I can only hug you like this.

──How pathetic am I?

These words made me want to stick to him.

“Younger brother, like. Ryodo, cute.” (You’re like my younger brother, so cute.)

He happily put his arms to my back and stroked it…

“…younger brother?”


Does that mean you don’t see me as a man?

“Younger brother, Kou, spoil, can. Together, bath. Together, sleep. Hug, younger brother, family, okay.” (I spoil my younger brother. We bathe and sleep together. I also hug him since he’s family.)

I know that Kou doesn’t like being hugged.

But he said, “My brother is family, so I’m fine with it”, and now I’m his only family.

Doesn’t that mean you still don’t see me as a man?

Am I just family, not a marriage partner?

Sure, I want to be a family with Kou, but I don’t think Kou is just family.

Is Kou still not aware that he’s my mate?

“? What?”

Kou looked up while tilting his head.

What do you think of me?



The next day, they got on Sig and headed for the royal castle.

Kou isn’t fixed to my body but sitting sideways in front of me.

He’s hugging me and leaning back.

Kou is already wearing customized clothes and shoes.

Neither the people in Karzen nor the town where the royal castle is located──the people of Seidask have seen a humanized Kou.

Perhaps they recognized that my mate was “a person who humanized during his childhood”, so they turned rather surprised faces.

Kou, who said “I don’t want to go”, hugged me and didn’t even look up.

He said that he was scared of His Majesty, but I don’t know why.

I’m an Akinist so I’m not afraid.

Even if no one approached me and even in my beast form, Kou will happily approach and stroke me.

I’m scary for everyone, but why is he scared of His Majesty?

──not that no one is afraid of His Majesty.


“I’ve been waiting for you. Third Corps Captain Rodokiaus Serafine. Sixth Corps Captain Soderk Achillector is waiting for you.”

I told Captain Soderk that I’m going to the royal castle today, but didn’t tell him the time.

He didn’t have to wait…

There’s no rule that two people have to report since it’s just a mission to support the Sixth Corps.

Even until now, there’s no such formality.

Just go on the day when they can.

I have already sent a letter to His Majesty yesterday, saying that I’m going to the royal castle today.


“…Ryuk, in?”

Kou, who hadn’t looked up before, looked up to me when he heard Soderk’s name.

I don’t remember Kou talk to Soderk much, but that didn’t mean they didn’t talk at all.

However, he might have different emotions compared to how he reacts to those he knew and those he doesn’t.

So far, the person he’s afraid of the most is His Majesty.

I’m glad he’s not scared of me.

“Yes. Castle, inside.”

“Ryuk, also, report?”


“…I see.”

But he wasn’t that interested so he buried his face in my chest again.


After passing through the gates and putting Sig to the stables, I picked up Kou and entered the castle.

Kou can walk on his own, but he didn’t seem inclined at the moment, but I’m fine doing this forever.

When I went to the waiting room, I met Captain Soderk.

“What’s wrong with Kou?”

He called out to Kou, who was being carried by me but didn’t raise his face, with a worried look.

“Is Kou feeling sick?”

He’s worried since Kou didn’t reply so he asked me.

Everyone is attracted to Kou and everyone is worried about Kou.

My mate is too fascinating.


“Kou is afraid of His Majesty for some reason. It seems related to race…Kou only says “scary” but I don’t know why.”

He didn’t seem to know His Majesty himself, so I don’t know why he’s scared.

“…he’s scared of His Majesty?”

It can’t be helped that he’s dubious.

Kou is fine with me.

When Kou said “scary”, I wonder if that word has a different meaning from us.

It’s not strange if Kou, who came from the country Niho on Wearth, has a different perception of this world.


“His Majesty has allowed the audience from the Third Corps Captain and the Sixth Corps Captain.”

The guide called out and tried to pick up Kou, but──

“Ryodo, Kou walks.”

I did what Kou told me, putting him down and holding his hand.

Since Kou humanized, we’d often walk hand in hand.

Kou, who seemed to hate being hugged, seemed to prefer walking while holding hands this way.

Kou would often hold my hands even without saying anything.

Whenever that happened, I’d have a happy face.

And apparently, I’m the only one he’d hold hands with.

When Renneiga playfully called out──

“Kou, hand, connect, Ryodo, only. Others, hand, connect, no.” (I will only hold hands with Rodo, no one else.)

Saying so, he stubbornly refused to hold hands with others.

Kou, who hid his hand behind his back and shook his head with a troubled face, was cute. Even Renneiga stared at Kou with a bright red face.

…I immediately trapped him in my arms and hid him back then.


While holding hands, we headed to the audience room.

No one in the royal castle had seen a humanized Kou.

At Kou’s appearance that was different from before, those working in the royal castle acted unseemingly.

The man acting as their guide looked back over and over again.

Captain Soderk, who was walking next to them, is also staring at Kou, but Kou didn’t react to the gazes of those around him.

He said he’s used to being seen.


His Majesty also stared at Kou.

His Majesty was watching Kou all the time, while I knelt and introduced myself and while Captain Soderk gave his name as well.

Kou also knelt and imitated us this time.

──while still holding hands with me.

I have never taught him how to speak and behave courteously in front of His Majesty.

Therefore, even if he’s not well-mannered, he wouldn’t be blamed.

He’s still memorizing words, but there are many words that he didn’t understand.


Compared to the first time he had an audience with His Majesty, Kou didn’t cry this time.

However, though he didn’t look scared, I can feel his hand tremble.

He’s nervous and sweating.

At first, he was kneeling behind me, but then he moved around and tried to hide behind me.

I don’t know why he’s scared of His Majesty but when I stroked his head, he looked a little relieved.

“…am I such a hateful person?”

Anyone could tell that Kou is scared.

“…oh, scary. Smile, can, no. Face, always, together. Watch, am doing, seen.” (Yes, you’re scary. You don’t smile and you’re always frowning. And you watch my every move.)

His Majesty’s face distorted from Kou’s words, which was completely hidden behind me since I’m facing Kou.

In other words, I thought His Majesty was still expressionless.

Certainly, when it comes to Kou, he’d often smile at those who approached him.

Kou, who spoke more words but with a lisp, was confused in this world.

He’s 18 years old and was being treated like a child.

Few people would be unfriendly to children.

I don’t want to get closer because I’d just make the other kids cry, but Kou is different.

After all, Kou is my mate.

I want to be gentle, spoil him, and cherish him.

…if it’s possible, I don’t want anyone to approach him.


“…if I show a “smile”, would I not be that scary?”

Speaking of which, I feel like I’ve only seen him slightly smile.

I don’t think anyone is interested in His Majesty’s smile.

“Lie, smile, don’t. Kou, lie, no.” (Don’t smile pretentiously. I won’t lie.)

However, Kou said that even smiling is no good.

But, come to think of it, Kou’s expression on those who showed ingratiating smiles at him was always cold.

Even when they talked to Kou, he’d look cold and never talk to them or approach them anymore.

…is there something he didn’t like from that?


“…it seems like Kou also subdued the monsters. That’s a great cause.”

His expression was far from a smile, but that must be His Majesty’s best.

A smile that can’t be called a smile.


Kou, with an indescribable face, didn’t say anything.

“About healing. I’ve heard rumors.”


“When did you humanize? You are beautiful.”


It seems that His Majesty’s devoted smile was not classified as a “smile” for Kou.

He looked at His Majesty with a cramped face.


But after a while, he suddenly started laughing.

“Oh, smile, I can’t. Change, face, can’t. *******” (Ah, that smile, I can’t. The change in your face, I can’t even. *****.)

While giggling, I heard him talk in his language, which I hadn’t heard in a long time.

What did he say?

And everyone, including His Majesty, is fascinated by Kou’s smile.

…I want to hide Kou right now.


─Rodokiaus side end─

ACDWL 043: Extra ─Rodokiaus' Conflict─
ACDWL 045: Third Corps Captain's Mate

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