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The Imperial Comprehensive Academy and Colton Military Academy arrived at a time when a certain mecha squad of the Grando Military Academy was in a critical condition.

This mecha squad’s operation was slightly inferior. With the same amount of ammunition and weapons, they always consumed it faster than the other teams, and their loss of personnel was also higher than the others.

This time, it was the same situation again.

The reinforcements requested from the headquarters have been delayed and more and more people were injured. Their morale was almost unable to hold on under the new and old injuries. Even if they got admitted to a super difficult military school and received rigorous military training, this actual battlefield life these three days was still cruel to them.

They’re just freshmen after all.

The defense line of this squad began to retreat.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy appeared in front of the desperate Grando freshmen at this time. Like angels, they brought gentle comfort and medicines that are desperately scarce on the battlefield! Not to mention how gentle they were when they bandaged their wounds!

In the eyes of this Grando team, the Comprehensive Academy led by Mu Gen simply brought their own holy light ⊙﹏⊙.

After most of the wounded were dealt with, Mu Gen also learned about the current situation from the team’s captain. While they were talking, the tasks assigned to this team continued to come from the communicator. Noting the proportion of wounded here and their current situation, Mu Gen finally decided to immediately reinforce this team.

The next moment, this Grando team was fortunate to witness the wonderful scene of the “gentle” angels becoming “violent” in a second ⊙﹏⊙.

Putting down the bandage and medicine, the students of Comprehensive Academy immediately took out their weapons, squeezed the injured Grando aside, and directly replaced them on the battlefield!

Grando’s mecha fighters broke their arms! You rest and we’ll go!

Grando’s long-range gunner’s leg is broken (The eff, how did your leg get broken? 囧)! You rest and we’ll go!

Grando’s Communication Officer…Uh, although not injured, after holding on for so many days, your eyes must be tired, so you should go rest and let us go!

The Grando was dumbfounded.

Every time a command comes from the communicator, the Commander will immediately divide the task into several small tasks, and these tasks were quickly assigned to everyone, then everyone would immediately begin to execute them after receiving their orders.

The team leader of the Grando Military Academy was surprised to find: After the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy replaced them, the line of defense that had begun to retreat, actually strengthened!

This is not to say that the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy are much better than Grando in operating mechas. In fact, the team leader didn’t feel that they’re great in this regard and even weaker than Grando.

But…he always felt like the angels…no! The Comprehensive Academy looks amazing!

At this moment, not only the captain of this small team thought like this, even the other members of his squad, who was silently watching their every move, had this feeling in their hearts.

What made the Grando students feel amazed was the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s ability to cooperate and execute.

Just like a family making pies. To achieve the goal of “eating pies as soon as possible”, everyone is often only responsible for a small step. For example, one person will make the dough, one person will roll it, one person will make the filling, and the last person will bake it. It seemed like a simple thing, but if you wanted it faster and still make it tasty, it’s not that easy since all members should be of the same level. Their speed should be the same so that the person putting the stuffing wouldn’t wait for a long time when the dough hadn’t been made yet.

Cooperation on the battlefield is actually no different from making pies.

In battle, each team has its own mission and each team’s mission is different. The time limit to complete it is also different. However, if you add up all of their missions, what they accomplished was a common goal.

Previously, Olivia thought that the students from other academies were not doing well under commands, but it was because they had problems with the level of their cooperation. Before, when he suddenly felt that the command became easier, it was after the Imperial Comprehensive Academy led by Mu Gen intervened.

This kind of coordination and execution wasn’t innate, nor would it naturally form after years of coexistence, but from the rigorous training in ancient methods and abrupt cultivation.

Leaving some people to support this Grando team, Mu Gen hurriedly took the remaining students to other fronts and received warm welcomes wherever he went!

They brought all the equipment that was in short supply on the battlefield at this time, ammunition, equipment, medicine, and the Colton Military Academy! (Colton: We’re not luggage, hello!) Many people wondered how they escaped with such a large ship full of supplies while in pursuit of the enemy. After learning that the materials on the ship were robbed along the way, everyone was dumbfounded.

The performance of the “Bridal Academy” was so sturdy that they’re ashamed of their previous performance.

With sufficient supplies and sufficient personnel as well as spiritual encouragement, after three days of fierce fighting and learning about their current plight, instead of being discouraged, all the students cheered up!

They finally broke through the enemy’s base!

At this point, there are still three hours left before the mission time limit issued by Lt. General Yolan.


To be honest, Lt General Yolan is very satisfied that they could do this.

It’s not easy to satisfy the picky Lt General Yolan.

The difficulty set in this system is a full two levels higher than the normal difficulty provided to freshmen. While waiting for the result, the technical department predicted the result of this competition through the smart brain. The probability that these freshmen can successfully rescue the Marshal through their own efforts and win the game is very low, only about 20%.

Therefore, even if the task is given to the students in the system, Lt General Yolan didn’t order his subordinates to stop the ongoing mission. They have already contacted several other generals to prepare and even arranged an army near the Imperial Capital. Once the freshmen cannot complete the task successfully, they must start the next step. The superficial peace that the Empire has maintained for hundreds of years will fall——

Today, only Lt General Yolan remained in the technical department while the others had already performed their duties. With each person in place and without seeing the scene in the system, everyone just waited for Lt General Yolan to inform everyone of the final result.

“Report to Lt General Yolan, the Cleaning System No. 1 is ready to drive into the infected system.” The head of the technology department whispered to him the latest developments.

“Got it.” Confronting that Lord head-on…is it this soon?

There was no change in Yolan Rafael Clezy’s expression.

Like before every battle, he just carefully recalled every arrangement he made and seriously thought about the manpower corresponding to each arrangement, then finally confirmed his backup plans if it failed…

No, this time, he doesn’t have any backup plans.

Once it fails, it’s a permanent failure.

Lt General Yolan calmly cast his gaze into the screen connecting the scenes in the system. When he saw one of the screens, his eyes widened slightly.

“That’s the military intelligent system——No. 1. You see, it has begun to forcefully break through the opponent’s system barrier.” The head of the technology department continued to explain in a low voice.

“In our screen, everything in the system is a piece of code, however, each segment of the code corresponds to the system and will be realized as a specific product in the system. The image corresponding to No. 1 in the opponent’s system is this huge black warship.”

“Look, its weaponry is very strong. Once it successfully enters the opponent, it will immediately perform a destructive cleanup. At that time, everything you see will be destroyed. Lord Marshal, General Condon, the students, the battleships inside, the planet….until the entire universe.

The world there will be cleaned up by it.”

Lt General Yolan listened silently.

He watched the black Destroyer’s head come in.

Huge cracks appeared in the void that prevented it from advancing and those cracks sometimes disappeared, constantly repairing, but its self-repairing speed was far behind the speed and degree of destruction!

The silent contest didn’t last long: The void was torn apart fiercely.

The huge black battleship, which was completely black and integrated with the night sky, finally came into Lt General Yolan’s line of sight.

The Grim Reaper wearing a black shirt arrived, and the universe of the system let out a cry of resistance!

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This chapter was deleted and rewritten several times until I finally decided to write it like this.

I need to think about the last plot later.

So let’s leave it till the next chapter.

Sorry for the wait.

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I’m settled now.

TINA V3C108: Oli's Thoughts
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