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─Rudikda’s(Trik’s Representative)side─


I waited for Kou in front of the Tower of Sarez.

And I knew Rodokiaus-sama, his mate, would also come.

When he came with Kou to the Tower of Trik yesterday, I just stared, speechless.

I thought he was already humanized but it seemed like he wasn’t.

Even after humanization, his childishness remained, but that small and slender body felt ephemeral.

And that smile was not only beautiful but also bewitching──

Though that lisping hadn’t changed, no one would care because of his appearance.

By humanizing, he’d be seen more sexually.

It might be why Rodokiaus-sama’s protection got stricter.

I don’t know if Kou isn’t aware of the gazes or just not interested, but he acted normally.

And today.

He went to the Royal Castle to report and said he’d go to the Tower of Sarez, so I also came to the Tower of Sarez…

I understood when Rodokiaus-sama and Kou appeared while holding hands.

As for the Captain of the Sixth Corps──certainly, Soderk-sama would have followed since he also went to report.

…but I had to hurriedly bow at the appearance of an unexpected person.

(No way, His Majesty is here…)

Moreover, there’s even Chancellor Edetrok Aleo-sama (edetoroku arelo).

There are also His Majesty’s escorts and servants so they number quite large.

Today, Kou is just here to see the magic that can only be used by Sarez’s Representative.

Kou is a special magician who can use magic just by seeing it.

It’s only a matter of time before he can register as an official magician, rather than just an apprentice.

In fact, after confirming if he could use the magic this time, I’m going to report him as Rodokiaus-sama’s exclusive magician.

Did His Majesty and Edetrok-sama come to see Kou’s power?

Or are they fascinated by Kou…?


“Ruu, King, together, came. Enter, also, fine?” (Ruu, I came with the King. Can he enter?)


…why do I have to give permission?

I looked at His Majesty and Kou alternately…but His Majesty just had a smile on his face.

“So I need permission. I’ll remember that.”

It’s funny how Kou asked me for permission to let His Majesty enter the tower.

Certainly, there’s no place in Marihect where His Majesty can’t go without permission.

“? King, come, also, no. Promise, come, no. “Fine?”, listen, no, can’t.” (Huh? King didn’t make an appointment, so you can’t enter unless you hear it’s fine.)

Even so, Kou said that it’s natural to get permission, even preaching to His Majesty.

…this is jarring.


“…Kirishigan-sama (kirishigan), Sarez’s Representative, is waiting for you. Shall we go inside?”


When I managed to say those words, Kou was the only one who replied.

Upon hearing Kou’s reply, the group also went inside.

(Kirishigan-sama would be very surprised…)

Kou didn’t look nervous, and to this day, I’d never seen such behavior.

He didn’t talk much when we first met, but he’s just wary, not nervous.

Will he ever become nervous?

He didn’t seem nervous when he subdued monsters with magic.


“…, I am Kirishigan Tricore (kirishigan torikoure), Sarez’s Representative.”

Seems like Kirishigan-sama was also surprised at His Majesty’s appearance, but he managed to return to his senses and introduce himself.

“Nice to meet you. Kou, name. Please take care of me.”

And Kou was the only one who returned the greeting.

He bowed down and introduced himself.

…while still holding hands with Rodokiaus-sama.

“…the “Kou” I’ve heard from Rudikda? The one whose method of learning magic is unusual.”

“? What?”

Seems like he couldn’t grasp what Kirishigan-sama said.

He won’t hear it unless it’s spoken slowly.

It’s been about three months since Rodokiaus-sama became his guardian, so it’s already an unbelievable improvement to converse this much.


“Kou, magic, make, rare.” (Kou’s magic is rare.)

“I see.”

Seems like he finally understood when Rodokiaus-sama summarized it.

“Kou, magic, think, came out. Use, also, together. Think, came out, did, only.” (For my magic, I just have to imagine it. The same is true when using it. I just have to imagine it and it’ll do so.)

I’ve heard this from Kou himself many times.

He just imagines it and it’ll appear.

Anyone who can use magic will think that this is impossible.

Aside from just making the thing appear, Kou exerts his power in both attack magic and healing just by thinking it.

Moreover, it’s so powerful that it could even regenerate things when it came to healing.

Even so, Kou didn’t look like he’s running out of magic power nor did he feel tired.

What’s more, he also made it look easy to use magic with different attributes at the same time.

Is there no end to it?

Will Kou never deplete his magical power?


“Show me.”

The gentle smile on Kou’s mate disappeared in an instant as Kirishigan-sama coldly spoke.

He can’t forgive him for giving Kou a cold response.

Even His Majesty is slightly urging me with his eyes.

Though it was Kirishigan-sama who said so, I couldn’t refuse His Majesty so I made some magic.

“Rudikda, can I borrow your body for a bit?”


I hated it very much, but I could only be the model in this place.

Kirishigan-sama disappeared into my shadow.

The magic that only he could use was assimilating into the shadows of others.

Shadow assimilation meant that he could do anything to that person.

In other words, magic that hides in the shadow can manipulate that person.

However, seems like it could only be used against people who have weaker magical power than you.

“And so, I can borrow a body and talk.”

Words I didn’t intend to say came out of my mouth.

I’m conscious right now and I can take over completely.

However, a considerable amount of magic power is still consumed so even Kirishigan-sama can’t do it for a long time.


“…this is movement magic.”

It’s only a short time, but I’m quite exhausted.

“Movement…Kou, try.”

And with that said, he disappeared into a shadow.

──to Rodokiaus-sama’s shadow.

To get into an Akinist’s shadow, it’s possible only because it’s Kou.

Kirishigan-sama looked at him with a pale face.

“…fuu…Rodo, vision, high.”

A childish way of speaking that’s not like Rodokiaus-sama.

There’s no lisp probably because he’s talking with Rodokiaus-sama’s mouth.

However, being able to take over even Rodokiaus-sama’s mouth meant that Kou is more powerful than Kirishigan-sama.

It has become clear that he’s not only Marihect’s number one magic power holder but also the strongest magician.


“Is it because my body doesn’t judge it as a foreign body? Because it’s Kou?”

“Interesting. Rodo, inside, enter, like.” (It’s interesting to enter Rodo.)

Moreover, they started talking.

Normally, if someone controlled your mouth, Rodokiaus-sama shouldn’t be able to speak…

I thought there’s something wrong with my memory, but it didn’t seem so since Kirishigan-sama also has a startled expression.


“Kou, movement magic, get! Wind, move, attack. Gyuu, cool, like.” (Movement magic, get! I can now use the wind to move and attack. Kuh, so cool!)

Somehow, I felt some discomfort.

Movement magic comes with some risks and disadvantages.

The fact that he could restrict another’s movements meant that Kou’s power is quite strong.


As soon as Kou came out of the shadow, Rodokiaus-sama, his mate, called out.

He looked very worried.

“Kou, tired, no. Ryodo, watching, Kou, see, pleasant.” (I’m not tired. I saw what Rodo can see which is quite pleasant.)

But Kou didn’t look tired.

I have no choice but to be amazed when he talked about enjoying seeing the scenery that Rodokiaus-sama can see.

I think it’d be a waste to make such a talent just an exclusive magician.

If he could learn more words and some chants, he’d be Marihect’s best magician.

“Can you work as this country’s magician, not Rodokiaus’?”

His Majesty seemed to think so too and asked Kou.

“Kou, Ryodo, forever, together. Leave, no.” (I and Ryodo will be together forever. I won’t leave him.)

Kou hugged Rodokiaus-sama and shook his head, looking so lovely that he could charm anyone.


“…why do you hate it?”

Edetrok-sama, who was watching this, called out to Kou.

Come to think of it, Kou would talk to anyone and smile often but wouldn’t try to get close to anyone.

So far, it seems that only Renneiga-sama, aside from his mate Rodokiaus-sama, was close to him.

He wasn’t particularly close to me and won’t come near if it’s not required.

He also didn’t like being picked up or stroked and if I try to do that, he’ll run away with movement magic.

I thought he’s just very shy, but I don’t think so anymore.

He’d respond properly and smile when he talked to people he met for the first time.

And yet, he wouldn’t get close to them.

Is it his personality?

…then, are the only special ones Rodokiaus-sama and Renneiga-sama?

Why is his mate Rodokiaus-sama still so close to Renneiga-sama?

Does he prefer friendly people like him?

….seems like that can’t be applied to any of the people here right now.


─Rudikda’s side end─

ACDWL 047: Top Priority
ACDWL 049: My Anxiety

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