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In the following time, the cold-faced instructor became the chief instructor of the freshmen. The freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy didn’t find out about this, but the other instructors were very surprised: This unidentified instructor always comes to inspect work occasionally every year. No one knew his specific military rank and where he came from. Although he and the other instructors live in the same dormitory building, everyone guessed that he should be a senior officer who came to recuperate.

As Doug analyzed before, this military base is exactly a four-star military base. Military bases are divided into six levels and the equipment would gradually increase from one star to six stars.

One-star military bases only cover one satellite and are only equipped with basic firepower. The base’s soldiers are at most three companies, and their main mission is local security and defense with the highest officer rank being major;

Two-star military bases generally cover a planet and several satellites around it with fully equipped weapons. Aside from performing security in their jurisdiction, there are also tasks to monitor the security network of this planet and the surroundings. Military bases of this level are not equipped with space-scale lethal weapons, and the highest officer rank is Lt. Colonel;

Three-star military bases still cover a planet with its satellites, but the weapons are more complete. Aside from the basics of a two-star military base, a space combat squad is added, equipped with medium-scale space combat weapons. The highest officer rank is a Colonel and only the commanders of a few large-scale or high-ranking three-star bases will have Brigadier Generals;

At a four-star military base, although the area hasn’t greatly increased, the confidentiality level has been greatly improved. Aside from being allowed to equip cutting-edge weapons of mass destruction, the four-star military base is also allowed to develop new weapons on its own. Some high-level new weapons tests and technical tests might also be conducted here. Therefore, four-star bases are often located in remote corners of the interstellar, and only a special material spacecraft are allowed to enter each month. Once an unlicensed spacecraft approached, the base officer can immediately execute seizure or even destruction instructions.

If they were from the Imperial Military Academy and they find themselves in a four-stary military base at the moment, it’s estimated that many students would call out excitedly, but the freshmen here are from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. Most of them came from non-military families and they don’t know much about the military. They knew that four stars are great, but how great are they? Most of them don’t even know what rank the chief is.

Therefore, as to how the Dean provided them with a powerful base to carry out military training, the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy had no idea whatsoever.

Since they’re not from military families and not particularly clear about the normal military training process, they didn’t know what other people’s military training is like, so they felt that such military training was normal after receiving it.

These freshmen had no idea that they’re accepting the ancient military training that has been abandoned by most of the military.

Because they believed that this was normal and correct, they accepted this training method very calmly after the break-in period.

This was exactly what he wanted to see.

Without the physical qualities and brains needed to compete against military school students, these children have no idea “what it should be like” and can adapt to any training method from the very beginning, even implement it without any doubt. When they realized the benefits of this training method, they also agreed with it.

In the critical period of character training for these young people, and subtly integrating his own ideas into their daily lives, Fraffetal understood a little why Ode would retire after his rapid rise and became the Dean of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

Argos also went to become the Dean of the Imperial Military Academy so he must have a similar idea.

Although Ode didn’t admit it, Argos was always the one who knew him best. No, it can’t be called understanding, it should be said that they’re essentially the same kind of people.

Although their performances are different, their thoughts and behavior patterns are very consistent.

This seemed to be the case since they were young…

Thinking of the past, Fraffetal squinted his eyes. However, he quickly pulled out of his memories and his eyes fell on the freshmen who had just finished the long-distance running training.

No matter what Ode thought, Fraffetal at this moment sincerely thanked Ode for sending these students here. When you bet on your future, it’d be in the last week before the end of the military training of these children!

All Generals will attend, as will the Marshal himself. At that time, be sure to let them see his reasons for insisting on using ancient methods to train soldiers!

“Starting today, new exercises will be added to the military training program——using holographic equipment, we will let you practice how to operate modern military equipment while ensuring your safety.”

Fraffetal’s words reached every freshmen’s ears through the loudspeaker device. Hearing this news, there was a moment of silence among the freshmen, before a huge cheer broke out!

Fraffetal was no exception to the students’ reactions. Thinking back then when he went to boot camp and knowing that he can finally touch a real mecha, he had the same excitement, but——

“Stop! Stand at attention! Hands behind your backs!” Three instructions were issued in a row. In the past month, these three instructions tortured them from morning to night, so much so that the freshmen almost integrated these three slogans into their bones. No matter how excited they were, after hearing these three instructions, everyone immediately executed them in a neat manner. After the sound of the boots hitting the ground was over, the new students all stood up straight with their hands behind their backs.

“Very good. I don’t care what department you studied in school. In the army, the tasks assigned to each of you, whether you want it or not, must be completed.” Fraffetal quietly said.

“Of course, we don’t want a group of people who are unsuitable for the task. So where you’ll be assigned next, your normal performance and achievements are the most critical determinants. I hope everyone will treat it with caution every day. Otherwise, when you’re assigned to the logistics department, you can’t complain. Don’t yell at the instructors that you belong to the Mecha or Battleship Command Department. Regardless of your department in the army, the position assigned to you is the result of the judgment of the instructors and intelligent system based on your historical performance. That position will prove that you are the most suitable for it. That’s it. If you want to get the position you yearned for, then show us, understand?”

Compared with the other instructors, the words of the cold-faced instructor is the most gentle, but even so, the freshmen were most afraid of him, and they didn’t know why.

Upon hearing the cold-faced instructor’s last words, the freshmen replied loudly, “Understood.” After that, under the leadership of the other instructors, they went to the next task in trepidation.

Sitting on the hovercar, they used a lane outside the food transport lane for the first time.

It’s been a month since the freshmen were allowed to move around in a limited number of places, such as the dormitories, the training grounds, and the cafeteria. How big is this planet, how many inhabitants, how many soldiers, what they’re doing here, none of this information was open to them.

They knew they were using other lanes because the windows of the hover cars were pulled down.

The interior of the car was pitch black so the freshmen couldn’t see anything from the outside world.

“I don’t know where they’re going to send us.” The miscellaneous squad was put in the same car. Due to their small number, the other departments who couldn’t fit in a car were also assigned to theirs.

After driving in the dark for an hour and seven minutes, the car finally stopped.

“335 kilometers.” In the darkness, someone suddenly spoke.

“Ah?” Everyone was stunned for a moment.

“We’re 335 kilometers away from our training ground just now.” The person who spoke before then added another sentence. Mu Gen listened carefully to his voice before asking: “Student Henry, how did you know?”

Classmate Henry, whose name was called, replied: “I start to feel uncomfortable once the car traveled for more than 250 kph, and I feel like vomiting after 300 kph. If it exceeds 300 kph, I’d feel dizzy. I have always wanted to vomit without passing out, so the speed of this car should be 300kph and the margin of error should not exceed two km. We drove a total of one hour and seven minutes, so the distance from where we left before should be 335 km.”

“Amazing!” Mu Gen sighed sincerely.

“Where…it’s because of this problem that I can’t turn on a mecha. I can only go to the Mechanical Engineering Department to feel the mecha and have fun…” Henry scratched his hair and was taken aback: “Huh? How did you know who I am?”

Henry was sure that he’s the only person assigned to this car in the entire Mechanical Engineering Department. Most of the people in this car are from the miscellaneous departments and a team from the Medicine Department. These departments don’t have much contact with each other, so how can someone tell who they are just by listening to their voice?

He had a very common voice and if he didn’t use video during calls, his mother would often fail to recognize him!

“Didn’t the instructors roll call our names every day? Your name is very simple so I remember it ~\(≧▽≦)~.” Mu Gen said without pressure.

Huh? This is not simple at all! Mu Gen’s answer immediately aroused the curiosity of the freshmen from the Medicine Department. At this time, many people took the initiative to talk to Mu Gen.

“Then, do you know who I am?” This is a girl’s voice.

“Hello, Mary from the Medicine Department,” Mu Gen answered without hesitation.

“Then, what about me!” This time it was a boy’s voice.

“Student Jenny from the Medicine Department.” The other party obviously used an excellent method of inflection, but Mu Gen still called her name correctly.

Finding it interesting, almost all the freshmen in the Medicine Department tried again. Unsurprisingly, Mu Gen called out their names correctly one by one.

“Your sound recognition ability is very good. In fact, you are also very suitable to the Music Department.” Sitting beside him, Chairman Kerry heartily said.

“But I sing out of tune~” Mu Gen broke his illusion with just one sentence. It doesn’t matter if he only sang the songs in Kan Mengmeng’s cartoons. If it weren’t for Oli telling him, Mu Gen would have always thought that he sang very well.

The windows of the hovercar slowly rose again and sunlight spilled into the car, illuminating the expressions of every student as well as the smile on the corner of Mu Gen’s mouth.

“Who is that person?” Henry secretly tugged the sleeve of an unknown student next to him. It was also his luck that he happened to be a freshman from the Cooking Department.

The freshman from the Cooking Department told him triumphantly:

“That’s Mu Gen, the Chairman of our Cooking Department!”

Remembering all the names of the freshmen within a month, the Chairman of the Cooking Department…looks so powerful!

Looking at Mu Gen, who had already left the car, the other students in other departments still waiting in line to get off thought this way.

The author has something to say:

Freshmen are going to formal training

It’s time for Chairman Mu Gen to become famous in other departments


Is there any children at your home who are so awesome and damaged?

 ̄▽ ̄

Forget it, someone not broken.

TINA V2C078: Pig Beast
TINA V2C080: War

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