ACDWL 045: Third Corps Captain’s Mate

ACDWL 044: Reporting to the Castle
ACDWL 046: Before Going to the Castle Town



It’s said that too many monsters appeared and it’s difficult for the Sixth Corps in charge of Uriesto to manage it alone, so the Third Corps was dispatched as support.

The Third Corps is in charge of Kalzen, but even if a strong monster appears, it’ll be subdued immediately, so it’s peaceful and safe compared to other towns.

Regarding the town around the castle──the First and Second Corps are in charge of Seidask and have the mission to protect His Majesty in case of emergency so they can’t go to other towns.

That’s why the Third Corps is responsible for the support mission.

With the Akinist Third Corps Captain, the monster subjugation would be free from incident.

…but this time, I received a report that Kou, who humanized from his child form, went with him.

What’s more, he used magic to subdue monsters and even healed patients.

When he came to the castle, he was quite scared of His Majesty and was almost crying.

That child that can attack monsters that even adults want to escape from…


Though I thought so, I was fascinated by his appearance when he entered the audience room while holding hands with the Third Corps Captain.

Seems like His Majesty is the same as he remained silent.

Black hair and eyes.

While leaving a little childishness, he has a beauty that’s so eye-catching.

And a body that’s smaller and thinner than a woman.

Unlike us, who mainly have brown skin, he has yellowish-white skin.

And thin lips that appear to be red.

Apparently, this is his humanized figure.

Imitating the kneeling Third Corps Captain, he kneeled.

──while still holding hands.

He looked quite calm.

I can’t think of him as the child who cried from being scared of His Majesty.


But though he didn’t look scared, he was still holding hands and trying to hide behind the other man’s back.

When His Majesty aimed words at him, he was already completely hidden.


The words he told His Majesty stunned us.

Neither His Majesty nor we intended to blame him for not having a respectful attitude when speaking to His Majesty because it’s only been three months since he learned our language.

It’s already amazing that we’re able to communicate with each other this much in just three months.

However, His Majesty is stunned from being called “expressionless”…

He’s certainly a man with very limited expressions, but no one would tell him that face to face.

I’ve never seen His Majesty desperately try to smile…

──he had never smiled before so he had a cramped face.


Kou, who had an indescribable face, laughed after a while.

That giggle and elegant laughter is beautiful, yet bewitching.

His Majesty, who smiled for the first time, and all the people here were staring at him, forgetting to speak.

──Until he’s hidden in the arms of the Third Corps Captain, who had a terrifying expression.

Regarding the Third Corps Captain who had a murderous aura around his whole body, we lost words in a different sense.

An Akinist’s aura alone is intimidating, but with the addition of murderous intent, we could only let out cold sweats.

“Ryodo? What, happen?”

In his arms, Kou issued a carefree voice.

Doesn’t he feel this murder intent, even though it’s not aimed at him?

We don’t even feel alive.


However, for Kou, he just laughed it off.

It looks like he didn’t know why his partner is angry.

…don’t you know the possessiveness of mates?

The Third Corps Captain seemed to be special among mated couples.

He didn’t even want his mate to be seen.


But he didn’t seem to want to tell Kou as he just shook his head with a moody face.

With such a strong possessiveness, Kou should have noticed it already, right?

I don’t think he could hide it unless Kou is too insensitive…


Apparently, Kou really knew.

He giggled, maybe finding it funny that his mate can’t hide his strong possessiveness.

He’s currently reported to be 18 years old, but he acts more mature.

As if that Third Corps Captain was rolling in the palm of Kou’s hand.

“Ryodo, cute.”



No one would agree to that word.

Kou, with a smile, fits the word “cute”.

And the Third Corps Captain also has the same opinion regarding his mate.


Kou stroked the Third Corps Captain’s head with a smile.

Maybe it’s easier to reach since they’re on their knees.

“Ryodo, Kou, mate. Marry, can, wrong?” (You and I are mates. Aren’t we getting married?)

“Not wrong! …will you marry me?” (Yes! …will you marry me?)

“Yes. Kou, Ryodo, likes.” (Yes. I like Ryodo.)

With that gentle smile, I could only think of Kou as the “Return of Erideya”.

──there’s deep benevolence in the atmosphere.

The Third Corps Captain, who’s said to be the treasure of Marihect, is visibly on the side of being given mercy.


“…are you going to work as a magician?”

Meanwhile, it was His Majesty who overcame this difficult situation.

He nodded after thinking a bit about His Majesty’s words.

“Kou, words, remember, small. Remember, prepare, heal, study, want. Kou, operate, magician, pass, different.” (I can only remember a few words. I have to study first if I want to become a healer. But being a magician is different since I can operate as one.)

However, I tilted my head at those words.

Is he aiming to be a healer?

Can’t he just become a magician?

I understand that memorizing words comes first, but…

Did he mean to say he’s not going to work as a magician yet?

Seems like I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t understand as everyone was looking at each other.


“Kou, Ryodo’s, magician. Always, together, stay…but, words, memorize. Kou, class, talk, can’t. Careless, talk, hurry, become. Kou, magic, operate, think, happen. Everyone, do it, different.” (I am Ryodo’s magician. We’ll always be together…but I still have to memorize the words. I can’t talk in class and can’t understand when they’re speaking quickly. Although I can use magic just by thinking it, everyone does it differently.)

Seeing that we don’t understand, he tried his best to explain it…

I can’t understand what he’s saying.

I only knew that he’d be the Third Corps Captain’s magician.

I’m not surprised about that because it’s already been reported by Trik’s representative.

On the contrary, he decided that it’d be better to give his permission and make him stay, rather than leaving Marihect with the Third Corps Captain.

Certainly, I don’t want to lose an Akinist.

It’s a race that other countries want as well.

Akinists are not a race that wants power nor do they like fighting, they just want to protect their companions.

That’s why they stay in Marihect, but if their mate leaves the country, they would surely follow.

I also know that Akinists have different attitudes about what they’re interested in and what they’re not.

Not only Akinists, but everyone would be interested in their mates.

As anyone could tell by looking at it this way, the Third Corps Captain is obsessed with Kou.

In fact, he, the last Akinist, and Kou, who’s rumored to be Marihect’s number one magic power holder, can’t be relocated to another country.

No one wanted to turn these two people into their enemy.


“Words, remember, study heal?” (If you remember the words, do you want to study healing?)

“Yes. Kou, heal, study…Kou, see, exist, person, but, all, remember, can’t. Kou, use, can’t, healer, others, different.” (Yes, I want to study healing…I can’t remember all the people I saw, so I can’t heal them. However, healers are different.)

“Rodo’s magician, isn’t it?” (How about being Rodo’s magician?)

“Ryodo’s, magician. Heal, study, also, will.” (I’ll be Rodo’s magician and I’ll also study healing.)

While listening to the conversation between the two, it seems like Kou will become a magician dedicated to the Third Corps Captain.

Moreover, he’ll study so that he could heal anyone.

I heard that he can use heal, but apparently, it’s different from “Heal”.

…though I’m not sure.

I’ve heard that he could regenerate an arm, so it’s certainly not a normal heal.

I thought he had the lost arm and just put it back together, but was it different?

…is it possible to show how he heals?

Should I talk to the Third Corps Captain to change their plans and stay in Seidask for a while?


─?side end─

ACDWL 044: Reporting to the Castle
ACDWL 046: Before Going to the Castle Town

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